gear lube

  1. 67StingrayJ

    Thought it was the drain plug, bolt won't go back in now

    Hey guys. Sort of in trouble here I thought this bolt was the drain plug when I pulled it and now it won’t go back in. Anyone ever have this issue? It’s like it was threaded into something then when I removed the bolt, something inside turned and now it won’t go back in. Like the threads aren’t...
  2. Pfarmer

    Questions about 500 mile differential fluid change

    Just got done with the 500 mile break-in for Yukon Super 35 kit. (I think Yukon calls it the Ultimate 35). Two Questions: #1. The front, stock Dana-30 cover does not have a magnetic plug. Should it? Should I replace it with a magnetic plug? Stick a magnet on the outside somewhere? #2. There...
  3. D

    What gear lube Rubicon Dana 44 with stock lockers?

    I'm upgrading my rear diff cover so I need to buy some gear oil. I have been reading through the forum and have decided I will go with a non-synthetic oil. Just wanting some recommendations on what weight to get I don't tow but I live in Colorado so the winter temps can get very cold. Secondly I...