dana 35

  1. TJTurley

    California Stock Dana 35 & 30 Axles - 2000 TJ

    Dana 35 & 30 Axles - 2000 TJ Avail for local pick-up
  2. T

    Where to buy Super 35?

    Looking to upgrade to a super 35 rear axle, and planning to run it w/ 35" tires & selectable locker. However I no longer see for sale the Revolution Gear & Axle super 35 c-clip kit that I've read good things about here, and was planning to order. Is there another super 35 kit anyone can...
  3. Reh3d

    You're Not The Only One (A Thread About Fails)

    Some people are smug enough to think they have done every repair and mod correctly the first time. And then there's myself, incompetent AND humble enough to admit my failures. Hehe Let's share our mistakes made so others don't feel like they're the only ones who've failed at some of their...
  4. W

    Gear pattern question 4.56 Yukons Eaton Truetrac

    Currently working on regearing my 97’ TJ with Yukon 4.56 R&P and Eaton TruTrac front and rear on the Dana 35/30 with 33” tires 5speed. Timken bearings and races with the Yukon master install kits for both. I am running into some issues with the Dana 35. To start off, reused the factory shim...
  5. S

    ECGS spring perches

    I am installing my rear Dana 489 from ECGS, and the spring perch diameter is way less than stock. My stock 35 had a perfect size perch for the spring to seat on and "lock" into. Anyone ever come across this? Am I supposed to just use the retainer and let the spring move around that much on...
  6. G

    Am I okay to go wheeling with 32s and a Dana 35 with 3.07 gears?

    I have a 2000 TJ Sahara 4.0L 5 speed and I just replaced my Dana 35 with 3.07 gears with the identical setup. It cost a bunch and I have a warranty. If I knew a month ago what I know now, I would have gone a different route. I run 265/75R16 KM2s (basically 32s) on stock 16 inch wheels with no...
  7. J

    Upgrading Dana 35 to a Super Dana 35 and installing a locker in front Dana 30

    Hello, I am very new to wheeling but I understand that if I want to put 35s on my TJ. I need to either get a ford 8.8(I really don't want to swap my axle) or do a Super 35 kit. I know that the super 35 upgrades the weak 27 spline shaft to a 30 spline. But I am confused on weather or not I can...
  8. TheYellowJeep

    Rear differential rebuild - Dana 35 and 3.07 gears

    Good afternoon! Over the past few weeks I went through a whining sound on coasting/decel coming from the rear differential of my 05 Jeep TJ. I took it to the shop where I was told the pinion nut loosened up and that the inner workings of my rear diff are all pretty damaged, ultimately...
  9. BlueC

    Super 35 Cost

    Over the winter of '22-'23, I had an issue that forced me to go ahead with a Super35 install, so I thought I'd post a cost breakdown for anyone looking into a Super35 setup. After looking for a Dana 44 for about a year and doing the math, I decided a Super35 setup was the most cost effective route...
  10. SACressionnie

    Pinion Nut Slightly Over Torqued

    So, I'm rebuilding my Dana 35 rear end and I just installed new pinion bearings. Put the pinion nut on and started tightening to set the crush sleeve. I got super close to the low end of the spec (15 in. Lbs) on the rotational force and decided to go another bump or two (not with impact). Now...
  11. Xcelr8z28

    Pinion Depth and Gear Pattern

    Looking for advise on pinion depth based of gear pattern. I think I need to shim but wanted to check first. Any insite is appreciated.
  12. F

    Brand new spider gears popping when turning right while going downhill or braking

    My poor '99 TJ Sahara needs help. It has a 3.07 limited slip rear differential on Dana 35 axles. This issue started after the driveshaft failed on the highway (diff yoke was loose and the au-joint failed). I wasn't sure if it was my spider gears at first since when I opened up the diff, the...
  13. Warman124

    How far could you drive in 4wd with the rear shaft out

    My Dana 35 finally blew up and now I need to road trip home to fix it from Florida to Ohio. Is leaving the rear shaft out and driving back in 4hi going to cause excessive wear to my T-case or should it be fine? It’s got the wide chain kit and an sye I also don’t care if the Dana 30 goes just...
  14. ClayAkers

    Looking for input on an off-road capable, daily driver build

    Now that my 2003 X has become my daily driver, I’m looking for some advice on ways to create a more capable off-reader that still holds its own on the highways. I live in Central Texas, so being able to drive 75mph is a must if I’m going to get anywhere. Right now, I’ve got the 4.0L with...
  15. M

    Upgrading Dana 35 axle

    I have a 99 tj with an AX-15 35 inch tires and currently running 3.73 gears.. (I bought it this way.) I am looking to re gear to 4.88 I was wondering what kind of up grade to do to the Dana 35 rear end. I thought about doing a super 35 kit with a Detroit Truetrac. I drive mostly highway but...
  16. RubberBandClip

    SOLD Dana 30 and 35 axles

    I have a matched pair of Dana 30 and Dana 35 axles, open diffs, 3.07 gearing from a 97 wrangler TJ. The 35 was recently rebuilt and has drum backing plates. They are both in good working order and were only replaced for an axle upgrade. $400 obo.
  17. Tytanium94

    Re-gearing my Dana 35 to 4.56 from 3.07

    I’ve been adjusting this axle back and forth for a couple days now. And after getting the drive and coast to match each other at the toe, I’ve been able to get the drive pattern perfect but the coast pattern hasn’t moved. Even after moving the ring gear 20 thousandths to the left and the pinion...
  18. Tytanium94

    Looking for opinions on Dana 35 gear contact pattern

    I’ve been adjusting this axle back and forth for a couple days now. And after getting the drive and coast to match each other at the toe, I’ve been able to get the drive pattern perfect but the coast pattern hasn’t moved. Even after moving the ring gear 20 thousandths to the left and the pinion...
  19. DaddyZSmith

    RTV on axle seals?

    I noticed a light grinding sound coming from the driver side rear tire and after further diagnosis I determined it to be the axle bearing on my Dana 35. I now have all the replacement parts to perform this repair and upon disassembly I discovered that someone had used RTV silicone on the axle...
  20. dsher

    Damaged ring and pinion Dana 35

    Hello guys I would to hear your opinion about my problem first the specs: Its a 98 TJ wrangler 4.0L 5 SPEED MANUAL and a 4 lift I bought it with no knowledge about it when I bought it it had 32 tires with 3.73 dana 35 about 3 months after I bought it my differential started to make a noise...