jeep 4.0

  1. catbones2010

    Jeep Re-gear Vibrations

    Hi all! There's so many posts on this but all from like 4+ years ago regarding this issue. I see some solved it and some did not, or at least that's where the conversation ended. I've got a 2006 Jeep LJ with 33" tires, 2" lift, non-rubicon, regeared to 5.13 for future 35s. I've developed...
  2. S

    Ohio 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rocky Mountain Edition - $11,000

    2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rocky Mountain Edition - $11,000. Please read full listing for contact info! LOW mileage - 89,862 miles 6-speed manual (rare) LEGENDARY and sought-after 4.0L inline 6 cyl engine Cruise control Air conditioning Patriot Blue exterior Soft top Rocky Mountain Edition premium...
  3. B

    Loose Wire Loop Connector by battery terminal?

    New to the Site, just purchased a Jeep 97’ TJ 4.0L. Found this mysterious black wire with a loop connector on the end tucked away by the battery. Does anyone know where this goes? Kind of hard to make out in the photos, but it travels back into the main Molex Harness connector before the ECM I’m...
  4. J

    HELP. Metal Clunk/Rattle on shutoff but only sometimes

    As the title suggests I have a metal rattle/clunk that happens.only.sometimes on start off. Revving doesn't seem to effect it so I'm quite confused Seems to be coming from centre direct under engine. Link to video with audio. Skip to the end. Please let me know if you can' it...
  5. OriginalGOB

    2005 Wrangler LJ Rough Idle No Power

    I have a 2005 Wrangler LJ with the 4.0. I have been getting a CEL for P0300, P0303, P0304 and P0431 randomly. Each time I reset the codes they randomly come back. I wasn't really worried because it was running fine. It started to have a slightly irregular idle so I replaced the spark plugs with...
  6. Elizabeth06TJ

    PCM Issues

    Hey Y'all I have a 2006 TJ 4.0 Auto that decided it wanted to shell the factory PCM. At first it was throwing a P0203 code and after replacing the wiring harness, it came down to there is no output from that pin out of the factory PCM. I ordered one off of WranglerFix from Mark and now the jeep...
  7. Adrian_A

    Swayaway Racerunner shocks

    Hey guys, I took these coilovers off my TJ from a previous owner. they have 350/300 springs on them (I know super heavy!). I cleaned them up as best I could and im looking to sell them but I can't find much info on them and how I should price them. they are pretty beat up externally as you can...
  8. Z

    Someone help me and my Jeep

    I drove my Jeep 3 weeks ago and we’ll it needed jump started after that it ran and started every time without any issues but that was also the last day I had driven it in a while I went to start it this morning and all my lights and everything were on so I thought the battery needed jumped well...
  9. Retro

    Trying to figure out if I need a new timing chain/which one I need

    Okay so to start this off, I've been trying to get my 99 TJ ready for a 500 mile trip both ways, and as is such I've changed all fluids and done most of the maintenance that was required, but I'm having a hard time with the timing chain. It has a 4.0 in it, and from moving the crank back and...
  10. C

    Where can I find a PCM for my 2003 Rubicon?

    HELP!! Looking for a PCM and or someone that can point me in the right direction. They are discontinued at the dealership, and lot for websites I look at are $1800 the website looks like a scam.
  11. PJinHouston

    My 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport caught fire

    Yesterday my Jeep caught fire under the hood ... I saw on the internet where this could be a common problem with Jeep Wranglers. My Wrangler is a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport RHD. It appears to me (my opinion) that something caught around the fuse/battery area under the hood.
  12. Justinstevenson88

    California 1988 Jeep Wrangler automatic transmission for sale!!

    All original, no issues, very clean and well maintained 1988 Jeep Wrangler with automatic transmission. Drives and shifts gears great. It's been in the family since day one. Only going up in value. Asking 7k. Thank you.
  13. Carson.bub

    What JBL speakers for my TJ?

    Anyone know of good jbl speakers that I can get because I heard that they are good from a friend that had them I want front and rear jbl . Let me know what I need to complete the set for all 4
  14. Irohk

    Jeep jerks forward when accelerating

    My Jeep is a 5 forward 1998 4.0L 6 cylinder TJ and after overheating it started jerking forward when I accelerate. I already changed the plugs and cleaned the fuel injectors but it still jerks forward when I accelerate, this normally happens around 2000 rpm. I scanned it but the engine check...
  15. M

    Misfiring problem

    I have a 1999 Jeep wrangler Sahara with the 4.0 in it. It started to misfire on me so I replaced all the ignition coil, plugs, and cables (one broke) but it is still missing. I’m doing my own research but hope you guys can help. If I take it on the road it spits and sputters but if I jump on the...
  16. W


    Hi all, I had the car towed roughly six months ago and once i received the keys the demobilized symbol came on and I couldn't start the car. After doing some troubleshooting, I disconnected the battery completely, left it for 10 minutes, reconnected it and it was gone. Though, most recently the...
  17. Jacobr14

    California 2006 Jeep Wrangler X with 35k miles

    Jeep TJ for sale. Practically bone stock 2006 Jeep Wrangler X with 35,500 miles. Has an aftermarket Sony stereo and kicker speakers all around. Nextbase dash cam already installed. Banks monster cat-back exhaust and K&N drop-in air filter installed. Also including new tow hooks for front bumper...
  18. Dutchmen76

    Jeep running like crap

    Every time I start my 98 wrangler it ideals fine for a few minutes then Rpms drop to almost 0 then it catches itself and does this repeatedly. I’ve replaced the MAP sensor the TPS and I’m not sure what else to try. Anything would be greatly appreciated
  19. C

    Jeep TJ 98' upgrades

    Ok so here's the skinny I have a 98' wrangler, inline 6, 30" tires, hard and soft top. pretty rusty frame. basically everything is factory. I drive it only in the summers with the top off and on the road. very rarely off road, in fear of the body falling off the frame. I have around 500-1k to...
  20. R

    SOLD Price Reduced! 2005 LJ Rubicon for sale (built with 87k miles)

    Hey all. Looking to sale my 2005 LJ Rubicon automatic 4.0. Always Texas owned and ZERO frame rust. Won’t find a cleaner one. Located in Dallas, Tx $19500 takes her home. Case 512-788-377zero 2005 LJ Jeep Rubicon 4.0 engine Automatic transmission Heat and A/C New LED headlights Fresh fluids...