1. B

    Colorado Complete stereo head unit bezel speakers and pods

    Full jeep wrangler tj LJ 1997-2006 stereo Sony CDX-GT3000 head unit with bezel mount and stereo side wiring harness. Qty. 2 front infinity speakers 4x6 with speaker pods and factory connector Qty. 2 infinity reference 6502ix 180w pp 6.5” with bezels and grille. Everything works great. Will...
  2. Stinkbug

    SOLD Upgraded Headlight Relay Harness

    I have a headlight harness that I used in my TJ prior to switching tho LED headlights. It is plug and play with these connections: One wire to battery positive One wire to ground One connector to each headlight One connector to factory headlight wire connector to act as trigger I will part...
  3. C

    JTEC ECU Extension Harness

    I have a patch harness for the 1996 to 2004 JTEC ecu years. This will allow you to wire in an AEM FIC without cutting up your stock harness. If you plan on turbocharging or supercharging your TJ this piece is a great addition for a clean and professional look.
  4. Schwifty Rich

    Radio Aux Install

    Hey all, I'm adding an Aux Input into my stock radio with a nifty little kit i got from amazon. The plug in is easy enough as it utilizes the CD Changer 10-pin connector. My issue comes in with the yellow power wire that comes out of the interface box. The directions state, "Connect to constant...
  5. PAHump

    03-06 TJ Cruise Overlay harness

    In search of a cruise overlay harness for an 03-06 TJ. Ordered switches and the servo off ebay, found that I was prewired behind the steering wheel so I assumed I was good to plug and play.... Until I found out the plug on the fender by the brake booster was no where to be found. I've read that...
  6. Svarbo

    Vacuum Harness Replacment

    I am looking to replace all my Vacuum hoses, elbows and fittings/grommets. Does anyone know if there is a complete kit that can be purchased or do I have to do it piece by piece? If there is a kit, where can I buy it/PN? I have searched for a while now and can't find anything specific to a 2004...