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  1. inkedrose

    Play in RockLock

    My Jeep has a rock lock that was on it when I bought it. When it’s disengaged (free to articulate) it’s hitting the head of my steering armor bolt. Is it supposed to have that much play? When it’s locked there is no wiggle side to side. Can it be tightened up somehow? If not, would removing the...
  2. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Searched posts, everything I found was a few years old. I know several people said they had purchased these BedTred but it all seemed like all new purchases. How's longevity? Do they hold up? I have to run top on 1/2 the year. Between snow, mud and two dogs my jeep smells rancid. Any downside on...
  3. Jakedjq

    SOLD 2002 TJ Sahara 4.0 - $10,499 - 183K Miles

    4.0 engine Automatic transmission A/C works just fine 182K+ miles Clean Title $10,499 OBO I've owned this jeep for 17 years and she still runs great. Recently I've had the transmission rebuilt, new control arms and new shocks. This jeep is stock and has been since I've owned it. Within the last...
  4. K

    Help diagnosing noises in 4WD

    As the title says, this occurs in 4H. I also have a little bit of a “rattle” sound in 2wd that seemed to happen at the same time. Here’s a video of what I’m hearing in 4H. I have changed the Tcase fluid. Did the diff fluid and diff seals prior to this noise. 1997 tj, 4.0 auto.
  5. J

    Air not heating up, as well as other climate control problems

    2002 Jeep TJ SE (without a/c) I just replaced my starter, ignition switch, and ignition switch actuator, and when I started my jeep back up, the climate controls seemed off. It took a bit longer than usual to start blowing, and when I tried to change the mode, the switch felt a bit wonky and...
  6. J

    SOLD $1400 New in the box Insane Audio TJ 1002 stereo, Blue tooth, GPS and TV too! $850

    Complete Insane Audio system, new in the box! And, it comes with a lifetime warranty, even though you didn't buy it from the factory or a dealer. This Insane Audio system fits right in the TJ Jeep Wrangler dash and plugs into the existing factory radio wiring harness. Super easy install. It is...
  7. J

    Tire advice

    Hello all, Looking for some tire advice... Due to what is visually appealing to me, some storage and transport constraints, I am looking for a tire that is 33"-ish tall and 9-10" wide. The closest to that size that I find is 255X80R17. But all I see is load range E. I don't want my Jeep to ride...
  8. R

    2001 TJ turn signals not working

    Hey guys, I have a 2001 jeep tj 2.5l and am having some issues with my turn signals. A while back I replaced my headlights with led headlights but im still using the stock turn signals. Not to long ago my left turn signal stopped working properly. It was hyper flashing and only in the front. The...
  9. 8

    How much force to disengage throw out bearing?

    So while driving my jeep tj, I suddenly lost the ability to shift gears easily. Ive had to replace the slave cylinder before so I knew the signs. I thought it would be an easy swap but I was wrong. I installed the new cylinder. We were on the last bleed cycle when we heard a loud pop. The...
  10. T

    Where do I find a replacement soft top window?

    I bought a 1997 Jeep Wrangler used, and I have to replace the back left window. Where do I look to find the brand name of soft top roof that's on it? The window has a metal zipper not a plastic one.
  11. njklife

    TJ won't engage 4WD

    So I ran into a issue where my jeep (1998 Tj) would not engage 4wd in a slightly problematic situation. I was trying to tow jetskis offroad on a uphill. To make a long story short, the jeep didn't engage 4wd. The shifter seems to be able to go through all the positions fine, (2H,4H,N,4L) but...
  12. FarminAg

    S30 S35 with ARB lockers combo vs Rubicon Dana 44

    Curious how good a S30 with 4340 shafts, regear, and ARB locker with S35 1541h shafts, regear and ARB locker compares to a Stock Rubicon. I know the transfer cases are different ratios but other than that what is everyones opinions of both or comparing both. Pretty sure my build is headed in the...
  13. jherrell

    Jeep 4.0 5speed Ford 8.8

    Richmond IN
  14. W

    Front driver side bouncing

    Hello, I have a 03 Wrangler X and when im going over 30 and hit a bump my whole driver side front end bounces violently. A mechanic told me my shocks were fine(bilsteins 5100s with 15k on them) Just started happening recently and didnt change anything to my jeep. All of this has been installed...
  15. djaka20

    Losing Coolant & Screech / Whistle Sound Coming From Engine

    Hi all, I own an '01 TJ with about 85K miles on it. The car was in storage for most of the winter, and I slowly started to notice that my coolant was steadily decreasing even with no visible leak. I noticed that theirs a slight sweet smell when the heat is on, which leads me to think that the...
  16. A

    5.9 Magnum jeep tj 46re p0713 code help!!

    recently finished a swap on my jeep with a 5.9 and 46re out of a dodge. Drove about 5o miles and it threw a p0713 code, I wasn't worried relooked at my wiring and can't figure out what I did wrong. everything is wired to the pinouts. the sensor has voltage, If I test the signal on the sensor it...
  17. Drc1340

    Biggest subwoofer set up in Jeep Wrangler TJ

    I’d like to ask out of curiosity who thinks they have the baddest sub set up, and what are your specs. This has been a question for me since I did a massive audio set up in my Jeep Wrangler tj. So let’s hear what set up you got what amp and sub and what watts you’re running. Thanks
  18. Adms01TJ

    SOLD Bilstein B8 5100 series 0-3” of lift. Brand new in box never used- decided to go a different direction.

    4 brand new in box Bilsrein shocks. Willing to ship on customers dime or travel a reasonable distance to meet These are for a 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler front and rear with 0 to 3” of lift.
  19. A

    Immaculate 16k miles '99 Sahara
  20. Billyhuss

    Going back to stock height for better handling

    Hi everyone, I recently acquired a 98 TJ Sport 4.0L I6 5-speed with about 143K miles. She runs and drives with no major issues other than the fact that she handles poorly when at high speeds and while braking. The jeep came with a 4” skyjacker lift and shocks + 33” bias ply MT’s. I swapped out...