1. T

    Rust Repair

    Hey guys, so I wanted to upgrade my suspension (was thinking of the H&R + Rancho combo) but as I took a closer look I've now realized that that my rear upper coil spring mounts on both sides are pretty rusted. When I boutht the jeep a few years ago, the first thing I looked for was rust (thanks...
  2. I

    Looking to buy this 98 4.0

    Wanting to purchase this Jeep. 5 speed w 125k miles for $9k. 4 inch lift, aftermarket wheels and tires, upgraded headlights, new bucket style sport seats. Previous owner had it for 2 months but other PO had rebuilt the frame? Also, rust spots on the door and driveshaft/differential (pictures...
  3. Vali Jo

    97 Wrangler - Transmission Crossmember Bolts / Attachment to Frame

    Bear with me, I am a do-it-myself kind of person, but I am NOT a mechanic so I am continually learning. Original owner of a '97 Sport, 4.0 L - 5 speed AX15 transmission 279K miles Just dropped the skid plate (transmission cross member) so I could change out the clutch. Working on getting it put...
  4. J

    Frame Cap Drain holes

    Just had some Frame Caps added to both front and rear trail arm mounts, and center skid plate. The question is do I add drain holes to the recommended spots right under all 4 trail arm mounts? There aren't any real places for water to escape the frame since the frame caps don't have side holes...
  5. O

    New York 1997-2002 Center Frame Repair section - Pocono Metal

    I have an unused 1997-2002 center repair section from Pocono Metal. Label and online order info doesn't specify left or right. Guessing from the photos, it is the right center frame piece. They sent me (or I mis-ordered) the wrong part. $130 new. Make an offer. Can help with delivery any...
  6. I

    2001 TJ head vs. heart: fix her up or let her go?

    Hi all! Though this is my first post, I’ve come to this site countless times over the years for advice and how to’s; it’s been an invaluable resource to me. I figured what better place to seek pragmatic advice over the fate of my beloved TJ. Currently, I’m at a tipping point with it. It...
  7. crazyshot97

    Is this a clean frame?

    Hi all. Brand new to Wranglers, and have never inspected a frame in my life. Any specific spots to look out for when purchasing? I have these pictures of what I would consider to be a very clean frame. Would you all agree or are you seeing anything I’m not seeing? Thanks!
  8. AndyA

    Acceptable Rust Inside Frame?

    Hi! I am currently shopping for a TJ and I have an endoscope to look inside the frame. I see plenty of threads on here about rust showing external pictures and I know what is good/bad there, but what about inside the frame? For example is the inside of the frame the same as anywhere else -...
  9. Tim_with_the_tj

    Any advice before I drill frame drain holes?

    I’ve read a bunch of threads on the topic. Any last advice I should know before drilling drain holes in the frame? I plan to drill four holes total, one front and one rear drain hole per side. I’m also seeing lots of mud getting trapped in the front part of the torque boxes. Any advice for...
  10. B

    Is this frame in bad shape?

    I’m new to Jeeps and looking at buying this 2002 Wrangler and am a little weary about the frame condition. Is it in good shape or should I pass on it and keep looking? I tapped on the center side by the skid plate and a piece of rust fell down but the seller said it was from the undercoat under...
  11. Igor Khmyz

    California 2005 Tj Frame(Bent)

    Hey guys, I have a 2005 tj frame that I replaced on my Jeep. It is bent pretty badly in the front. Will most likely need to be cut and rewelded ( I'm not too sure, I was just told that by a frame guy). I will take it to the scrap yard if not taken by by next week. I just thought maybe someone...
  12. mcarthey

    Has anyone found another method for cleaning inside the frame?

    I picked up my 2004 wrangler LJ last year end it seems to be pretty low on rust. Despite that, I took an air compressor and stuck it in the frame holes and realized there’s a ton of junk inside the frames. I’ve seen the video on using some chains attached to a drill, but has anyone found...
  13. Mbren89

    SOLD 03-06 windshield frame w glass

    OEM 2003-06 wrangler windshield frame with glass. Bought from SC to replace my rusted out one but sold the tj before I installed this and trying to get what i paid back out of it. Asking 300 OBO
  14. Slaverson

    Body drives off center from frame

    My Lj has been driving a little off center for a while now and I’m trying to figure out how/where I can fix that. My body faces slightly to the left and my frame drives straight. Do I need to realign the entire body? Anything helps, thanks!
  15. houghland

    Hard Uppers frame only?

    Hey there, so I bought a 98 TJ a few months ago and when I purchased it the guy gave me the window sliders for the upper part of the door. However, its just the glass part (like the window panels) without the frame, and I cant seem to find if you can buy just the frame for the hard uppers. Does...
  16. T

    How long does this frame have left on it?

    Hey all, I'm trying to see the extent of this rust and how much time this frame has left on it. It's rusting from the inside-out and has large, thin chunks of rusted frame falling from the walls (as seen from picture 6). The reason why I ask if this question is because I was offered 9k for the...
  17. fourdgwag

    WTB: Missing frame parts (see pics)

    I bought a complete (but not really complete) soft top on Craigs list a few years back...Rampage. it’s new, never installed. The dude I bought it from wouldn’t return the money. Its missing some frame parts. I contacted the manufacturer and they came up with nothing. I’m hoping someone can...
  18. camflict

    Frame rust: How long do I have?

    Attached are photos of my frame, I purchased the jeep a month ago, and strangely it seems to have only gotten worse. What are the potential solutions I have for this? Frame swap? New body + frame swap? Thanks!
  19. H

    SOLD Windshield frame 97-02

    I have a rust free frame with broken glass. I bought this for my 04 from a Jeep salvage guy that told me there was no difference. It will work on 03-06 but you can’t use your trim or sun visors. Im over it and willing to donate it to someone in need. Pick up north of Pittsburgh, PA
  20. 2

    2001 TJ Needs New Frame

    Purchased a 2001 4.0L 6-cylinder TJ a few months ago. Only had 140,000 and the body looked good. The frame looked good to but as it was getting lifted at a shop for a new clutch to be installed, the mechanic said the frame cracked and has a ton of rust underneath there. I live in North East...