1. Pantaloonz

    Shaking in 2WD

    02 Wrangler X here. Getting some serious shaking when in gear. The shaking happens when I start moving and is much more violent in high torque/low RPM situations. At higher speeds it turns to vibration. In 1st and second gear. Sometimes this is accompanied by a sort of scraping sound which is...
  2. 06TJX

    Little Help?? Hoping someone can recognize the noise/sound

    Little Help?? Hoping someone can recognize the noise/sound. Happens when I'm at 25-30mph barely on the gas... not accelerating. 4.0 with automatic. 36k original miles on an 06 TJ. thanks in Advance!!
  3. R

    Brief Metal Knocking Noise After Fully Compressing the Clutch When Driving

    Hi, My 2002 Jeep Wrangler with 185000 miles has a brief knocking noise that starts loud and quiets for 1-2 seconds once the clutch disengages from the flywheel. I am not sure if it is related, but when I am driving and release the gas without pushing in the clutch, the jeep catches and harshly...
  4. S

    Rear end problems

    So on a little road trip my tj rear end decided to do something it’s never done before. It’s almost a whining and its a terrible vibration. It has a stock suspension so I know it’s nothing with driveshaft and I just replaced the spider gears and all the rear end bearings (carrier,pinion,axle...
  5. Dalton_zzz

    Replacing driveshaft

    So I have had my tj for about a year now and I’m learning slowly to do my own work and maintenance. I love it. But a while ago my transfer case linkage broke and I could not fix it at the time. A little while later it somehow got shifted into 4L and I daily my Jeep so I was on pavement. It began...
  6. T

    Any recommendation on ball joints?

    In need of new ball joints for the Jeep. Any recommendations on brand? I would like greasable. Thank you
  7. G

    Possible drive train rattle

    Just bought a 2000 TJ, needs a little TLC. The jeep has a significant "rattle" almost a clanking at take off. Seems to be coming from the rear-center, maybe toward the left rear tire. Noise disappears at speed, is worse at times than others and very often will just disappear all together...
  8. Chris

    What kind of lube should I use for my u-joints?

    Shortly after I had installed my Tom Wood front drive shaft, I came across an on-line forum thread that was started by a friend of mine. It dealt with his front CV drive shaft rebuild. Somewhere along the line, the discussion got around to u-joint grease and what was appropriate for the...
  9. David Overbay

    Axle u joint replacement

    So one of my axle joints is wore plumb out. Now I'm reaching our to you guys for some help. I know how to replace them kinda but looking for a helping hand in how to make it easier and some guidence. All help is apreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Eddie Greenlee

    Strange roaring noise

    Good morning and thanks for your help in advance. I just bought my first 97 Jeep Wrangler tj, and im hearing a noise under the jeep when im driving. The faster i go the louder it gets. When i let off the gas it stops. SO this morning im going into the difs to inspect and change the dif oil...
  11. Chris

    What are the benefits of manual locking hubs?

    It is not uncommon to find questions on the various on-line forums asking about the benefits of a Warn hub conversion. It is certainly a valid question since the cost of the conversion is not trivial. Here are my thoughts on the various benefits (or lack there of) that you will see. Mileage...
  12. Chris

    U-Joint Inspection

    How do you know when that u-joint is bad? Is it about to go....will it go the next time out on the trail? Who knows? No one really does, but you can play the percentages a bit and figure out when it may be time to take a look at the u-joints on your vehicle. I do know that doing u-joint...
  13. Chris

    Caster angle off on one side?

    After my suspension install the steering wheel returns to center just fine, and aside from my vibration (yet to be identified) the Jeep drives perfect. I was measuring my caster angles today just to check, and the drivers side is 9 degrees, while the passenger side is 6 degrees. I measured them...
  14. TJDave

    U-Joint Replacement

    I had picked up a set of D-30 inner and outer axle shafts from a friend in California when we wheeled the Rubicon together. Having gone to 35" tires during my last lift, I thought it would be prudent to carry a set, "just in case". It seems that when an axle u-joint goes, it often times takes...
  15. Rook

    Ball joint adapters?

    Can anyone who has ever done the ball joints on a TJ before confirm whether there adapters are actually needed or not?
  16. Chris

    How to install a SYE (Slip Yoke Eliminator)

    These are instructions for replacing the output shaft on a np231 transfer case and installing a Slip Yoke Eliminator. This is intended as a guide line only. During the installs we used two different kits an Advanced Adapters and Bayou Geep kit. The two kits are similar but, the minor differences...
  17. Chris

    Tom Wood Driveshaft Questions

    I'm going to be replacing my 2.5" OME lift with a 4" Currie short arm lift, complete with fully adjustable Currie control arms including double adjustable uppers. In addition to that I have a1.25" BL and 1" MML. I realize my stock drive shafts will not cut it any longer and I need to have...
  18. D

    Drivetrain Vibrations

    I installed a 2.5" lift on my jeep last weekend and now I have driveline vibrations. Id rather not lower my transfer case, so will a 1" motor mount lift work? I've heard mixed opinions on it
  19. Chris

    Gotta love Currie!

    First off, I will say that along with producing some of the best (if not THE BEST) Jeep suspension and drivetrain parts available, the guys at Currie are also some of the nicest guys out there. I was speaking with them today about which rear track bar I needed for my TJ and not only did they...
  20. Chris

    Wrangler TJ Ball Joint Replacement

    If you own a Jeep Wrangler TJ and happen to run larger tires (most of us do) or off-road it at all, you're likely going to go through ball joints in short order. Depending on how hard you wheel (and how big your tires are), it's not uncommon to have to replace them every 40k miles (sometimes...