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  1. inkedrose

    Rear cargo / horse stall mat

    I have 150 pound of dogs that go everywhere with me. Been searching for a rear cargo pad that was easy to clean, waterproof and durable. Also wanted something a little thicker to protect dogs from getting slammed around while off road. Looked at Bedrug but didn't seem worth the price or sturdy...
  2. 2

    Jeep TJ 4wd Linkage Question

    Hello Everyone, So I went to put my 06 TJ into 4wd and noticed that the handle pulled up really easy,-I could also tell that 4wd was not engaged (the light has never worked, but I never really needed it). I took a look at the linkage underneath, and noticed that the pin had come out of the...
  3. inkedrose

    Trails Off Road / OnX

    Been using COTREX, it's a free ap put out by state of Colorado. It's pretty accurate and has maps you can chart and save for offline use, tells legal boundaries, has open/closed dates, ect... . Been looking at "OnX" and "Trails Off road". Both are on sale right now. They seems similar to the...
  4. F

    Bell housing & rear main questions

    Tracing a lower engine knocking/ticking and checking the tightness of the bolts on what I believe is the bell housing? The bottom right bolt upon trying to tighten just continuously spins instead of getting tighter. It is in place and not freely moving around but it is not snug at all and...
  5. F

    Engine Sounds - opinions

    Just purchased this 02 4.0 auto as a project I plan to keep for a long time - relatively new to jeeps and my own maintenance so pardon my frequent questions. I am getting to know the jeep and I’ve noticed a ticking tapping noise on startup that seems to be similar to what others describe as...
  6. F

    Upshift light coming on in an automatic

    I bought an 02 Sahara 4.0 automatic. When driving the upshift indicator (yellow up arrow) on the dash comes on when it’s shifting gears… when I get to I guess the last gear around 40mph the arrow comes on and off and on and off a few times over a few seconds and it feels like the jeep is trying...
  7. S

    Power Steering Cooler Install Help Needed

    2004 TJ Rubicon w/ 4.0L & 42RLE I recently purchased a PSC power steering and transmission cooler (second hand because they are not available anymore). I was curious how everyone ran the lines for them? I saw one video on Youtube and PSC didn't have any instructions to install it when I emailed...
  8. F

    Looking for opinions on 02 TJ Sahara undercarriage condition

    Considering this Florida one-owner 2002 Sahara automatic with 178k miles. Going to see it this weekend and wanting to buy. Exterior looks great, underside looks clean for the most part aside from some touch up paint - but to me it seems like it’s just the owner’s preference to touch it up black...
  9. inkedrose

    Chinaman Gulch Jan 8th

    Ran Chinaman Gulch for first time this weekend with a little snow and ice on the trail to really make it interesting.
  10. inkedrose

    4-cylinder fan clutch for 46% off

    This is for the 2.4 and 2.5 .... I was looking for 4.0 (no luck there). Good deal for someone
  11. inkedrose

    Water recovery

    Ran Hackett Gulch this weekend. We showed up and found this truck abandoned, winch line pulled, winch clutch open. There was remanence of a safety fire, wet boots and clothes but no person. We have big cats and bears in the area, looked like a crime scene. We were getting ready to pull out when...
  12. 2

    LED Headlights and Right Turn Signal Indicator (hyper flashing)

    I have an 05 TJ and put in LED headlamps only (I did not install any other LEDs except the 2 head lights). Now, the right turn signal indicator stays lit, and I get hyper flashing on the right side. I was told that it is b/c the current is lower voltage with the LED headlights, and since the...
  13. inkedrose

    SOLD WARN "Rock Crawler" front Bumper

    Warn "Rock Crawler", front bumper. Direct fit for a Jeep TJ. Durable, steel bumper. Ends are tapered for increased approach angles. Welded eyelets to mount D-rings/shackles. Pre-drilled holes for mounting lights. Directly bolts to frame using your existing hardware. 58" tip to tip, mid/full...
  14. P

    SOLD TJ Sport 5-spd manual with rear Dana 44 - 65k miles

    Hi y'all, For sale Jeep TJ Sport 2002, 5 Spd - manual, with Dana 44, silver, with new Duratrac 31 inch tires for $17k. No rust, stayed its whole life in California, and since I got it in WA, she stayed in a closed garage. I had an oil change and a fuel system cleaning along with replacement of...
  15. G

    Help identifying torx bolt on 2004 TJ

    Hi everyone, finally bought a jeep and I am new to some of the mechanical aspects. I am going though replacing the shocks and fixing the steering up. I found this star/Torx bolt on the back drivers side and it seems very loose. the plate that it runs though squeak incesently while I am driving...
  16. inkedrose

    Play in RockLock

    My Jeep has a rock lock that was on it when I bought it. When it’s disengaged (free to articulate) it’s hitting the head of my steering armor bolt. Is it supposed to have that much play? When it’s locked there is no wiggle side to side. Can it be tightened up somehow? If not, would removing the...
  17. inkedrose

    BedTred cargo mat

    Searched posts, everything I found was a few years old. I know several people said they had purchased these BedTred but it all seemed like all new purchases. How's longevity? Do they hold up? I have to run top on 1/2 the year. Between snow, mud and two dogs my jeep smells rancid. Any downside on...
  18. Jakedjq

    SOLD 2002 TJ Sahara 4.0 - $10,499 - 183K Miles

    4.0 engine Automatic transmission A/C works just fine 182K+ miles Clean Title $10,499 OBO I've owned this jeep for 17 years and she still runs great. Recently I've had the transmission rebuilt, new control arms and new shocks. This jeep is stock and has been since I've owned it. Within the last...
  19. K

    Help diagnosing noises in 4WD

    As the title says, this occurs in 4H. I also have a little bit of a “rattle” sound in 2wd that seemed to happen at the same time. Here’s a video of what I’m hearing in 4H. I have changed the Tcase fluid. Did the diff fluid and diff seals prior to this noise. 1997 tj, 4.0 auto.
  20. J

    Air not heating up, as well as other climate control problems

    2002 Jeep TJ SE (without a/c) I just replaced my starter, ignition switch, and ignition switch actuator, and when I started my jeep back up, the climate controls seemed off. It took a bit longer than usual to start blowing, and when I tried to change the mode, the switch felt a bit wonky and...