1. R

    SOLD 2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $2500.00

    2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $3000.00 Grey top with minor wear, doors have no dings or dents, glass and locks work as expected. All glass, defrost and wiper works as expected.
  2. Sam410

    WTB: Looking for a hardtop

    Located in SoCal. I’m looking for a hardtop for my 97 tj. Any color, oem or aftermarket
  3. bayportlj

    Hardtop liftgate gasket / seal

    I have an 05 LJ with a hardtop. I know it was a soft top model originally, and I was curious about the hardtop itself. On the rear liftgate, I notice that a ton of rain/water seeps in through the space between the top itself and the top of the glass. is it possible to purchase some kind of...
  4. BeardorBust

    Aftermarket Hard Top Window Struts

    I inherited a 2004 X and the rear window struts were blown out. Ordered the most recommended ones on here but it appears as though the struts are like .5” too long. Not sure where to find a strut that will work and is only about 14” long.
  5. Jeep_Noob

    Hardtop windshield connection

    Gotta quick question on how a hardtop should connect to the jeep around the windshield. I've only had my jeep for a little over a week and I was messing around with the hardtop when I noticed what looked like a connection point between the windshield and the hardtop. It looks to me like the...
  6. mynamesrickgrimes

    SOLD TJ Hardtop Black for sale

    Black hardtop coming off a 2000 glass in excellent condition as well as interior. Few scuffs here and there but nothing that can’t be touched up. No cracks, etc. Struts are OK - functional but a new set wouldn’t hurt Pictures were taken on a cold morning so the gray stuff on the top in the...
  7. MD_Jeeper

    SOLD 2002 OEM Hardtop - $250

    Related post: https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/2002-oem-hard-top.52158/#post-912085 Back for sale. Price dropped to $250 and a case of beer. I'm not even picky with what type of beer this time. Please get this out of the garage. Local pickup to 48858 and cash only. The back hinge pain is a...
  8. Ericshere03

    SOLD TJ/LJ Hardtop Harness Kit 82208907

    Something almost as rare as unobtanium … I have a Mopar Hard Top wiring harness for a TJ/LJ hard top. This is the kit that came with a stand-alone harness … it came off of a 2005 LJ. Switches, harness and squirt tube all included. Just need a water pump added to your stock washer bottle...
  9. mynamesrickgrimes

    SOLD 1999 TJ Hard Top In Spice / OEM Glass!

    Helping my Dad in selling his hardtop, which came off of his 1999 TJ Sport. It's been in storage in his shop now for a couple of years as he's been running the new soft top which we got him for his birthday. I think he'd feel guilty if he used anything else now! A little bit more about the...
  10. T

    Florida LJ hardtop for sale

    2006 Wrangler LJ black hardtop for sale. $1,900 obo. Tampa FL
  11. RMETeeJay

    WTB: Hard Top

    Looking for an OEM hard top with all windows and no major cracks or holes. I will travel within 4 hours of central CO. Doesn't need to be pretty and could be any color.
  12. Kurt_S

    04 hardtop on a 97?

    Will a hardtop off an ‘04 fit on my ‘97 Sport that I believe came originally (my vehicle specifically I mean) with a soft top? It has a rear window wiper so I’ll have to wire that which is fine, none of my dash switches over the cigarette lighter are used. Other things I should be aware of or...
  13. H

    Pennsylvania Jeep Wrangler TJ Hardtop for sale: Slate Grey, fits 1997-2006, new rear glass shocks, new window seals. Southeast PA. Doug: 610-412-6797

    Jeep Wrangler TJ Hardtop for sale. Slate grey in color. New rear glass shocks, new side window seals. Great shape. Fits model years 1997-2006. Located in Southeastern, PA. Call or email Doug: 610-412-6797 email: [email protected]
  14. SoCalGlide

    SOLD LJ Hardtop

    I've got a factory hardtop for 2004-2006 Jeep LJ. In really good shape with just a few nicks. Glass is all good, and I installed new struts a couple years ago. Washer/wiper and defrost work just fine, but does not include any of the wiring harness. I am including Lance Hoist-a-Top and a home...
  15. L

    SOLD LJ Hardtop for sale

    I just bought a 2005 LJ, which came with a hardtop. I'm more of a soft top person, so I'm selling the hardtop. The top is in good shape, no damage, windows good, wiper works (too warm to test defrost), struts pretty good. There was a roof rack above the top, which had some rust, so there are a...
  16. MD_Jeeper

    Michigan 2002 OEM Hard Top

    Asking $500 and a pack of Killian's beer. I am selling this on behalf of my father who just wants it gone. I sold my 02 TJ a few years back that this originally went to and I recently let go of the 04 I was planning to use this on. My father has been keeping it in his barn for the past 6 years...
  17. freedom_in_4low

    SOLD Hard top carrier

    Rolling hard top carrier.
  18. Clocktower07

    SOLD *SOLD* - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (LJ) - 61k

    *SOLD* I tried to like the 42RLE, but I think I'd be much happier with a stick...so here we are in the "for sale" section! This jeep spent most of its life in the deserts of California/Arizona and the body and frame are in great shape. There are a few spots of patina on the skid plates...
  19. mynamesrickgrimes

    Hard Top: Leave As Is Or Paint Black?

    Picked up this sweet hard top for my '99 Desert Sand Pearl. What do you think: leave the color, or paint black? The black might complement the rest of the trim... but everyone has black!
  20. J

    SOLD Steel Horse 2-piece Hard Top

    Steel Horse 2-piece Hard Top for sale. — General Condition is fair. Located in Savannah, GA. Price $200 obo. Just bought a new trektop nx and need to reclaim the carport so my daughter can use it as her jungle gym. All glass is crack free (glass is hard to find for this top), top is crack...