1. Pit.Viper.Jeep

    Custom TJ center console switch panel

    Hi all. Just want to start out by saying thank you for being around. Can't say how many issues I've solved just by browsing. As the title suggests I'm looking for some ideas/input on what people might think I should do about my switches. I equipped a switch pros sp9100 and ran the switch panel...
  2. SolarYellowshortbuss

    PCM failure?

    For the past forever ive been having issues with my wrangler from it saying I dont have a fuse, the oil pressure gauge going up and down, to the wrangler starting up very quickly one day to nothing but cranking a few days later. I took it to a fella who ran the codes for me and he says the brain...
  3. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Jeep has a real rough ride

    I got myself a rough country lift and frankly it rides horribley I know it will never be a cadillac but how can i soften it up a little I've been told to swap out multiple different things by many different people but i wanna knows whats gonna give me the biggest difference in ride quality.
  4. C

    Trying to get this Jeep running after sitting for 14 years

    We bought a 97 Jeep Tj with the 2.5l and auto trans. The jeep has been sitting for 14 years and we are trying to get it going. I’ve put in fresh fuel, it has fuel pressure, it has spark, compression, and I’ve redone the timing due to it being out of time. Biggest issue I have right now is that...
  5. SolarYellowshortbuss

    I cant get my dang doors on

    I dont know how im messin up gettin my doors on but somehow I am and im tryna figure out what in the sam hell im doin wrong. I had my grandpa help a guy out and he just slipped them on I must've been tryna put them on for an hour prior.
  6. K

    Track bar bushing replacement

    I can’t for the life of me find out what to buy to replace this bushing Any help is greatly appreciate!
  7. Duner

    Sluggish Acceleration

    Hey all, I’ve gotten to the point where I think I’ve exhausted testing all the causes for why my Jeeps acceleration is slow as balls in anything other than 1st gear. I’ve read as many forum threads as I could but I’m truly stumped. Here are the details: Vehicle specs: 2003 2.4L SE Initial...
  8. W

    04 TJ 4.0 manual transmission Radiator

    My 04 TJ’s radiator has a leak at the bottom. I hear MOPAR is the best but I haven’t been able to find one. What aftermarket brands are people using and recommended?
  9. C

    3 wire led light help

    I’ve wired up my 3 wire 3/4” led light to my front turn signals. They function correctly when the headlights are off. When I turn the headlights on they don’t flash. How do I wire these up correctly? My intentions are to remove the corner/marker lights. 2001 tj Thanks
  10. K

    Factory air lockers

    So I’m looking at doing a re gear on my axles and I was wondering what years did the tj have air lockers for the rubicon. (My axles were swaped) And I was also wonder if I could use the factory air system and just hook it up to arb air lockers, any help would be appreciated
  11. TrowaB

    Help me fix my mistake

    So I bought my jeep in the summer and have never been able to get it to not kick into limp mode. Like an idiot I decided I was going to take the valve body out. Cleaned her up, buttoned it back up, but now my shifter seems to be fouled up. I tried taking it all back apart and buttoned it up...
  12. K

    Is there a mirror seal on the 2004 and up TJs?

    Bought some mirrors off of Amazon they didn’t come with a rubber gasket to put between the painted metal and the mirror, I was wondering if they came with the gasket from the factory?
  13. K

    Differential fluid

    I just bought some gear oil for my differentials it’s 75-140 with limited slip additives in it. I don’t have a limited slip I just have stock rubicon axles with air lockers. Is it a okay to put it in the diffs,, is it going to do damage to the air lockers or the differentials? Should I return...
  14. K

    Lights issue

    Hello everyone, I just got my first tj (1998) on Friday last week when I got it the headlights were finicky they would sometimes go on first try and sometimes it would take quite a few try’s but once they were on all the other lights would work (dash lights, reverse lights/ taillights) so I...
  15. Stewartaw

    2005 TJ cold start issues

    I've been trying to help my buddy fix an issue that's happening with his 2005 TJ 4.0 straight 6 with automatic transmission and around 130k miles. The issue he has been having is it idles rough when cold and will shut off if you don't feather the gas. Once it's warmed up it idles fine. However...
  16. NateDog99

    Noise coming from what sounds like transmission

    So I’m not exactly sure if it was high gear or low gear it was either the number (1) or number (2) below drive on my auto shift console. I am unsure because the face plate hasn’t been there for a number of years. Anyways, I haven’t driven it in a while and one day it felt like it popped out of...
  17. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Low profile light bar, light mounts?

    I’m gonna be honest I’ve got no idea what to call them because they aren’t really light bars but they are bars to mount overhead lights too, like KCs Xcross light bar with individual lights. The issue I’m having is the KC is way too expensive but the alternatives sit really high up and I’m...
  18. Duner

    Drive Line Vibrations

    Hey all, I’ve been dealing with some drive line vibrations and I could use some help diagnosing it. I did read through the guide Is your Jeep wrangler TJ experiencing vibrations It’s an 06 LJ with a 2.5 inch lift. When bought the skid plate was already dropped an inch. The first issue I found...
  19. TeflonTrout

    Need help troubleshooting starter and P0301 issue

    Hey y'all, I'm at my wits end trying to solve this issue plaguing my TJ for a while now. Here's a basic run down of what's going on: 1) A while back I was having some starter issues. I would turn the ignition and nothing would happen, the jeep had power but no cranking. If I jiggled the brown...
  20. H

    Persistent speed sensitive vibration 40-55 mph

    Hello all! I've had my TJ for about a year now, it is a 2004 wrangler X and its been quite the adventure. For the entire year i've had speed sensitive vibrations that I have tried to get rid of. The past year I have removed the front driveshaft due to damage on the body and replaced the rear...