1. Stoney938

    Positive battery terminal contacted body, Jeep wont start

    So I was driving my 2.5L 5 Speed manual 99 TJ Sahara down the road and every now and then it would act like it lost a surge of power, I wasn't sure what was happening until i took a hard left turn and it just completely died. Luckily I was in my drive way but I had 0 power and resetting the...
  2. A

    Head light switch

    ***1998 jeep wrangler sport, 4.0L. U.S. manufactured so no DRL module, headlight switch is the pull left of the steering column. Not the twist like in the 2000 and up*** So trying to diagnose a problem with my headlights. I’ve tracked the issue back to where I think the problem is. When I hot...
  3. Sladehaydn

    Not the typical electrical problem

    Lots of great info in this forum. I'm new member, but long time reader. I have a 97 Tj. Lots of mods, 350 chevy painless harness, stock electronics but led lights. Signal lights are my issuse, Lots of info on here but not my issuse. So here goes. Jeep has sat for last two years due to divorce...
  4. C

    Push to start

    On my 2001 TJ sport when I bought it, it had a push to start wired up bypassing the ignition. From what I can tell it is a relatively common thing on the TJs. Something on the ignition rod breaks and instead of fixing you go around it by wiring a push to start. Well on mine you put the key in...
  5. ask2112

    2000 jeep tj no power at pcm

    2000 jeep tj 4.0 manual New battery Clean grounds No power on a22 at pcm Crank no start Fuel pump turned on with asd relay removed but not with it in just buzzes Could my pcm be bad?
  6. liambertrand07

    Left Blinker Problems

    Hi all, Need some help solving an electrical gremlin on my 97 TJ sport. My left blinker does not turn on when the lever is pressed all the way down. However, the blinker functions as normal when the lever is held about halfway down. The blinker also turns on permanently (not blinking) when...
  7. B

    Loose Wire Loop Connector by battery terminal?

    New to the Site, just purchased a Jeep 97’ TJ 4.0L. Found this mysterious black wire with a loop connector on the end tucked away by the battery. Does anyone know where this goes? Kind of hard to make out in the photos, but it travels back into the main Molex Harness connector before the ECM I’m...
  8. camco02

    TJ Cluster Issues

    98 Wrangler 2.5 Auto. Gauge cluster works sometimes, only on nice days. Cluster doesn't work if it is raining or the humidity is high. It will work if disconnected from the battery for a period of time but if the jeep is turned off it won't work unless disconnected again. I Have replaced fuses...
  9. Raz

    Leaking power steering fluid and replaced steering box, causing engine, air bag and horn issues

    Hey everyone! I'm a bit puzzled here, but I'm hoping to get some help. I recently acquired a 2001 Jeep TJ, and I absolutely love it. after 5 months of driving, I noticed some whining noises and realized there was a major leak. The power steering fluid was almost empty, and the steering box was...
  10. ClayAkers

    Multifunction Switch (MFS) issue

    Not sure what happened, one minute everything was fine, the next a guy pulls up next to me (in a JKU) telling me I don’t have brake lights. I was on my way home anyway, so I checked and neither the turn signals, flashers, not the brake lights worked, but the tail lights worked. Turns out the...
  11. N

    Need advice before I pull this out of fuse box

    I have been having issues with the dash gauges going in and out, I’ve done some research and I think it has to do with this in my IOD fuse slot. Is it safe to pull this and put a 10A fuse in its place? I’m afraid if I pull it, the fuse slot won’t accept the new fuse. I have attached a photo.
  12. J

    2004 TJ randomly dies

    I have a 04 jeep wrangler having issues with the vehicle randomly dying. No lights on dash or error codes. I usually have to replace the radio fuse to avoid dying…. keeps blowing out. Took it to a mechanic and was told everything is fine and obviously it isn’t. Starter, battery,and alternator...
  13. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Misfire with no codes

    Hi from Rome, Italy where I converted my 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L in a LPG powered to pass emission restrictions here and run everyday as a daily driver in city centre. I decided to make this post cause I can't really figured out the problem after many attemps. Symptoms are some little random...
  14. Zach O'Neill

    Random Stall / Misfire

    Firstly apologies, I’ve posted quite a bit about this in the past but I’m at a loss and don’t really know what else to do. So here I am again , I’ve had some major issues with my 2004 4.0 Auto TJ that I’ve posted extensively about and had some really helpful conversations about , but...
  15. TJFett01

    P1682 alternator doesn't seem to charge battery

    I got the 'check gauges' light and the p1682 code. It still starts and runs however the battery slowly drains while running. No new mods. I suspect it is the alternator since it has not been replaced for the 7.5 years I've had this Jeep (no issues until now). Wires and battery terminals were...
  16. Slicknick630

    Fusible links and wire upgrade

    So today I replaced all my negative wires with 2ga wire to clean things up a bit and I needed new battery terminals and all that. I am making all the wires and connections myself as opposed to buying the kit since I have most of everything anyway. I am now doing the positive wires now and I ran...
  17. M

    A/C replacement causing RMP surge and pulling

    Had the ac evaporator replaced. It wasn’t done right. There has to be a wiring issue. The fan only works on 1 speed. As soon as the heavy system is turned on it surges the RPMs. I’ve replaced the fan switch a little while back and the fan switch has been spliced in as it had previously melted...
  18. Slicknick630

    Made a custom fuse / relay block

    Finished up making a accessory fuse block for the TJ! Please post some pics of what you guys have done. I am always looking for ways to improve and new ideas.
  19. Cheetokps

    Parking lamps fuse

    So I installed a seat heater, and it came with a fuse piggyback device which I briefly used on my parking lamps fuse before changing it to my wipers because the parking gets power when the key is removed. However, since doing this my parking lamps/dashboard lights keep flickering, even more when...
  20. D

    Brake lights and blinkers work but my tail lights and dash lights don't

    1997 wrangler 4.0 Sport, haven't had it but a month or two and it has some sort of electrical problems. The tail lights and dash lights don't work, every time I pull the switch to turn on the lights the #1 fuse blows. Changed out the Light switch today and it didn't solve the problem. My brake...