1. Duner

    Drive Line Vibrations

    Hey all, I’ve been dealing with some drive line vibrations and I could use some help diagnosing it. I did read through the guide Is your Jeep wrangler TJ experiencing vibrations It’s an 06 LJ with a 2.5 inch lift. When bought the skid plate was already dropped an inch. The first issue I found...
  2. TeflonTrout

    Need help troubleshooting starter and P0301 issue

    Hey y'all, I'm at my wits end trying to solve this issue plaguing my TJ for a while now. Here's a basic run down of what's going on: 1) A while back I was having some starter issues. I would turn the ignition and nothing would happen, the jeep had power but no cranking. If I jiggled the brown...
  3. H

    Persistent speed sensitive vibration 40-55 mph

    Hello all! I've had my TJ for about a year now, it is a 2004 wrangler X and its been quite the adventure. For the entire year i've had speed sensitive vibrations that I have tried to get rid of. The past year I have removed the front driveshaft due to damage on the body and replaced the rear...
  4. Offroadtrouble

    Best brakes for 2005 TJ stock

    Hi! I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It is stock I believe. It needs new brakes. Rotors,calipers, pads… the works. Is there some better than others? What should I get? My current set up leaves heavy brake dust on the wheels. Not sure if there is something that can curb that. It is my daily...
  5. hailbail

    Problem Shifting O/D

    To start, I’m not a mechanic or knowledgeable car person by any means but that’s why I’m on here. I have an ‘03 automatic, I usually hit that overdrive switch (turns it off) when going up a hill or having to really get going. It’s not often either. Past few uses (over course of a month) when I...
  6. W

    Gear pattern question 4.56 Yukons Eaton Truetrac

    Currently working on regearing my 97’ TJ with Yukon 4.56 R&P and Eaton TruTrac front and rear on the Dana 35/30 with 33” tires 5speed. Timken bearings and races with the Yukon master install kits for both. I am running into some issues with the Dana 35. To start off, reused the factory shim...
  7. Gabrock

    Help with rusted tub

    Hey guys! So I recently removed some old rocker panels that have been on the Jeep since before I got it and I found this awful patch of rust underneath. From what I can tell the previous owner used bondo really poorly and now it’s coming back to bite me. Any advice on how to take care of this? I...
  8. feroxsanctus

    LED headlights flashing randomly and clicking noise behind glove box

    Hello, I ordered 7" LED Headlights off of Amazon with a H3 connector and swapped them out for the stock headlights. Now when I drive the Jeep, there is a clicking sound behind the glovebox and every time the click happens the headlights turn on and off really quickly (and the high beam light...
  9. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Fold out back seat?

    I’m wanting to see if I can find a back seat that will fold out like how the old Cherokees had and if no one makes them has anyone DIY’d them?
  10. O

    Help Identifying Part on 2004 Jeep Wrangler TJ Sport

    Anyone know what this part is?
  11. D

    Help with a constant whistle when accelerating at higher speed

    I know a lot of these posts have been made, but I have to try. I had a shop do $4,000 of work to my 2004 Jeep TJ and when I got it back it started making a high pitch hum or whistle when I am at freeway speed. The sound is like a dull whistle. It goes away if I let go of the gas, and always...
  12. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Does anyone know of a Fabco?

    So basically I got this tire carrier and it’s under the brand named Fabco and it was made in Canada I can’t find much on the company any help would be appreciated.
  13. V

    How to make a TJ look like a CJ7

    I really liked the way CJs looked and I would just buy one but compared to nowadays CJs are hard to live with so I’m wondering how much can I make my TJ look like a CJ
  14. LimpinHome

    Spring perch relocation on a stock TJ?

    While upgrading my rear springs to some MOOG 3227s I confirmed that my rear upper spring perches were rusted....badly. I'm in the process of ordering/welding on new ones and "while I'm in there" I thought about relocating them. Currently my TJ is at stock height. I want to do a lift later, but...
  15. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Overheating and smoke coming from radiator fins

    So another day another problem I was driving home and once I started to pull into my driveway my engine started overheating into the red im not sure where to start tho any help would be appreciated. It’s also got the 4 liter
  16. SolarYellowshortbuss

    What is this the name of this door seal?

    I have a 2003 TJ and there’s this thing I’m not sure at all what it does all I know is it wraps around my door seal, my soft top goes into it and screws into this little roll bar extension which I’m also not sure what to call but I’m looking to get rid of it cause I really do hate the way it...
  17. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Jeep death wobble

    My ‘03 wrangler seems to have gained the death wobble but the only thing that seems to be in poor shape is my steering stabilizer, everyone has told me that won’t cause death wobble however it’s the only thing I can think of that’d cause it. the wobble only happens occasionally also but I’ve...
  18. V

    Taking the windshield down with KC Xcross light bar

    I’ve been eyeing a KC lightbar for a good bit now but I’m not sure if there’s anyway I can still take my windshield down with them on. Does anyone have any experience with them on there TJs that could help me out?
  19. J

    2000 Jeep Wrangler SE Vibration Noise

    Hi there, I’m reaching out because I’m really desperate for some help right now. First of all, I know very little about vehicles, but this will be my third Jeep TJ, it is a 2000 Wrangler SE, four-cylinder. It has about 150,000 miles on it. I bought it about 5 years ago and have had to do very...
  20. Jacqu_rose

    MFS Stumped

    Hi all. I have an 02 TJ 4 cylinder and last week both of my low beams were out on start. Turn signals worked, parking lights worked, high beam and fog lights worked. I bought an MFS replacement, put the old hazard relay on, now the low beams worked but the turn signals and hazards were out...