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  1. K

    Ford 8.8 parking brake

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 1997 wrangler sport, it has a ford 8.8 rear axle with discs. I’m looking to install my parking brake, none of those components were swapped over. I have what appears to be the mounting brackets for the parking brake, but I don’t have any of the pads, springs, or...
  2. TJReptar

    Is it my clutch?🥴

    Heyy everyone🥴 I’m new to the forum I have a 99 4Cyl 2.5L (don’t hurt me🤕😂) and I have a question. I went out the other day and started up my 99 Tj (daily driver) drove about a half mile and couldn’t go into 3rd for some reason. The clutch was sticking not letting me shift up or down so I pulled...