1. Lorenzo Altarocca

    Looking for suggestions on strengthening my Dana 35 axle

    Sunday wheelin ended up with this: broken rear left axle (Dana 35) ! Sounds strange for a 4.0L with 2inches lift and 31” Cooper tires (lsd rear). It happened on a long climb on light/medium rocks with 4 people and bags inside. No bouncing, no full throttle, just heavy load and not the best grip...
  2. Zedd

    Advice on how to sell my Jeep

    I’m no expert I’m trying to sell my jeep right now and wanted to get your guy’s take on my listing(s). Improvement ideas? I’m trying to sell quickly but $6600 would be the absolute lowest I can go. I’ve already put $200 into it since I bought it for $7000 and I think the aftermarket hard top...