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  1. F

    High pitched sound in transmission pan & bubbly ATF

    02 4.0 auto with 181k miles Today when getting some suspension parts upgraded the jeep was on a lift and there was a high pitched whirring/squealing sound coming from the trans pan. We put a listening device up to it and it’s definitely in the trans pan. Techs had no idea what it could be...
  2. catbones2010

    Hub Conversion

    So thinking of just saying screw it with trying to figure out why I'm getting vibrations after regear. Sure, I might be too low in gearing for 33s, but it was for 35s in the future. Had plenty of folks tell me I should go with 5.13s even with 33s when I stated I was thinking of doing 4.56. Long...
  3. inkedrose

    Mix and match fenders and wells

    I found a good deal on used aluminum Poison Spider inner fenders wells. I want to go with Genright fenders sometime soon. Has anyone mixed and matched? Any reason the two won't work together? Concerns would be if Genrights change shape of the fender well somehow and it leaves gaps? Anything...
  4. inkedrose

    This things a beast! Only $45k

    Found this on the FB. The 4 seater part is cool, haven’t seen that. What they’re asking isn’t in my tax bracket
  5. T

    Ticking sound coming from 2004 LJ

    Just recently i noticed a ticking sound, it only comes up when my front end is flexing though. i can’t find anything on it, just wondering if other people have had similar problems. its a pretty aggressive and loud tick too. sometimes a knock. again, only come up when front is flexing.
  6. inkedrose

    Educate me on axles

    Looking to upgrade rear axel shafts. 2004 Rubi, geared to 5.13, stock F&R lockers, on 35's. If I've read correctly, splines need to match lockers and spider gears? Stock rubicon is 30 spline, so if I have stock lockers is it safe to assume the shafts that are in are currently 30 spline? I'm 2nd...
  7. inkedrose

    SOLD Xenon Polyurethane fenders 6"

    Xenon paintable, polyurethane flat fender flairs. Both front and rears, 6", street legal. Mounted using factory holes and hardware (No drilling or cutting required). Extremely durable. Have some rock rash, check photos. Indicator lights mounted and included. Prefer local pick up. Have...
  8. inkedrose

    Moody Hill

    Moody Hill is rated moderate but found a quarry area that was like a skate park for Jeeps. So many obstacles to play on. Neither one of us know the area, so was fun just exploring. Lower altitude for out here so hopefully get a few more tries before it gets snowed in
  9. inkedrose

    Rancho & Bilstein Stats

    These have been reviewed in here several times but this was the first fact based thing I could find so thought I would share. I currently have 5100 Bilsteins on my rears with a 5.5" long arm lift & 35s. Front shocks are Fox 2.0 ready for a rebuild and think rears could be replaced. Ride beats...
  10. inkedrose

    First lap through Kelly Flats

    Took my first run through Kelly Flats, in Northern Colorado. Made it up Heart Attack Hill and through the Chutes without winching or any bypasses. Watched a buggy flop on its side and a guy on 40's (I'm on 35's) get hooked up right before it was my turn into the Chutes. Wish I had video of...
  11. inkedrose

    Know enough to know I don't know sh#t

    I have an 04", manual Rubi with 45k miles. I am no mechanic but can follow youtube and been reading this forum pretty much daily. Street legal but primarily used on trails. I wheel minimum once a week, usually more. Trails are moderate to what I think is difficult. Do regular fluid changes, did...
  12. inkedrose

    Thors Lightning 4 wheel system/airing up

    Has anyone tried one of these yet? Wheeled with a guy today that aired up 4 tires in under a minute with his power tank. I can do 1 wheel in about 45sec with my tank or 20min for all 4 with my ARB. Seemed like a pretty cool set up. Have heard about the 4 tire systems but this was first time...
  13. inkedrose

    Rear cargo / horse stall mat

    I have 150 pound of dogs that go everywhere with me. Been searching for a rear cargo pad that was easy to clean, waterproof and durable. Also wanted something a little thicker to protect dogs from getting slammed around while off road. Looked at Bedrug but didn't seem worth the price or sturdy...
  14. 2

    Jeep TJ 4wd Linkage Question

    Hello Everyone, So I went to put my 06 TJ into 4wd and noticed that the handle pulled up really easy,-I could also tell that 4wd was not engaged (the light has never worked, but I never really needed it). I took a look at the linkage underneath, and noticed that the pin had come out of the...
  15. inkedrose

    Trails Off Road / OnX

    Been using COTREX, it's a free ap put out by state of Colorado. It's pretty accurate and has maps you can chart and save for offline use, tells legal boundaries, has open/closed dates, ect... . Been looking at "OnX" and "Trails Off road". Both are on sale right now. They seems similar to the...
  16. F

    Bell housing & rear main questions

    Tracing a lower engine knocking/ticking and checking the tightness of the bolts on what I believe is the bell housing? The bottom right bolt upon trying to tighten just continuously spins instead of getting tighter. It is in place and not freely moving around but it is not snug at all and...
  17. F

    Engine Sounds - opinions

    Just purchased this 02 4.0 auto as a project I plan to keep for a long time - relatively new to jeeps and my own maintenance so pardon my frequent questions. I am getting to know the jeep and I’ve noticed a ticking tapping noise on startup that seems to be similar to what others describe as...
  18. F

    Upshift light coming on in an automatic

    I bought an 02 Sahara 4.0 automatic. When driving the upshift indicator (yellow up arrow) on the dash comes on when it’s shifting gears… when I get to I guess the last gear around 40mph the arrow comes on and off and on and off a few times over a few seconds and it feels like the jeep is trying...
  19. S

    Power Steering Cooler Install Help Needed

    2004 TJ Rubicon w/ 4.0L & 42RLE I recently purchased a PSC power steering and transmission cooler (second hand because they are not available anymore). I was curious how everyone ran the lines for them? I saw one video on Youtube and PSC didn't have any instructions to install it when I emailed...
  20. F

    Looking for opinions on 02 TJ Sahara undercarriage condition

    Considering this Florida one-owner 2002 Sahara automatic with 178k miles. Going to see it this weekend and wanting to buy. Exterior looks great, underside looks clean for the most part aside from some touch up paint - but to me it seems like it’s just the owner’s preference to touch it up black...