1. M

    99 TJ Instrument Panel Broken

    Instrument panel in my 1999 Jeep Wrangler is not working properly, it randomly quits working, sometimes it turns back on. Usually you have to restart the car first. Everything else works well.
  2. DjSoundScan

    Instrument cluster and HVAC Control unit LED swap

    Hey everyone, im looking to changed the cluster and HVAC control unit regular bulbs to blue led bulbs. does anyone know where i can find them? T5 pc74 for the cluster (is it a 194?) and #24 for the HVAC control unit. 2003 TJ no A/C
  3. Kris11

    Interior Lights

    Hey guys, So my A/C control lights just crapped out and now I can't see the climate controls during the night. So I figured now would be the best time to switch everything over to LED. So my question is what bulbs go where, and how many of each would I need? I want to replace everything at once...