engine code; p0618; pcm; shifting

  1. Wranglerfix

    05-06 PCM issue is solved

    Hey guys, Thank you for reading my post. I've spent several years working at an ECM company and quickly became aware of the PCM issues with the 05-06 Jeep Wrangler. In order to solve the issue, our company purchased an 05 and reversed-engineered a working, plug-and-drive PCM. I am enclosing...
  2. V

    Need Help PLEASE with Codes: P0218 and P0714

    Hello! I am beyond frustrated, mad, and becoming broke...Yes I have read the many post relating to this, but here is my situation: 2006 LJ Auto with 60,000 miles: beautiful :-) Purchased in October Starting getting the all typical symptoms that have been well documented on this forum: Hard...