help please

  1. Zach O'Neill

    Stalling when at running temp

    Hi all, firstly apologies as I've posted about this issue a couple times and in different places but im still having issues and in need of some advice, and am hoping that by posting again it might gain a few new eyes and some new interest. I recently picked up an 04 TJ 4L with the 42rle auto...
  2. J

    Hardtop liftgate weatherstrip popping out?

    Hi there. I just replaced my original liftgate weatherstrip on my '02 hardtop with a weather strip off of ExtremeTerrain. I took the old one off just fine, and made sure the base was clean before applying the new one. I had no issue putting the new strip on. It sits flush when I close my trunk...
  3. Justin Homan

    Weird vibration at cruising speeds

    Hi guys, on my most recent trip to the Sierra's my jeep developed an odd vibration once its up to speed, the weird part is that it doesn't happen if im accelerating or decelerating it only happens when i try to keep the same speed. i had my tires balanced today and its still happening i also...