1. Winks42

    WTB: TJ ECCO wheels

    Well I bought my Tj without a spare and I’m getting some new tires so may as well get a wheel so I have a spare. Im looking for just one wheel if anyone has them laying around.
  2. LennartfromAustria

    How to diagnose no fuel in the injector rail on a 97 TJ 4.0

    Hello, my Jeep sat for about 16 years with no attendance what so ever. Last week I bought a new battery, checked the spark plugs and the cabels. Spark plugs are recieving power so the problem is not the ignitionn system. I wanted to empty the tank but it was empty, I remember filling it up last...
  3. oscaralexander

    Gas gauge not working soon after starting; A/C blower not working

    Hey, I replaced my PCM in order to resolve limp mode issues with my TCM and was hoping it would fix my gas gauge issue but it has not. My gas gauge will read normally on start but after a couple minutes driving it will read empty with the gas light. I have already tried replacing the...
  4. oscaralexander

    Arizona Any reliable Jeep mechanics in Phoenix area?

    Hey all, About 2 1/2 years ago I wrecked my 2006 4.0 automatic in a collision which left it with a broken motor mount, transfer case, front axle, fenders, and shocks. My parents, found this 2005 4.0 automatic near Yosemite which had a rollover in 2005 and was originally going to be...
  5. SunnietheJeep

    How to remove fenders that are stripped and rusted on my 98 Wrangler?

    I bought fenders to upgrade and ran into trouble removing the old ones. How do I get the Screwserts out now that they are mended together from rust? I cut the fenders off to have better access but ended up stripping them, any suggestions?
  6. JDRAM11

    Oregon Jeep TJ Flat Flares Barricade

    I have a set of used Barricade Flat flares from extreme terrain, I used them for 2 years, I cracked the front driver once, on a tree that jumped at me! Anyways, im in Hillsoboro OR. prob not worth shipping though, as they are so bulky.
  7. Zedd

    Your girl with your TJ

    Showing off both of your babes haha
  8. Zedd

    Do You Jeep Wave to JK's?

    I don’t unless they do it to me first. It’s a sign of respect😂 Was wondering if you guys did... It’s like being an elder mafia boss everyone else has to show respect before I give respect😂
  9. Zedd

    If you couldn't have a TJ

    A jeep TJ was my cheapest dream car I wanted. Over the years it just became more apparent that it was within reach. What are some other dream cars you would have if you couldn’t have a TJ ? Mine are:
  10. Zedd

    Previous owners are weird

    When you bought your TJ did you have to do some investigating? For example for some reason the previous owner put on a 2003 top on my 2002 Jeep. The carpets are warn in ways because they tried to wire something... Dissecting what previous owners have done to your jeep is a hilarious slightly...
  11. Zedd

    Thanksgiving Jeep Photo

    Where are you and your Jeep spending Thanksgiving?
  12. JD27

    All four wheels not spinning in 4x4

    When I put my Jeep TJ in 4x4 it will only use 2 of the 4 tires. Back and front spin, but only 2 of the 4. I assume there is a way to lock all 4 and use the full potential of my Jeep. Any advice would help. Just getting started in the Jeep community and will be building a great mud slinging Jeep!
  13. Zedd

    Poll: What Color TJ Do You Own?

    What color TJ do you own? Curious what people have. Obviously with jeeps there are specialty colors like mine being Amber Fire. So just pick what best suits it or rather what it says for your vin haha.
  14. Zedd

    Color Jeep TJ Poll

    I thought it would be cool to do a basic straw poll of what color people own. I know that there are specialty colors with jeeps like mine being Amber Fire. So just pick what suits it best. So for me it would be orange.
  15. Zedd

    Someone make this for a TJ asap

    You know how you can add more trunk to the trunk? Yih know how in order to have extra trunk space you gotta take out the backseat? Why don’t they make something that mounts in the center so you can have your backseat folded up; having it go no where and have that extra cargo space! Why isnt...
  16. Zedd

    Looking for a replacement jack that fits under passenger seat

    I’m looking for a replacement jack that goes under the passenger seat of the TJ. I didn’t get it when I bought the car recently. Was wondering what a good replacement would be that can sit underneath the passenger seat like the original. Or hell, if someone finds an original one for sale that...
  17. _Bjeep06

    The start of the TJ build

    So this is my first vehicle and first jeep, but I decided to go all out and since I have some knowledge and people around me that can help, but I'll gladly accept more. Now since it was at a car parts yard I was able to get both the tub and frame + odds and ends for under 600$ so now I can put...
  18. Zedd

    Best Daily Driver Tires for a 2.5?

    My Jeep is my daily driver. I love her very much but man, putting my foot to the floor to get up that highway hill, the low mpg, the slight jurky jurk past 60mph... I love all these qualitys, hense, well duh the 2.5L... but online I only find resources for off roading tire information. Could we...
  19. Zedd

    Passenger Airbag On or Off?

    I wanted to confirm that the airbag is indeed on in my TJ. I would go to a shop and do the codes but I wanted to write here first. I have no lights on indicating that the airbag is off. When I start the car in battery only it illuminates “Off”. I havent been able to find anything online about...
  20. L

    Check engine light comes on when I insert a 40 amp into the access 1 fuse slot

    Hey everyone, My first time posting onto this website. This is my first time owning a jeep tj (third owner), so I'm new to diagnosing the issues and fixing one up. My jeep is a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that has 70k miles on it. When I got the jeep, the windshield wipers and wiper fluids...