1. Mike_in_Riga

    Where to buy Savvy / Currie 4 inch lift?

    Hello Forum Members, I am shopping around for a Savvy / Currie 4 inch lift kit for my TJ, and am not quite sure what's the best place to get it. I know there is a thread about Savvy going out of business or changing owners, but could not quite get whether they are not shipping any products at...
  2. freedom_in_4low

    WTB: Currie/Rockjock lower control arms

    Need just 1 pair of shortarm lower control arms. Need Currie/Rockjock because they use the smallest tube for the body which will help with my front tire clearance. Single adjustable is fine, condition isn't terribly important ...don't even need the Johnny Joint guts, as long as I have the...
  3. TJustin

    SOLD Rockjock Air Deflator

    Selling my RockJock air deflator. Like new, still has the plastic covering the glass lens. The tool and corresponding case are in like-new condition. $40, ride included in lower 48.
  4. ImpactOrange

    SOLD Antirock Front Sway Bar

    CE-9900 - TJ/LJ ANTIROCK FRONT SWAY BAR KIT Note: This is an older version of the current antirock. Shipped via FedEx one rate tube (DM with your zip code for quote).
  5. ImpactOrange

    SOLD Currie rear trac bar

    CE-9120RS - TJ/LJ JOHNNY JOINT REAR TRAC BAR Price: $200 + shipping Will ship via FedEx flat rate tube.
  6. bluescapegoat

    SOLD Savvy short arms - need a lot of TLC - Best Offer

    These are a set of eight of the double adjustable arms without wrench flats. They have grooves on the inside of the ball that leads me to believe they are drilled to work with the grease-able bolts but I can't confirm without disassembling and I don't care to do that. These arms were on my Jeep...
  7. gaabbee

    New York 2006 Jeep Wrangler LJR

    I’m on Long Island ny. All aftermarket parts have about 3k miles. It has : 4 inch Currie short arm lift with LJ rear specific spring. All new adjustable arms and track bar Black magic rotors and pads with new calipers Antirock sway bar Rancho 5000x shocks 285/75/16s on stock rubicon wheels...
  8. S

    Best crate axles to upgrade from my Dana 30 / 35

    I got bit by the bug and want to dive into upgrading my axles. I am set on getting crate axles from one of the big suppliers (currie, ecgs, teraflex, G2, etc) I currently am running 33s on my 30/35 set up. During my upgrade I want selectable lockers, disc brakes, and RCV's. ECGS Dana...
  9. K

    SOLD 2005 TJ Wrangler X 6 Speed $14,000

    Wrangler TJ X 2005, 28322 miles, Patriot Blue, 6 speed. In overall good condition with no rust-through spots on the frame or body. Currently riding on 31X10.5X15 tires and has clearance for 33s. Paint condition is fair but has many scratches and small dents. There is a rock crease/dent, in the...
  10. grr

    SOLD Currie Anti Rock

    Excellent condition
  11. Stella The TJ

    Steering issues!

    Just looking for some opinions because I feel like I'm running out of options. I have a 2002 Jeep TJ X with a old man emu 2.5 lift. JKS front and rear adjustable track bars. Installed Rock Jock Curry Currectlync Steering and started having steering issues. Everything replaced thus far is...
  12. Nucklenelson

    California Anyone from SoCal willing to let me tag along as a passenger in their mid-arm built TJ on 35s?

    Anyone from SoCal willing to let me tag along as a passenger in their mid arm built Tj on 35s street/offroad I’m in the process of trying to map out my build and would just like to know what the savvy/Currie ride feels like. I bought my jeep last year without knowing better. I saw a winch...
  13. Tim_with_the_tj

    Who’s running Metalcloak coils?

    Anyone with a light TJ (4cyl, soft top, half doors) running the Metalcloak 3.5 inch coils? Very curious how much actual lift I would get. I haven’t been here long, but it’s been long enough for me to see some of you speak up about disliking Metalcloak coils. What I like about them on paper is...
  14. Pullski

    WTB: CA: Clayton LJ Long Arm

    Looking for a Clayton LJ 4 or 5 inch long arm! Or a good deal on a new one!
  15. Nickgsjeep

    SOLD Savvy / Currie 3 inch springs

    These coils have approx 30k miles. From Savvy website: For 1997-2006 Jeep TJ’s and LJ’s. These special heavy duty coil springs replace factory springs and are designed to work with Johnny Joint® suspension systems and otherwise. This set features our standard front springs and our heavy rate...
  16. afitzray97

    SOLD Currie Track Bar Relocation Bracket

    Relocation Bracket as pictured. Requires welding the tabs at the bottom where they fit against axle shaft housing. Only mounted for a few days but never welded and then I went with a JKS kit because I had to order the bar and bracket sold together. Measurement shown for the track bar mount...
  17. MTBooth

    New Jersey Brand new Currie 4" lift

    Selling a new and complete 4" Currie Suspension Lift with antirock for a TJ (97-06) still in the box. Will only sell it as a full kit. Bought it for $2600 new but decided to go a different route. Still have receipt. Selling for $2250. My loss is your gain. I will take off $100 if picked up...
  18. c_bronson

    Dilemma with Suspension Lift

    I've had my mind set for months now that I was going to get the Currie 4" Short Arm lift for my 1999 Jeep TJ Sahara. I already got and installed a 1.25 Savvy Body Lift and 1" MML. However, the guy I had do a custom roof rack (not on in the pictures) for my Jeep is a vendor for Metalcloak and...
  19. MaloStapalo

    SOLD 03 Rubicon (Savvy / Currie)

    Price: $14,000 Located: 81645 Colorado Mileage: 103,581 Transmission: NV3550 5 Speed Manual Walk arounds: Cold start engine video here: TLDR: Savvy/Currie 4" aluminum arm johnny joints all around, Currie currectlync, Savvy Alum Oil skid, Savvy Alum Gas skid, Savvy Alum 1.25" body lift...
  20. M

    Sarah the Sahara—More expensive than a divorce—LR4—NV3550 Conversion

    Oh, look, another LS conversion in a TJ. :rolleyes: Yes, this thread is about another conversion, but I hope to alleviate and answer alot of confusion and offer some answers or advice. The goal with "Sarah" is to have a capable DD that can be very capable on the weekend. This project has...