1. JMT

    SOLD 4.5 MCE Fenders

    MCE flat fenders for a 97-06 Jeep TJ. Give the flatty style Willys fender look. You gain 1” of up with these fenders because you cut away part of the stock fender. If you’ve got rust in the stock fender seam or smashed a fender these are a great solution. They are also super light which helps...
  2. V

    Side markers

    I’m wanting to install some flat fenders to my TJ but I need side markers to remain legal does anyone know a way around this?
  3. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Fenders and turn signals

    Recently I don’t know when but somebody hit my jeep and damaged my fender so I’m taking this as a sign to change fenders like I’ve been contemplating however I do drive my jeep often on the road and I would like to keep turn signals so if any of you have suggestions on fenders I’d be much...
  4. DougB

    SOLD TJ LJ front fenders and flares & rear painted flares

    Jeep TJ LJ front fenders with matching painted flares. Everything is painted silver and comes from a 2006 LJ that has the factory appearance option for painted flares. Flares have some wear on them from larger tires (31" with no lift) rubbing and rears have some rock chip damage. Included are...
  5. karlizzley

    Florida Jeep TJ Parts - Gauge Cluster

    Gauge Cluster with unknown mileage, $100 + shipping. Located in Tampa, FL. I also have bigger parts that I can’t ship: Sahara Black Painted Fender Flares, Turning Signal Lenses (I can ship these but prefer they stay with the fenders), Sahara Side Trim Pieces, Rear Stock Bumper, Stock Tire...
  6. DaYooperTransplant

    SOLD Flat fenders, body armor.

    Just removed these from my 97 TJ. Not sure of the make, they were on the Jeep when I bought it. I'm just not a fan, and I'm trying for more of a stock look. Flat front fenders w/inner stock wheel well so you don't have to cut yours. $200.00 Rear corner armor. $100.00 Not really interested in...
  7. DasBitz

    California 2006 LJ Front and Rear Light/Dark Khaki Fenders

    Removed at 82k miles. No rust or dents. Front fenders with flares $500 (pickup only) Front fender extensions $20 (shipping at cost) Rear fenders $80 (pickup only)
  8. TJScott

    California OEM fenders and bumper

    I have an OEM set of fenders from a 2003 TJ Sport. Normal aging and discoloration. If you want them, I’ll sell for 50 if you will pick them up from Palmdale, CA. I also have the OEM bumpers and milk jugs. I can get pics later of those. No damage to them. I’ll do those for 50 as well.
  9. JD Hamm

    Poison Spyder DeFender XC Battery Lift Tray

    Hello, I’m curious as to how many people have the Poison Spyder DeFender XC high line fenders. I have the fenders, inner fenders, and everything needed to install them except for the battery lift tray. Does anyone know if there is an alternative option for that or a way I can mount the battery...
  10. CarsonFinch

    Hood Alignment Issues

    Hey all! I got my TJ a couple months ago and so far i have no complaints.... well there is one. I just noticed a few days ago that the hood and the grille do not line up. It’s a small thing but now I can’t stop thinking about it. There’s a small gap between the hood and the grill on the drive...
  11. Trevair

    Colorado Stock Fender Flares and Springs

    Hey guys. Selling my stock coil springs off my '03 since I've gone up to the OME kit. Asking $50 for the full set of springs, plus whatever shipping is. Local pickup is cool too.
  12. SunnietheJeep

    How to remove fenders that are stripped and rusted on my 98 Wrangler?

    I bought fenders to upgrade and ran into trouble removing the old ones. How do I get the Screwserts out now that they are mended together from rust? I cut the fenders off to have better access but ended up stripping them, any suggestions?
  13. Blondiemarge

    Rear highline fender recommendations?

    Looking for recommendations! I've got a 2006 TJ Rubicon and did Poison Spyder front Highline fenders, its time to alter the rear. Looking for recommendations for rear highline fenders. Trying to avoid spending too much, as Poison Spyder is pricey, so please send ideas my way!
  14. Sbaird

    Replacing fender panels on 2003 TJ

    So I have a 2003 TJ, the fenders have some rust and the front on both sides are caved in from previous owner. I’m going to replace them with stock fenders, the panel comes already primed, I want to color match my jeeps paint color and Mopar sells rattle can color matched paint. My question is...
  15. kjbark45

    Anyone used this website for parts?

    https://www.amindemoa.com/make-auto-parts-manufacturing-primed-front-driverleft-side-fender-with-molding-holes-steel-for-jeep-wrangler-19972006-ch1240225-p-157074.htm I am 90% sure it's a scam but the 10% in me wants to get a great deal lol I'm looking for fenders obviously
  16. tmellon

    MetalCloak Fenders - Looking for new Hardware

    Hello, I recently purchased a Tj and it came with the 4" metalcloak highline fender kit with the rear corner guards. I decided to take it off, and repaint it due to some surface rust appearing. Does anyone know if/where I can buy new hardware for the entire setup? I can't find anything...
  17. Josh Harder

    Cheap ebay fenders?

    Wondering if anyone has tried these cheap fenders. Poison spyder or metal cloak are out of my budget.... Or will this be a waste of money? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&toolid=10001&campid=5337789113&icep_item=222105592146
  18. Apollo

    Building advice

    Hey y'all! I've currently got a 04 TJ with a 3" lift on 31's. I'm trying to figure out if I should cut the fenders or go back to stock. The ones I have now are over 7" wide and my wheels don't stick out nearly that far. I really like the look of the cut fenders but I'm not sure how it'll look...
  19. Schmidty15

    06 Rubicon stock parts

    Hello, I recently did a metalcloak lift to the TJ so I have all the stock components from an 06 Rubi. I've taken off everything is in pretty good shape the sway bar boots are torn but bearings are frim still shocks arnt blown out or anything. Let me know if you need anything. Price is what you...
  20. murt05

    Does anyone have experience with EAG tube fenders?

    My Jeep's plastic fenders have seen better days. Been torn of multiple times due to being too bulky for my 35's. I'm planning to make the switch to steel fenders next month and looking for an affordable option. Does anyone have experience with the EAG brand name. They sell some nice looking...