1. J

    Looking for 3 bolt exhaust flange / pipe (off old cats) or aftermarket part number

    I am looking to see if anyone has any old catalytic converters with the 3 bolt pattern flange (see pic #1 circle) laying around that would be willing to cut off about 6 inches of pipe with the flange. I will pay for shipping and your time Or if you happen to know of an aftermarket piece that...
  2. F

    Parts needed for front cat replacement?

    Forgive me for any ignorance here, but I’m going to be replacing my front cats with the Walker 53461 cats. 2002 Jeep TJ, 4.0, automatic. On rockauto, it told me I need the pipe flange gasket/seal as well, so I went ahead and added the Walker brand one to my cart (in photo). I assume this will...
  3. D

    Is there anyway to get a 4.0 to sound good at all?

    I’m a big fan of Jeep 4.0 so I can’t bring myself to change out the engine but a sick sound matters a lot to me I’m not sure why but it just does, I’ve been told that there isn’t a way to get it to sound good but I figure I’d ask you guys instead of just a bunch of locals thanks in advance.
  4. E

    SOLD Flowmaster muffler and exhaust

    Flowmaster 60 series muffler 952462 and Walker 54227 back end exhaust $120 shipped.
  5. TJistheway

    Help determining correct part for 2002 2.5 (header to cat down pipe)

    I have a 2002 SE model and need help verifying which down tube will fit my rig because I am replacing everything including headers, downtube, cat, and cat back. I have extensively read on here and plan to refurbish a cast mopar manifold for the headers and ceramic coat or similar. Cat back...
  6. kerb

    Why won't this exhaust kit work on a 2000?

    I want to replace my exhaust system with as close to OEM as possible, but this kit is only for 97-99, apparently. Any idea what's different that it won't work for 2000 and up? I have a 2000 Sahara. https://www.quadratec.com/products/51411_02.htm?
  7. carrotman

    How close can you put a single catalytic converter to the header?

    On earlier TJs with the single catalytic converter, is there any problem with putting the cat closer upstream from the stock location? Stock it is way back there between the transfer case and transmission. I've been running mine about 12-18" further forward for clearance without any issues, but...
  8. Natethegreat202

    Loss of power/acceleration after new catback and manifold? Clogged Cat?

    Hey all! Thanks in advance for all the help as always! 1998 4.0 manual transmission with 96k So here’s the scoop! For about the past 9 months my TJ has had an exhaust leak. First was the flange. Tightened that up and it helped. Slowly got loud again but not crazy loud. Finally this past...
  9. Natethegreat202

    Should I change the entire exhaust or just the muffler?

    Hey awesome Jeep peeps! As always wanna thank everyone for all the awesome tips! This forum is a godsend. Underneath my TJ today (1998 4.0 manual trans) I noticed a crack in my muffler. Did some research and am pretty set on getting the bank’s monster exhaust! the muffler and tailpipe. My...
  10. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Exhaust work upgrades on 4.0

    After found a big crack in the exhaust manifold (4.0L 1998) I decided to upgrade the exhaust line with: Replacing the manifold with a new one, with flexible joints; New bolts set & Fel-Pro gasket Wrapping the manifold with a really good quality Aeroflow exhaust wrap to reduce heat up to 70%...
  11. TreverStevens

    V8 swap exhaust

    Wrapping up my Magnum V8 swap finally and starting to look at what I want to do for an exhaust. From reading and watching things around on the internet a lot of people say a 3” exhaust does the Magnums well, but didn’t know if that would make much of a difference with the TJ’s shorter wheelbase...
  12. Irohk

    Magnaflow off-road pro is a bit too loud on the inside

    My stock exhaust was giving some trouble so I decided to swap it out with a Magnaflow off-road pro exhaust. The new exhaust sounds really great outside, however on the inside it's a bit too loud for me. I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions on how I can reduce the noise on the inside. I...
  13. ChestnutHill

    SOLD MBRP stainless steel exhaust - brand new

    I installed this brand new MBRP system and it’s very nice- great fit and finish, but it’s louder than I was expecting. I replaced it with a milder Flowmaster Force II system. This exhaust has less than 30 miles on it. It is listed for $250 on Extreme Terrain. Asking $200 shipped. Ready to...
  14. PKJones4

    Cat back exhaust options for 06 LJ?

    Howdy! I have to replace my muffler/exhaust pipe in my 06 Rubicon LJ and was having problems finding a good selection of cat-back exhaust systems that were in my price range. My friend put a Flowmaster in his JL and I liked the sound/look, however, I have found TONS for the normal TJ but no...
  15. Ryan41

    exhaust manifold and catalytic converter replacement

    Hi guys I got a 99 with a noisy rattling cat so i was looking to replace it. Before i order my parts i was looking into where it mounts to the manifold and that didnt look in too good of shape. so I started it up and stuck my hand up there before it got too hot and sure enough on one of the...
  16. PenelopeTJ

    Thoughts on exhaust noise

    So as a young guy who likes to be loud and party I decided it’s a good idea to get an exhaust system. I’ve decided to get me headers, cut the cats off, and then I still have no clue if I want to cherry bomb it and have the tip end off to the side or if I want to get either a muffler/ resonator...
  17. NYC-TJU

    Lifter Tick or Exhaust Leak?

    Hi all, So I've been searching the forums for an idea but haven't seem to have found my scenario yet which is as follows: (1999, 4.0, 225K+ miles) When i start the jeep when cold, until it gets to temp there's a tick that seems to be relative to RPMs. So, constant tick-tick-tick speed while...
  18. N

    Bad catalytic converter or o2 sensors?

    Hey everyone! First time posting here and am hoping for some advice. My 14 year old son bought a 2006 TJ. It's a manual 2.4L and runs great but we are slowly repairing varies things along the way before he gets his drivers license. The error codes we're receiving are: P0420 P0456 P0137 P0138...
  19. minimull

    Exhaust routing for future tummy tuck

    The PO of our LJ removed the third cat (yay) and stock muffler to install an obnoxiously loud glass pack (boo). The exhaust needs work anyway as it’s already been bashed in by the front driveline. I’m going to see if they can add a flange in the y-pipe (to make removal for rear main seal...
  20. 00TJOH

    2000 Jeep TJ 4.0 exhaust options

    Hello- I was tired of the rattling my old rusted exhaust was making so i broke out the sawzall and cut the exhaust in front of the cat converter. so my exhaust pipe is just stubbed out before the skid plate. My question is, Until i can get it to a shop to weld on new pipe and muffler, what are...