1. A

    Head light switch

    ***1998 jeep wrangler sport, 4.0L. U.S. manufactured so no DRL module, headlight switch is the pull left of the steering column. Not the twist like in the 2000 and up*** So trying to diagnose a problem with my headlights. I’ve tracked the issue back to where I think the problem is. When I hot...
  2. Animal_

    Why is my headlight flickering?

    The other day my Jeep started to throw the code P0123 and the driver's side headlight halo started to flicker. Then the engine light came on, started running rough, backfiring, idle was just above 1000, and it wouldn't let me put it in reverse (it would slowly die out). I went ahead and got an...
  3. Boboddy

    Virginia LED Trucklite Knockoffs

    Switched back to halogens. These things are super bright. Beam battery isn’t fantastic so they need to be aimed well. work perfectly and in good shape $35 + shipping
  4. DjSoundScan

    Looking for similar headlights

    hey everyone, im looking for similar headlights that i had previously bought 5 years ago. if anyone knows where i can find a pair please let me know. these are the specs of these headlights: LED Headlight Features: Plug &Play, LED Ballast, LED Canbus Ready (Built-In) & H4/H13 Adapter Included...
  5. Ludogsonthemoon

    Plug and play LED headlights?

    Can someone recommend a plug and play set of LED headlights? Do they exist or will I have to mess wiring?
  6. Nipple Nibler

    Can someone tell me the name of these headlights or where I can find them

    I really want these headlights for my lj
  7. S

    Looking to replace stock headlight bulbs

    Looking for suggestions on easy plug/play bulbs. Don’t want to mess with any extra wiring, mainly just want more light output than stock. Kind of indifferent on color temperature. Is LED my best option? Or something else? Thanks!!
  8. J

    California Lots of Parts for Sale

    Hello! Located in Los Angeles. I can ship but i'll need your zipcode. Pickup is also okay. Wagner Headlights: (2 items) Free! Take em and only pay shipping or local pickup and possibly a bag of chips in exchange. Hella 6" Fog lights. (2 items) Free! You pay shipping or you can pickup. 1 beer...
  9. ManWithJeep

    Heated Trucklite set for $349.99

    https://www.quadratec.com/products/97009_8004.htm Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems much cheaper than anywhere else for the heated. Also I bought them and installed them so it's not a mistype. It is for both, and they are the heated. Quadratec will also sell you one heated trucklite for...
  10. J

    Help! Jeep Wrangler 99' TJ Headlight wiring issue

    Help! My 1999 TJ had a headlight randomly go out and when I went to change it I realized the wiring was corroded. I have someone who can fix it but I am not sure what part I need to buy as I am not the most knowledged when it comes to wiring parts. I tried researching it but most videos/forums...
  11. cm08

    Texas OEM headlights, bezels, grille inserts, bumper ends

    Original equipment from 2000 TJ Sahara for sale. All items are used, except the set of rear bumper ends. See below for pricing. All shipping is included. Willing to take more pictures, if needed. Thanks for looking-- Headlights - $55 Headlight Bezels (chrome) - $30 Grille Inserts (chrome) -...
  12. TJintheTJ

    LED headlight troubleshooting

    When I picked up my TJ it already had a pair of no name LED headlights on it. I finally bought a new pair of Axial headlights w/ DRL halos/turn signals. When I went to do the install they didn't function at all. I tried it 3 different ways: plugging the new light into the old EMC, plugging in...
  13. throw_a_way_Jeep

    Need Help Finishing Headlight Installation

    Hello good people! I'm looking for help on finishing the installation of some headlights that I'm in the process of installing on my 2005 TJ. I have been able to successfully install the lights, and power the day time running lights. However, I have yet to install the Amber Turn Signals...
  14. Matt L

    2002 Sahara No Headlights

    So I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sahara all stock everything. The headlights were working fine the other day and then suddenly they stopped working. Symptoms: All of the other lights (parking, turn, interior, etc) work fine. When I put on the headlights, the lights themselves do not turn on...
  15. ngreene9

    Help wiring halos on LED headlights

    Hey everyone! I have been trying to install some halo headlights on my 1999 Wrangler, but I don't know much about the wiring. The headlights were plug and play, but the halos have a positive and negative end which needs to be connected. My initial thought was to connect the positive to the...
  16. penk

    2000 TJ - Replacement headlight switch is acting funny...

    Ol Yeller developed a problem in the headlight switch - when you pull on the knob, the lights don't go on until you really fiddle around with it. Push it in slightly, wiggle it, etc. I thought it was non-use, but even after a few weeks of fiddling with it, it's not getting better. I bought a...