death wobble

  1. JeepGirl1013

    Purchased my first TJ

    I just purchased my first TJ and it’s frame Is in GREAT shape. No rust anywhere. It’s a great project car. I drove to AR to pick her up. She has a rebuilt motor and seems to have been kept up for the most part. I bought her from an elderly gentleman who says he’s basically just started her...
  2. cjbare10

    Death wobble only when turning right at highway speeds

    Hey All, Trying to diagnose a recent issue I've been having. My '99 TJ (2.5L engine, 35" tires, 3" suspension lift, 1" body lift) has begun to death wobble, but only in one specific situation: Driving home from work. There's a section of my route where one highway merges into another...
  3. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Jeep death wobble

    My ‘03 wrangler seems to have gained the death wobble but the only thing that seems to be in poor shape is my steering stabilizer, everyone has told me that won’t cause death wobble however it’s the only thing I can think of that’d cause it. the wobble only happens occasionally also but I’ve...
  4. JT_

    Wobble at highway speeds and low speeds

    hoping to get some insight on an issue im having with a 97 TJ i just recently purchased. when i get up to 85km/h my jeep has a pretty noticeable shake. Ive replaced both front wheel bearings assemblies and the shake improved a little. Ive also replaced the steering stabilizer and had a good...
  5. Reidminer

    Heim joint questions!

    Hi everyone! So a couple questions regarding Heim joints in a steering setup. I got this Jeep in January 2021 with the steering setup as you see it in the pics I attached below. The previous owner only put about 900 road miles on it before selling to me, and as I’m a young(23) guy with dreams...
  6. Carlosljr

    Dual Steering Stabilizer Removal

    I want to replace this dual with a single. I just got a rough country one. I’m not a mechanic but I did replace my trac bar! Just wondering if I need a bracket or if anything was removed when they installed the dual stabilizer. Thank you
  7. jm34tj

    Death Wobble

    Okay, I need y'alls help: I recently installed a Rough Country 2.5in lift kit with N3 shocks on my 98 TJ (yes I know it isn't the best brand, but I am a high school kid, I don't have all the money int he world), (4.0). I also did the conversion to run JK Rubicon wheels on with the lug adapters...
  8. Fox_Mccloud

    '03 Wrangler Front End Re-Build Questions

    Hey Guys, I recently bought an '03 Wrangler SE. I've already tackled a handful of things that need attention (calipers, pads, rotors) but most important is Death Wobble (confirmed, definitely Death Wobble). I've dug around a bit here and already found a litany of information, much appreciated...
  9. R

    Lessons learned (my struggle with death wobble)

    I wanted to pass on some lessons I learned regarding death wobble. If you do not wish to do troubleshooting, take your jeep to a 4X4 shop, and if they find any problems, ask them to also check the areas below. Sometimes the shops will just fix the first problem they find. Do not take your...
  10. Sakenney1980

    TJ shakes above 40 mph

    When I get my tj above 40mph I get a shake in the front end and the wheel alignment goes a little bit out. I replaced all the tie rods and track bar and put 32 inch tires on it replaced shocks that match the 4 in lift kit. Please help this is one of the last few things to fix on this...
  11. T

    Whats your favorite lift?

    Hey y'all im in the market for a 3.5 inch suspension lift and I want to hear your view's and thoughts of different brands of lifts!
  12. EZ_Wrangler

    Steering Geometry

    So been reading a lot of different threads lately (big thanks to everyone who contributes regularly). I've been having issues with front end vibrations. Not the DW, but a violent up and down shake between 34-45 MPH - only on acceleration. Let off and it rolls smooth. Braking has no issues. But...
  13. CherylPertuch

    Vibration at highway speeds still

    Hello everyone! I'm at a dead end with my TJ. First off, I'll list my set up: 2003 Rubicon Tomb Raider 6" Rough Country Long Arm Lift Rough Country HD Steering Upgrade 33" Faulken ATW3 Tires So after doing a 1" Transfer Case drop replacing both driveshafts (SYE)/U joints, new axle bearings...
  14. B

    Steering wheel shakes when hitting bumps

    First time Jeep owner here , I’ve recently lifted my 06 TJ Rubicon Jeep 4” since then I’ve had larger 33” tires installed with front and read adjustable track bars & even a new HD tie rod, it has been recently aligned and tires have all been balanced but It still feels like it’s not aligned and...
  15. TeflonTrout

    Jeep Wrangler TJ still has death wobble / violent shake after replacing track bar

    Hey guys so recently my Jeep starting giving me some death wobble. I knew it would happen it was just a matter of time. 2004 Jeep TJ, 4.0L, 6 speed manual, 132,xxx miles. I ended up replacing the track bar and the tie rod end that goes to the pitman arm as well as new ball joints and I still...
  16. A

    5/8 HEIM steering to OEM

    Hey guys! I have a situation where I bought my TJ and had the whole death wobble situation so I thought going with a HEIM steering kit would help and it did not if anything made it worse. So I want to go back to OEM but I have a limited amount of money. The HEIM steering kit has 5/8 bolts so I...
  17. Mcnenc1

    Death wobble to small wobble?

    I know this question had been beaten too many times but I’m having trouble and can not find a solid answer... Going 70mph in sunny hot Florida I hit a pot hole and experienced full on death wobble. Cool. The same day I ordered a new track bar, steering stabilizer, tie rod, and drag link...
  18. MunyanDailyJeeper

    Death wobble and steering

    I am looking to compile a list of all the parts that make up the front end of a jeep. All the joints in the steering components on my Jeep are obviously in bad condition. I would like to replace them myself but this is my daily driver and I work all day leaving next to no light to work with...
  19. Jfridline99

    Death wobble after upgrade to 1-ton steering

    -1997 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 5 speed. 2.5 IN LIFT -I just replace all ball joints, all the control arms bolts are tight(as wells as track bar) -I just upgraded to 1 ton steering and now I got the glorious DW. -It has neg 1 caster. -When I do a side to side shake on the tire there is a lot of...
  20. Tim Nash

    How-to videos and product installs

    How’s it going guys? I have started up a YouTube channel and I am doing how to videos and product installs. In my first video I correct my bump steer issue. I will be doing more as time goes by. I also have a few products I have have installed on my jeep and just thought it would be cool to...