1. J

    Improving 42RLE rear driveshaft angles by removing / modifying the transfer case adapter?

    So as the title implies, is it possible to remove/modify that adapter plate or even the 43rle output shaft to mount NP231 closer to the front of the car? Got this idea when i was rebuilding the NP231 while doing the SYE, that adapter seems kind of huge and mostly filled with empty space.....i...
  2. Muddy

    Driveline chirps - any suggestions?

    I am experiencing driveline "chirps" consistently in my TJ. They are clearly linked to driveline RPMs and not engine RPMs. The sounds appear to be coming from front, passenger side. Any suggestions on what this may be or how to diagnose? Thanks in advance! - Muddy
  3. Craig 06 TJ

    3” Teraflex lift front drive line issues

    So I spent the past few days installing my Teraflex 3” lift kit. Didn’t finish because rust seized up 3/4 bolts in the upper rear shock mounts (absolutely destroyed those). The kit came with springs, shocks, sway bar end links, and transfer case skid plate spacers. I thought the spacers would be...
  4. Justin Homan

    Weird vibration at cruising speeds

    Hi guys, on my most recent trip to the Sierra's my jeep developed an odd vibration once its up to speed, the weird part is that it doesn't happen if im accelerating or decelerating it only happens when i try to keep the same speed. i had my tires balanced today and its still happening i also...
  5. Karl

    Brutal Driveline Vibrations

    Notes: 97 TJ Everything adjustable (8 control arms, front track bar, even sway bars) 4" lift Transfer Case drop installed. New tires with less than 1000km on them. Balanced with beads. I've had all the tires balanced and had a full alignment done. I was in the shop when the alignment was all...
  6. E

    Another Driveline Vibration (research showed this should work)

    So, I read most of the threads about driveline angles... I SHOULD be vibe free. I have had 3 other jeeps with similar lifts I put together without vibes. So... I have an 05 TJ with the NSG 6 speed OME HD lift Extended LCAs (Synergy) Adjustable UCAs (Synergy) 1” MML/BL Rear Axle pointed up 9...
  7. Chapman4266

    Vibration at 50 mph

    I am new here and to my Rubicon. 06 no lift, tires have been balanced twice, no slop in u joints or anywhere else I can find. Vibration starts at 50 and gets worse the faster I go. I have read through a mind numbing number of posts about this, but all of them pertain to lifted TJs. Mine is stock...
  8. raphaelchicago

    Pinion angle help after 4” Rough Country lift install

    Hello I current have a 2005 Jeep TJ with a 4 inch rough country suspension lift. (this kit here... I have an sye kit and driveshaft. (sye kit ... ) driveshaft...
  9. JeepZilla380

    Noises in 4 Lo

    Got to play a bit this past weekend up at AoP in TN. My Jeep has always made a lot of noise in 4LO, when the drive line is loaded up and I need to hit the clutch to keep from stalling. Its a clattering type noise identical to these two videos below: Broken Arrow - Sedona
  10. Chris

    What kind of lube should I use for my u-joints?

    Shortly after I had installed my Tom Wood front drive shaft, I came across an on-line forum thread that was started by a friend of mine. It dealt with his front CV drive shaft rebuild. Somewhere along the line, the discussion got around to u-joint grease and what was appropriate for the...
  11. Chris

    Front Driveshaft Overhaul

    I had finished up a week in Moab, wheelin' with some friends, and I noticed that the front drive shaft was squeaking. It was not constant, but rather an on again, off again kind of thing. After getting home, I decided it was time to pull the drive shaft and take a look. I had not felt any...
  12. Chris

    Caster angle off on one side?

    After my suspension install the steering wheel returns to center just fine, and aside from my vibration (yet to be identified) the Jeep drives perfect. I was measuring my caster angles today just to check, and the drivers side is 9 degrees, while the passenger side is 6 degrees. I measured them...
  13. TJDave

    U-Joint Replacement

    I had picked up a set of D-30 inner and outer axle shafts from a friend in California when we wheeled the Rubicon together. Having gone to 35" tires during my last lift, I thought it would be prudent to carry a set, "just in case". It seems that when an axle u-joint goes, it often times takes...
  14. Chris

    Front driveshaft angle

    I'm installing my Currie 4" lift. In the process of doing so I need to adjust my pinion angles. I know what the rear angle is supposed to look like with the Tom Wood double cardan driveshaft I'll be installing. However, I am wondering if anyone has a photo of what my stock front driveshaft...
  15. Chris

    How to install a SYE (Slip Yoke Eliminator)

    These are instructions for replacing the output shaft on a np231 transfer case and installing a Slip Yoke Eliminator. This is intended as a guide line only. During the installs we used two different kits an Advanced Adapters and Bayou Geep kit. The two kits are similar but, the minor differences...
  16. T

    Driveline 101: All About Your Wrangler TJ Driveline

    Driveline Geometry 101 O.K. so now you've done it. You put that lift in your vehicle or changed the engine, transmission or transfer case or differential maybe all of the above and now your go anywhere four wheel drive baby rides like a out of balance washing machine. Or now that you've got...
  17. Chris

    Tom Wood Driveshaft Questions

    I'm going to be replacing my 2.5" OME lift with a 4" Currie short arm lift, complete with fully adjustable Currie control arms including double adjustable uppers. In addition to that I have a1.25" BL and 1" MML. I realize my stock drive shafts will not cut it any longer and I need to have...