1. L

    Soft top not staying latched

    Anyone know why my soft top would just keep coming unlatched? Just bought this not to long ago and the guy I bought from had no idea what happened.... When I latch it down the header just tilts backwards and comes unlatched. The seal seems to be in good shaped but have no clue whats going on...
  2. JTR

    TJ is throwing code 1687

    I posted a separate thread thinking it’s a separate issue but now I realize they correlate. I have an 04 wrangler and the dash lights went out I’ve been trying to diagnose it. Today my Jeep beeped at me but didn’t throw the engine light on. I checked the code it’s 1687. How do I fix this? I...
  3. JTR

    Need help diagnosing my TJ

    I have a 2004 TJ with the straight six manual transmission. Over the past couple of months my gauge cluster lights back lighting has been blinking on the left side once in a while. About a week and a half ago the dash does not light up when I turn on the headlights. All other indicator...
  4. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Looking for suggestions on strengthening my Dana 35 axle

    Sunday wheelin ended up with this: broken rear left axle (Dana 35) ! Sounds strange for a 4.0L with 2inches lift and 31” Cooper tires (lsd rear). It happened on a long climb on light/medium rocks with 4 people and bags inside. No bouncing, no full throttle, just heavy load and not the best grip...
  5. Slaverson

    Codes: 0171, 0174, 0456, 0457

    I've got these 4 codes on my 05 4.0 that have been up for a little while now. I have only tried replacing the gas cap which didn't solve the issue. I'm guessing these 4 codes are all in relation to one another. Do they ring a bell for anyone? I was planning on going to the mechanic and getting...
  6. la_creme

    Buying first TJ (maybe)

    Hi folks, I'm hoping the TJ experts here can steer me in the right direction. Right now, I'm thinking of buying a '99 TJ X Sport with 62k miles on it. There is a dime sized rust spot on the frame under the passenger side door that I'm concerned about, but a very small spot. Also, there was oil...
  7. J

    In Search of Heavy Duty Tie Rod End

    2006 TJ 6” lift 37” Tires Greetings, BLUF: Can’t find tie rods beefy enough. Please help! I have been trying to find suitable tie rod end replacements for the ‘06 TJ I bought some months ago. Stock sized tie rod ends don’t seem to hold up to this build. I have posted pictures below of the...
  8. Slaverson

    Is the slave cylinder supposed to be floppy?

    Is my slave cylinder supposed to have this much play in it? I put my transmission all back together and went to test out the pedal which caused the slave cylinder extend its travel all the way. It ended up overextending and popping out in the bell housing getting fluid everywhere. The slave...
  9. Slaverson

    Will Pennzoil Synchromesh Fluid Work Well For My NSG370?

    Changing the clutch on my NSG370 and drained my trans fluid obviously but forgot to order more Redline MTL. I don't have anywhere that sells Redline, Royal Purple, or Amsoil Synchro. The only option I have right now is the Pennzoil Synchromesh Fluid at Autozone. Would that be a decent option? I...
  10. Slaverson

    Where can I find NSG370 transmission parts?

    I've got the NSG370 in my LJ and am wondering where a good place to find parts for it would be. I'm having trouble finding any parts for it as it's discontinued but anything helps.
  11. Slaverson

    Urgent Clutch Help!

    Replacing clutch in my 05 LJ 6 speed. Finally got to undoing all the bolts on the bell housing and it won't come apart. I peek around the cover to see if I can pull them apart and I notice this random sleeve/tube sticking through one of the bolt holes. I have triple-checked and all bolts have...
  12. Slaverson

    Noise coming from transmission

    My LJ just started making this noise this morning coming from the transmission. When the clutch is fully released, I can hear it come from the transmission. When the clutch is pressed in, I can hear it come from the engine area. When in between, I don't hear it at all. I've got a 6 speed manual...
  13. O

    What should I bring when driving my TJ from Alaska to Nevada?

    Hey just wanted to get everyones opinion. I'll be driving from Alaska to Nevade and wanted to know what parts everyone would bring and what they would do to the jeep before they left. Any advice would be great thank you in advance
  14. Caesar

    P0344, P0016 and other issues

    I’ll try to keep this light, pictures will be uploaded tomorrow during day light. Thank you in advance. I have a 2006 rubicon with the 4.0 inline 6 and a 6 speed manual. It only has 83k mileage. A couple months back, mistakes were made and I came a little too hot into a turn and made the...
  15. S

    LED Tail Light Wiring - 2006 TJ

    Can anyone help me with which wires go to which? Diagram and color coding attached.
  16. Immrrcruzz

    Weird noise after 30 MPH. 2004 jeep tj (rubicon)

    Hello Everyone! I need help diagnosing this noise that I hear when accelerating after 30 MPH. i made a voice note of the noise it is attached to this thread. in order to hear this noise i put my phone below the steering wheel towards the fire wall. no check engine light, jeep runs great, no...
  17. Nipple Nibler

    Can someone tell me the name of these headlights or where I can find them

    I really want these headlights for my lj
  18. R

    2001 TJ turn signals not working

    Hey guys, I have a 2001 jeep tj 2.5l and am having some issues with my turn signals. A while back I replaced my headlights with led headlights but im still using the stock turn signals. Not to long ago my left turn signal stopped working properly. It was hyper flashing and only in the front. The...
  19. J

    Limited Turn Radius

    Greetings! BLUF: Can turn left 2 full rotations of steering wheel. Can only turn right 1 rotation of steering wheel. I have a 2006 TJ with a 6" lift and 37" tires. I have recently replaced the tie rod ends and drag link. However, I now have an issue with my turn radius. I can turn to the left...
  20. D

    Issues after LED tail light install

    I have a 2000 TJ and I just put new LED brake lights on it. I got them from amazon. Wired them all up. I got running lights working. Reverse lights working. The ground is fine I checked it multiple times. But my brake lights aren’t working and my turn signal is hyper flashing. So I install the...