1. Project Billd

    How to Custom Install a Large Floating Touchscreen

    @Chris please move to the how-to section if you approve! Hey all, I recently installed a large 9 inch floating touchscreen in my Jeep and it is awesome! It was a bit of a custom install so I made a full guide you can see here if you'd like to do this to your TJ.
  2. Would a Dana 44 from an Isuzu Rodeo fit in my TJ?

    Hey everyone! This might be a dumb question, but could I swap a Dana 44 from a 95 Isuzu rodeo into my 2006 jeep tj? Thanks.
  3. M

    Headlights not working - 2004 Jeep Wrangler

    I have a 2004 Jeep Wrangler X, original owner with 130k miles. My passenger side headlight went out and I replaced it and everything worked fine. A week later both headlights quit working. Running/fog lights & tail lights work fine. I replaced the headlamp fuse but no luck. What should I...
  4. L

    97-06 4.0 automatic wiring harness differences?

    Hey, I bought a 2002 tj 4.0 with 32rh automatic, the po replaced the transmission(I don't know if he used thr right year model, or if the year matters) but he said after that he couldnt get it to run and said it was not getting power to the fuel pump! He cut and hacked up the factory wiring...
  5. O

    California What Trails in California Actually Require a Jeep?

    Wondering if I can get away with a Rav4 everywhere. I don't plan on rock-crawling. I just want to go off-road, hit Lake Tahoe in winter, see the mountains, death valley, etc. I'm looking at a Jeep Wrangler 4xe Sahara for 2500 + 560/month before tax. Pretty decent deal for 3 years/10k. Insurance...
  6. R

    SOLD 2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $2500.00

    2006 Jeep LJ Hardtop and Full Size Doors $3000.00 Grey top with minor wear, doors have no dings or dents, glass and locks work as expected. All glass, defrost and wiper works as expected.
  7. R

    WTB: Jeep Rubicon Compass/ Temperature/ Map Light Mirror GNTX-221

    WANTED Jeep Rubicon LJ Compass/ Temperature/ Map Light Mirror GNTX-221 Looking for the one that came on the Jeep Rubicon LJ, ebay has a few but they are not verifed to be from a Jeep LJ Rubicon
  8. Colton_101

    Universal shock guards

    I'm currently developing and testing shock guards that will work with all shocks regardless of the brand. They are simular in design to the Rough Country shock guards but can be personalized and made in different colors. I'm trying to see if there is a want for this product so if you would have...
  9. J

    350 Chevy swap

    Hi so I have a 98 Chevy 1500 that i ls swapped now I’m thinking of getting the old 350 out of it and putting it in my jeep big ideas only 17. will this work or will it destroy everything because to much power the motor also has a mild cam Danna 30 and 35 that I’m upgrading and putting lockers in...
  10. W

    Hydraulic cylinder attached to steering, I don't think its hydro assist?

    Hey, everyone. I've got what's essentially a stock TJ here and it has this cylinder attached to the steering. These are pictures taken from the modded one I bought, swapping engines and lift and all due to bad frame. They both have this, and I don't think it's hydro assist, because it looks...
  11. ajbown2007

    Turn signals do not work

    I have a jeep tj 2004 my blinkers do not work at all have checked the fuse and replaced the blinker column
  12. inkedrose

    First lap through Kelly Flats

    Took my first run through Kelly Flats, in Northern Colorado. Made it up Heart Attack Hill and through the Chutes without winching or any bypasses. Watched a buggy flop on its side and a guy on 40's (I'm on 35's) get hooked up right before it was my turn into the Chutes. Wish I had video of...
  13. Offroadtrouble

    Best brakes for 2005 TJ stock

    Hi! I have a 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. It is stock I believe. It needs new brakes. Rotors,calipers, pads… the works. Is there some better than others? What should I get? My current set up leaves heavy brake dust on the wheels. Not sure if there is something that can curb that. It is my daily...
  14. 2

    Jeep TJ 4wd Linkage Question

    Hello Everyone, So I went to put my 06 TJ into 4wd and noticed that the handle pulled up really easy,-I could also tell that 4wd was not engaged (the light has never worked, but I never really needed it). I took a look at the linkage underneath, and noticed that the pin had come out of the...
  15. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Fold out back seat?

    I’m wanting to see if I can find a back seat that will fold out like how the old Cherokees had and if no one makes them has anyone DIY’d them?
  16. Rakanoth

    2004 TJ will not start when hot

    First off, hello everyone! Been coming here to fix a few problems with my wrangler, just made my own account for this problem. A few things to mention before addressing my main problem, the original engine had blow up recently. I am assuming the wrist pin seized up and eventually broke the...
  17. J

    Odd stalling issue after a hard turn seeking help!

    I have a 2000 4.0 manual. I started getting intermittent stalling while I was driving, I already did fuel pump checked pressure, compression, new spark plugs and wires are good and injectors have been cleaned out, as well as a new camps . Haven’t done the crankps yet or checked the distributor...
  18. V

    How to make a TJ look like a CJ7

    I really liked the way CJs looked and I would just buy one but compared to nowadays CJs are hard to live with so I’m wondering how much can I make my TJ look like a CJ
  19. V

    Will TJs ever reach classic status?

    I’ve been curious if TJs will ever reach classic status and I wonder if future generations will look upon the TJ as people look upon the CJs now I’m genuinely curious what you guys think
  20. T

    Can a 1997-2002 rear window fit onto a 2003-2006 hardtop?

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forums although I have been a Jeep owner for many, many years. I have a quick question if anybody is willing to answer. I have a 1997 TJ Sport with a 2003 - 2006 TJ hardtop (no vents). When I first bought it years ago, it had a rear window that had the rear...