1. C

    97 TJ rear end grinding / vibration

    Alright I’m pretty new to differentials and anything to do with rear ends really so any advice I could get would be much appreciated. Long story short about 2 days after hitting the trails my 97 TJ started having some serious grinding and vibration issues coming from the rear end. I just opened...
  2. Jackson S

    Engine light

    my engine light came on today. the engine doesnt seem like theres anything wrong it sounds all normal. but when shifting into or out of second gear it almost always grinds, this has been happening for a couple months. does anyone know what the engine light is or how to diagnose it? any help is...
  3. mitchellr99

    Has my Jeep been regeared?

    Hey all! This is my first ever forum post. I'm wondering if there is a way to tell if the previous owner(s) regeared my jeep. (preferably without tearing the diff apart to check because that is currently above my pay grade as I am newish to the jeep/car scene) I have 33" tires and seem to be...
  4. Mavesar

    Gear setup help

    Hi all new to the forum. I had my gears setup 12 years ago by a reputable company in WA, about a month ago a ring gear bolt got loose and was sheared off and eaten by the ring and pinion surprisingly only chipping a single tooth and making scary noises. tearing down I found that all the ring...
  5. Matt789

    Swapping Gears from Dana 35

    Hello everyone. I own 2 TJs. One manual and one automatic. I recently swapped the transmissions between the 2 and just realized that they were geared differently. Now, I want to swap the gears also. Both have Dana 35s for rear differentials. I’ve been dreading it based on all I’ve seen regarding...
  6. Pullski

    Issues with NSG370 6-speed transmission shifting into gears

    Hey y’all...did a quick search and didn’t see anything on this topic...I have an 06 LJ with the 6 speed. I’m having issues shifting into the even gears because the shifter is running into the tub cutout. It’s only recently become a problem. It seems like the driveline is out of alignment, but I...
  7. ShaneMK

    Need help with gear swap issues

    Hey y’all, I just got finished working on my Jeep today and I have a few questions. I’ve tried to get the gear marking right a few times and I can’t seem to get it right, I was real close but it was slightly too deep so I pulled a shim from behind the pinion race and put in one that was just a...
  8. ShaneMK

    Questions about re-gearing

    Hello y’all, I was wondering what y’all’s opinions of Yukon Gear & Axle specifically this kit (my gears blew up so I’m looking to rebuild) I run 35s and according to...
  9. M

    Ohio Yukon Ring & Pinion Gear Set and Master Overhaul Kit for Jeep TJ

    Yukon Gear & Axle (YG Dana 44-488T-RUB) High Performance Ring & Pinion Gear Set for Jeep TJ Rubicon Dana44 Differential. Yukon Gear & Axle (YK Dana 44-RUBICON) Master Overhaul Kit for Jeep TJ Rubicon Dana 44 Differential . 488 gears. New still in box. Will ship. $350
  10. 01TJ-Blues

    Idaho Dana 44 4.10 Gears- Rubicon

    Pulled these from a set of Rubicon axles with approximately 52,000 miles on them. Nothing wrong with them at all just changed gearing.
  11. connorwfrench

    What axle is this?

    Hello! I’m looking for a Dana 44 front axle, this guy on FB Marketplace says he has a Dana 30 with the factory 4.10 gears from a 2004 sport, but they didn’t come with those gears, I’ve attached pictures. Could someone tell my by the picture if this is a Dana 30 or 44? If it’s a 44 then is it in good...
  12. A

    What gear ratio for 2004 LJ with 33 inch tires and 42RLE?

    Hello everyone! So I have owned my LJ for 3 years and I love it off road, but getting to the trails is a different story. I have stock gears with the 42RLE Auto and 33" tires and it does fine on flat highway but get a hill or a headwind and it's a mess. I typically drive 70-75mph. I want to...
  13. THESpottedSeaBass

    Using vinegar to clean transmission gears?

    OK... lets just take a second and think about this one. I was talking to a co-worker the other day who owns an 04 TJ like mine. He said he rebuilt the transmission and cleaned the gears using vinegar soak and scrub... Isn't vinegar acidic? Doesn't it eat away at metals? Is this crazy or is it...
  14. AWC4216

    Rear differential solutions

    Looking for some advice. I have a 99 Sahara on 33's, 4.5" suspension lift, 1" body lift with Dana 35. I was attempting to teach my wife to drive a stick Thursday evening, she kind of held the brake while letting off the clutch, then pop goes the rear diff. (Not her fault or anything, that's...
  15. Jake kozlowski

    Which direction should I go with my build?

    Current situation.. 2000, 2.5 motor, ax5 trans, 4.10 gears(open/open), believe it's a 4 or 4.5in pro comp lift kit, 32in tires. I have a Ford 9in (full width from 81 bronco) with limited slip sitting in my garage. Goal... Run 33-35in tires, locked, not trailered to the trails. Options...
  16. Rocky Wrangler

    Rocky Wrangler LJ Build

    Hey all. I am about to start building my LJ into something usable for on and off road. Much like most everyone, this is also my daily driver. Considerations for things like driving many miles each day/month are real for me but not be all end all limiting factors. I want the Jeep to run solid...
  17. TJ Todd

    Rear differential bearing out: How should I proceed from here?

    The bearing in the rear differential of my 04 X has gone out. Looking for suggestions on how to proceed from here. I could just replace the whole rear end with a rebuilt one but wanted to find out if there is a better option. My TJ is a 5 speed and currently has 30x9.5 tires. Ideally I would...
  18. Dirk Aden

    Recommended gear oil?

    Fellow Jeepers- I am about to replace a leaky Differential on my 98. I found the gear ratio tag, but I was wondering what type of gear oil would be best for a 4.0L w/ auto trans. I noticed there are a few types. I just want to make sure it's correct. Thanks in advance!
  19. Waymon milstead

    What's the lowest gear you can put in a Dana 35 without changing the carrier?

    What's the lowest gear you can put in a 35 ? Without changing carrier
  20. Nuggsfan

    Re-gear and locker advice

    So I have come to a point now that it is definitely time to regear. I am running 35s on stock drivetrain currently. I have a Dana 30/44 mix on my 05 TJ. I am going to go to 4.88 as that is as tall as I can go on the Dana 30. I am also putting chromoly shafts up front. Starting off, I wheel, but...