1. mipa

    I guess my SKIM died

    I've spent a few hours in the forum doing research, after my Jeep refused to start this morning out of nowhere. I thought I reconfirm my finding with you guys, in case somebody else has any idea - or ends up having the same issue. I own a 2002 TJ here in Thailand, and we don't have any Jeep...
  2. Kade Saxon

    Computer issue?

    I have a 2004 TJ Rubicon with the 4.0 and automatic (42RLE). About 4 years ago, I was having shifting issues between 1st and 2nd where it felt like a slip/missed the gear, but would only do it once in a blue moon (never threw a code), and would shift into 2nd after about 1-2 seconds of...
  3. Declan McPherson

    Syked ECU software issues

    Upon start up of SET sorftware I am recieving an error message saying "Activation failed Error 1653 please contact customer support". Has anyone else ran into this issue? Where you able to get it fixed? I don't run the software that often just when I am trying to fiddle with some of my 00 TJ...
  4. dbaum

    Trouble finding a PCM replacement for my 2006 TJ

    Greetings from the Great White North. Has anyone out there had trouble finding an ECU or ECM replacement? I have a 2006 Wrangler TJ 6sp trans with the 4.0. The OEM replacement part is #5604 4967AC,AD Cardone number is 79-4466v Apparently this is the most rare part on the planet! I have...
  5. 03Jeeper

    2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara nightmare (ECM or O2 sensors?)

    Okay, I'm super new to this so bear with me... I have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Well, my daughter has. Anyhow, she launched a rod through the block. This was due to some problem that caused the check engine light to come on. Long story short... New motor is in and same problem: The Jeep...
  6. R

    Will a new ECM update mileage on cluster?

    Hey guys, im new to the forum, so sorry for my lack of knowledge. i I’ve à keep wrangler 2006 auto 65th anniversary edition. Great car! The ECU broke down the other day so I ordered a new one programmed with my VIN. My question is: will the mileage in the odometer stay as it is? I heard it...
  7. 2005 TJ

    Would a ECM from a 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 work in my TJ?

    My ecm blew and I can’t find a used one or a new one within an affordable price. Would a ECM ECU Engine Computer Unit 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser M/T 2.4L | P05033427AG work? it’s the same engine and transmission and the ecm looks identical and even the plugs are the same. I just have no clue if...
  8. toverbey21

    Stall but restart after resetting CPS

    99 TJ 4.0 manual. I seem to be losing communication from the Cam sensor/distributor pick up to the ECU. The jeep dies when coming to a stop or once letting off the gas to stop. I lose all gauges and get the No Bus code on the dash. i tracked down the sensor causing the issue to the cam /...
  9. z.moreillon

    I fried the PCM

    I hooked an older battery charger up to my Jeep. I tried to start it with the charger still on. The whole Jeep hummed like a swarm of bees. I fried the PMC-ECU. I took me forever to find the right computer for my '97. I put the new one on. The Jeep would turn over and stay running for a second...
  10. Stellaplease

    It wasn't the PCM: What else could it be?

    I originally took my jeep in when I thought I was having a misfiring issue. In any gear the jeep starts to stall like it's not getting fuel. Take my foot of the gas and press back down it works. When this happens all the gauges lose power and the check engine light temporarily comes on. But as...
  11. C

    JTEC ECU Extension Harness

    I have a patch harness for the 1996 to 2004 JTEC ecu years. This will allow you to wire in an AEM FIC without cutting up your stock harness. If you plan on turbocharging or supercharging your TJ this piece is a great addition for a clean and professional look.
  12. W

    Anyone looking for a 2005-2006 Jeep Wrangler AT Engine Computer?

    Hey everyone, Anyone who is looking for or knows someone who is looking for a 05-06 TJ LJ engine computer? I offer them plug&play with a lifetime warranty. If you guys have any questions, please text me at 347 seven4one 78one6 . There will be no core exchange. This is NOT a return & repair service
  13. C

    Starting issue after replacing starter

    I just replaced the starter due to typical bad starter symptoms. As soon as replaced the vehicle started perfectly about 10-15 times. After driving for about 100 miles on the free way I stopped to get gas. Then when I turned the key..... nothing. After checking fuses and swapping relays still...
  14. 1Blacktj

    The dreaded 06 PCM problem

    So the other day a problem returned that I hoped never would. The PCM problem in 05 and 06 automatics. I was wondering if anyone has taken they're Jeep to a dealer and they flashed it.
  15. Kris11

    Stuttering / Stalling Problem

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem as me. For about a month now my jeep has been stuttering and stalling at random times while I drive it. I brought it in to the stealership 3 times and they charged me 130$ in total for getting their techs to look at it for an hour or...