ford 8.8

  1. R

    Jeep tj with ford 8.8 & d30hp, jk wheels with 35s wheel spacer size?

    Hello everyone I’ve been researching adding jk wheels to my tj… here it goes.. I currently have a jeep tj with a 4 inch suspension lift, with adjustable control arms, d30hp on the front and a ford 8.8 in the rear. All of this was recently installed. I also recently purchased jeep Jk 17 inch...
  2. TJustin

    SOLD Ford 8.8 Axle- Complete

    For sale is a Ford 8.8 rear axle out of a 99 Ford Explorer Sport, recently removed from a 2000 TJ. It has a bunch of aftermarket parts and upgrades, including: ARB Air Locker Yukon 4.88 Gears Barnes 4wd Truss Riddler Diff Cover Black Magic Brakes Wizard Brackets Setup for long arms Tubes welded...
  3. 97TJBigFoot

    Dana 44 or Ford 8.8?

    I have completely demolished my spider gears in my dana 35 twice already so it’s time to upgrade this time to something that can handle 35’s! I am trying to find an 8.8 or a Dana 44 to replace my dana 35… What are you all’s recommendations/advice? Thanks in advance!
  4. K

    Ford 8.8 parking brake

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 1997 wrangler sport, it has a ford 8.8 rear axle with discs. I’m looking to install my parking brake, none of those components were swapped over. I have what appears to be the mounting brackets for the parking brake, but I don’t have any of the pads, springs, or...
  5. P

    Parting out Ford Explorer 8.8

    I picked up a 98 Ford Explorer for the 8.8 differential. I pulled it and kept the drive shaft in case I need it to adapt later. My question is, should I pull anything else off the Explorer before sending it to the crusher. It's a manual tranny.
  6. blackbeard00

    Oregon Barnes 4wd Jeep TJ Ford 8.8 Swap kit

    Brand new never even unwrapped Barnes 4wd Ford 8.8 to TJ swap and truss kit 150.00, have a explorer rear end that I cut off all the stock mounts that I am willing to toss in but its been sitting outside. I am still the worst at getting pictures on these it looks just like the one on their site...
  7. jherrell

    Jeep 4.0 5speed Ford 8.8

    Richmond IN
  8. Bigmak2118

    Axle adjustment and general questions.

    Good Day! I recently got my first Jeep, 1997 Wrangler! Dream come true finally, now I need to give it some well deserved TLC. I've been doing little things like fixing blinkers, lights, fluids and such. Along the way I've noticed some things that I need advice on. I've attached a diagram and...
  9. M

    Installing Yukon Super 88 Kit - WF-88-31

    The Yukon Super 88 Kit will allow you to eliminate the c-clips and upgrades the axles to a 4340 chomoly, and are drilled for 5 x 4.5 or 5 x 5.5 pattern. Installation is pretty basic, no special tools are needed, except one thing. You will need a shop press and I just happen to purchase one for...
  10. M

    Sarah the Sahara—More expensive than a divorce—LR4—NV3550 Conversion

    Oh, look, another LS conversion in a TJ. :rolleyes: Yes, this thread is about another conversion, but I hope to alleviate and answer alot of confusion and offer some answers or advice. The goal with "Sarah" is to have a capable DD that can be very capable on the weekend. This project has...
  11. Steel City 06

    Pennsylvania Ford 8.8 rear axle

    I am selling a Ford 8.8 rear end from a 2007 Ford F150 XL 2WD. I recently swapped it for a Ford 9.75" rear end, so I cannot send it in as a core. The ring and pinion has significant slop, which is the reason it was removed. It will have to be regeared. It still has the worn out factory 3.55...
  12. TreverStevens

    Rear extended brake line

    Finishing up the brake lines on my 8.8 swap and looking for feedback and lengths people are running for extended brake lines on the rear? 4" lift, adjustable upper and lower control arms so I pushed the axle back a little over stock. I'm talking about the line the comes from the hard line on the...
  13. TreverStevens

    Minimum threading of adjustable rear control arms

    What would you say is the minimum amount of threads I should have from the rear lower control arms when installing a new axle? I was hoping to better center my rear wheels in the wheel wells by pushing the axle back a little, but run out of threads on my adjustable arms before it's perfectly...
  14. Justin Homan

    Korra, a daily driven and trail ready Sahara

    In July of 2017 i sold my mildly built 1997 Cherokee and picked up my dream Jeep, an immaculate, bone stock 5-speed 1997 Sahara with only 109k miles. My plans were to keep it stock and daily it college and eventually make it a trail rig once i got myself another vehicle to daily. It only took a...
  15. TreverStevens

    Rear axle truss for Ford 8.8

    I bought a Ford 8.8 and in the process of shaving all the bracketry off and doing all the seals and bearings. I'm planning on doing a truss kit because I think it will all be easier in the long run rather than individual brackets for everything and getting the geometry right on all of it. The...
  16. kmas0n

    Trail_Krawler & Trail_Willys

    I purchased "Gru" used in 2005 with only 20k miles and in pristine condition. A bone stock TJ sport, with manual transmission, hard/soft tops, and an aftermarket stereo. Over the past 14 years, we have been through a lot together. We learned maintenance, how to perform electrical mods, like...
  17. A

    Ford 8.8 Axle Swap

    The factory Dana 35 rear axle found in most TJ Wranglers is a little on the light side, and if you run larger-than-stock tires, you’re likely looking at an eventual failure. If you want to turn really big tires, wheel abusively, or push gobs of power into your rear axle, you’ll probably want to...
  18. 4speedhandler

    8.8 brake upgrades?

    Im in the process of assembling an explorer 8.8 for the rear of my TJ and while the addition of disk brakes is nice i plan to go to substantially larger tires than the current 31's. I also plan to in the near future get a waggoneer 44 in the front. A) are there compatible OEM parts to use for an...