1. Jacqu_rose

    MFS Stumped

    Hi all. I have an 02 TJ 4 cylinder and last week both of my low beams were out on start. Turn signals worked, parking lights worked, high beam and fog lights worked. I bought an MFS replacement, put the old hazard relay on, now the low beams worked but the turn signals and hazards were out...
  2. Slaverson

    Brake rotor fitment

    I will be converting my 99 super duty dana 60 front to an 8x165 lug pattern with a custom-built hub on my 1 ton Lj. What I am trying to find out is what brake rotors I can use that will match the dimensions of the stock ones but will keep the new bolt pattern. As far as my research goes, the...
  3. B

    Facing two problems with my 2006 TJ

    hello guys how you doing wish you all are having a good time .. i have 2 problems in my jeep tj the first one fuse #7 in the compartment it is blown and when i plug a new fuse i try to shift the gear it squeals really hard any one can help ? the second one i just purchased rear led tail...
  4. thrasherbb

    Need help installing Zone 4 inch lift

    My friend and I began putting a Zone 4 inch lift on my Jeep TJ today. We spent the day cutting bolts and trying to get stubborn nuts off. Using the instructions that zone provided for me I removed my control arms and began trying to remove the old springs and install the new ones. Well I guess...
  5. V

    Side markers

    I’m wanting to install some flat fenders to my TJ but I need side markers to remain legal does anyone know a way around this?
  6. Slaverson

    14 Bolt Swap Kit

    Does anyone know where I could get a swap kit for a 1980s GM 14 bolt? It's for a 2005 Unlimited, and I can't seem to find anything that would work. On another note, could I but a modular truss and buy all the individual brackets? If so what parts would I need? Anything helps, Thanks.
  7. Jackson S

    Super loose steering column

    Does anyone else have a really loose steering column, like to the point that its difficult to drive on the highway because the wheels go all over the road and you cant feel it in the steering wheel. Like its so bad that i cant shake the steering wheel pretty violently and the car wont turn at...
  8. chiineserocks

    2000 Wrangler Cigar Lighter Looks Unused, But Won't Work

    I’m not mechanically inclined, so if you do decide to respond I do appreciate it, but try to “layman’s terms” it to me lol. Anyway, the lighter looks brand new and never touched. I want to plug my FM Tranemitter into the outlet, but it won’t work at all. I was told to just go to Autozone and get...
  9. N

    Does any have the part number for the flywheel on a 2001 TJ 4.0?

    Does any have the part number for the flywheel on a 2001 TJ 4.0. My NV3550 is starting to act up along with the clutch. I took it to a shop and they want to install the Rockland Terminator transmission and new OEM clutch and flywheel. They want $1600 for clutch and flywheel alone and told me...
  10. N

    NV3550 Advice

    I have a 2001 TJ 4.0 with an NV3550. I had some normal nv grinding from 1-2 and then got worse on downshifting. Just recently it started to come out of third when decelerating so I took it to a shop and long story short I need a transmission and a clutch no surprise which they quoted me 4900...
  11. Slaverson

    Can't get upper control arm hole to realign with bolt

    Need help realigning the bolt hole on the control arm to the mount. Have tried almost everything with ratchet straps and lifting up the body. Anybody have any ideas?
  12. IsaacLeier

    32RH automatic transmission wont shift past 1st gear

    Good Day! I am a new to the Jeep community and off-roading as a whole. I took my 1997 4.0 Sport TJ mudding a few times this summer threw some deep holes with great success. However this last time I went the mud was super sticky almost like clay. Got stuck in the 1st hole of the day, mud was up...
  13. J.p1999

    Steering wheel and upper steering shaft moving in and out about 1.5 inches

    Hi i just bought my Wrangler TJ 4.0 from 2006 and now i recognized that my Steeringwheel and the attached Upper steering shaft moves in and out. It is Not really loose - it doesn‘t wiggle around. It just slides in and out. the Upper steering shaft slides Here (See picture). I attach a Video so...
  14. J

    TJ rust evaluation

    New to the forum, I've never owned a Jeep before so was hoping you guys could give me some insight. I'm looking at a 1993 TJ right now, 150k miles, runs and drives great, body is solid. Has some rust on the frame though. Asking price is $2800 but I'm pretty sure I could talk them down to $2000...
  15. 4l4life

    Knocking from front of engine bay

    I got a 97 tj sport manual with a freshly rebuilt head. A knocking noise has made itself apparent starting a couple months ago but has gone from partial noise to constant knocking. It’s residual as long as it’s running, it gets faster when I accelerate. I think the noise is closest to the front...
  16. daurand

    No fuel

    2002 4.0 manual stalled while wife was driving ☹️. Fuel gauge shows empty and won’t restart. I was thinking fuel pump died. Engine spins when attempting to start. Dropped tank - still 1/2 full of gas. When I apply 12V to electric connector at tank, pump sprays gas. I checked continuity of power...
  17. B

    Problems with EVS alarm

    Hello everyone, my family and I recently purchased a 1998 Jeep Wrangler SE, 5spd manual transmission with the 2.5L engine. Being the numb nut that I am, I was messing around with the glove box and looking to see what the wiring and fuse box looked like underneath. I saw a switch and of course...
  18. L

    Soft top not staying latched

    Anyone know why my soft top would just keep coming unlatched? Just bought this not to long ago and the guy I bought from had no idea what happened.... When I latch it down the header just tilts backwards and comes unlatched. The seal seems to be in good shaped but have no clue whats going on...
  19. JTR

    TJ is throwing code 1687

    I posted a separate thread thinking it’s a separate issue but now I realize they correlate. I have an 04 wrangler and the dash lights went out I’ve been trying to diagnose it. Today my Jeep beeped at me but didn’t throw the engine light on. I checked the code it’s 1687. How do I fix this? I...
  20. JTR

    Need help diagnosing my TJ

    I have a 2004 TJ with the straight six manual transmission. Over the past couple of months my gauge cluster lights back lighting has been blinking on the left side once in a while. About a week and a half ago the dash does not light up when I turn on the headlights. All other indicator...