gas tank skid

  1. Andymc79

    FREE 03-06 Raised Gas Tank Skid

    If anyone in the NE Ohio area is interested in a 1" raised gas tank skid come pick it up. Might be a bit more than 1" now, the rear flange got a bit bent and the rear, bottom corner has a few dents. Still has lots of smiles left in it! Stainless hardware. Factory tank tie downs included...
  2. Jamey412

    UCF Gas Tank Skid

    I recently bought a steel UCF gas tank skid I'm running into some clearance issues with my track bar. I've pushed the gas tank and skid as far to the back of the jeep as possible to clear the track bar, but its not far enough. Have any of you run into this issue and a way to solve it? I was...
  3. Aarontj2.5

    Gas tank rust?

    I had a rusty gas tank skid and am now replacing it. I was cleaning up the tank before putting everything together and it looks like some of the rust from the skid is stuck on the tank. I was just wondering if this is something I need to worry about and if it is, how I could get it off.
  4. LarryTJ

    SOLD Heavy Duty Steel Gas Tank Skid (3/16" steel plate)

    Great condition 3/16" steel skid.