front end

  1. Tiger98

    Front End Movement

    I'm having an issue where when the clutch isn't engaged, slowing down by letting off the gas or speeding up will initially cause the jeep to lurch forwards or backwards like the frame is catching up to the front axle's movement and they aren't tight and in sync. At least that's what a mechanic I...
  2. Nreid67

    What is this? Forgive my naive mind

    I have looked at some diagrams and can’t find this anywhere. I’m assuming the previous owner added it but I don’t know what it is. Any help?
  3. inkedrose

    Play in RockLock

    My Jeep has a rock lock that was on it when I bought it. When it’s disengaged (free to articulate) it’s hitting the head of my steering armor bolt. Is it supposed to have that much play? When it’s locked there is no wiggle side to side. Can it be tightened up somehow? If not, would removing the...
  4. njklife

    Whining noise coming from front end at 30 MPH and up

    So I have a 1998 Jeep wrangler Tj (170,000 miles), and I'm running into a issue after I bought it used. When I got back home, started it up and drove down the road the next morning, there was a higher pitched whine coming from what is sounds like the front end at 35-40mph and above. The pitch...
  5. W

    Front driver side bouncing

    Hello, I have a 03 Wrangler X and when im going over 30 and hit a bump my whole driver side front end bounces violently. A mechanic told me my shocks were fine(bilsteins 5100s with 15k on them) Just started happening recently and didnt change anything to my jeep. All of this has been installed...
  6. J

    Questions about installing new ball joints on my TJ

    I am looking at swapping out my ball joints this weekend. Is it absolutely necessary to have to remove the axle to remove the ball joints, or is there another way. If I have to remove the axle, is it as easy as sliding it out and sliding back in? Do I have to mark the spline and put it...
  7. J

    Steering wheel play

    I recently replaced all the steering linkage and front end parts minus the ball joints on my 2002 TJ. It is driving fine down the road, but the shop we took it to wouldn't align it because of all the play on the steering wheel. I am new to working on Jeeps, this is the first one I've owned. Can...
  8. Fox_Mccloud

    '03 Wrangler Front End Suspension Parts List

    Hey fellow jeep owners, I'm about to embark on the classic front end suspension rebuild in my 03 Wrangler and I would appreciate if someone could review my parts list with me. I just want to double check that I'm not missing any bushings or specifics pieces. I'm currently running a 2.5 inch...
  9. Fox_Mccloud

    '03 Wrangler Front End Re-Build Questions

    Hey Guys, I recently bought an '03 Wrangler SE. I've already tackled a handful of things that need attention (calipers, pads, rotors) but most important is Death Wobble (confirmed, definitely Death Wobble). I've dug around a bit here and already found a litany of information, much appreciated...
  10. NPhopper

    Bottoming out when braking

    Hello let me start by saying ive never posted on this forum before. Let me also state i know close to nothing about suspension. I recently installed black magics brakes 15 in big brake kit. Ordered directly from @mrblaine. This is a phenomenal kit, best brakes I've ever had. I have 31s at the...
  11. Schwifty Rich

    Help with drag link length

    Ok while putting the front end back together after doing the u joints and ball joints I went to attach my drag link and the stud was turning with the nut. Soo I needed to replace the drag link.. what I discovered was the PO installed a beefier one than stock and that meant I needed a new...
  12. mgroeger

    LJ - Front Grill (Raleigh, NC)

    I have a front grill from a 2004 LJ and it is Metallic Khaki. Make offer.
  13. 4speedhandler

    5x5.5 to 8x6.5 conversion

    hey guys i have an eclectic pile of parts and need to assemble a 8 lug ford hp44 for the front of my jeep. i have a full 5x5.5 hp 44 as well as a dodge 8 lug 44. I was told by a local offroad shop that the dodge knuckles on the ford inner-c would result in positive camber, can anyone confirm...