1. RobWesley

    Best way to sell my 99 TJ?

    I am in a position where I need to sell my 99 Jeep TJ Sport 4.0 5 speed. Not a big fan of FB Marketplace. What would be the best platform to sell it? I know there are many here who appreciate a great Jeep like the TJ Sport with that motor and a 5 spd. Only 2 owners, my brother than me...
  2. Rdelcampo19

    Will a 0331 TUPY head from a 2004 TJ work on a 1999 XJ 4.0 block?

    How’s it going, quick question. Trying to build a 4.0 to have as a spare for my 04 TJ. I picked up a good 115k mi. 4.0 block that was originally from a 99 XJ. I’m trying to find a head and found a 0331 “TUPY” head from a 04 TJ, would that head work? ** Side note: any guides or pointers would be...
  3. T

    Can a 1997-2002 rear window fit onto a 2003-2006 hardtop?

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the forums although I have been a Jeep owner for many, many years. I have a quick question if anybody is willing to answer. I have a 1997 TJ Sport with a 2003 - 2006 TJ hardtop (no vents). When I first bought it years ago, it had a rear window that had the rear...
  4. That03Tj

    Ticking during acceleration

    Hello all, Hello, I am new to these forums and to the jeep community and still trying to figure my way around these forums. Anyways, I have a massive headache about a random sound my 2003 Jeep wrangler 4.0 makes. I've owned this vehicle for 3 and half years now and it's been making a rattling...
  5. 6BU

    Impulsive purchase - zero regrets

    Hi all, About 6 weeks ago I drove past an Jeep CJ6 and couldnt take my eyes off it! After a little research I decided I wanted something similar, however with having zero mechanical knowledge I figured something a little newer would be a smarter option. 2 days after my CJ6 sighting I...
  6. ChadsTJ

    Modifying Rubicon Express Bushing Side to another Brand Joint?

    I currently have a Rubicon Express long arm on my '03 Rubicon. Rather than spend ridiculous amounts of money staying with a bushing setup I am wondering if it is possible to, or if anyone has cut off the bushing side, welded in a tube insert, and converted to another brand of joints.
  7. SanDiego.TJ

    My 2006 Rubi

    Just picked up this 2006 Jeep Rubicon with 88k miles. First ever jeep I’ve owned, first ever manual!
  8. PJinHouston

    My 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport caught fire

    Yesterday my Jeep caught fire under the hood ... I saw on the internet where this could be a common problem with Jeep Wranglers. My Wrangler is a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport RHD. It appears to me (my opinion) that something caught around the fuse/battery area under the hood.
  9. Jsubiono808

    Jeep TJ Lighting Issue

    Aloha, I'm currently having a lighting issue with my Jeep TJ. I have recently installed full metal fenders and replaced the turning signals with the small amber 3 wire round light. In doing this I had gotten rid of the side turning signal, leaving me with just the front turning signal/running...
  10. Immrrcruzz

    Weird noise after 30 MPH. 2004 jeep tj (rubicon)

    Hello Everyone! I need help diagnosing this noise that I hear when accelerating after 30 MPH. i made a voice note of the noise it is attached to this thread. in order to hear this noise i put my phone below the steering wheel towards the fire wall. no check engine light, jeep runs great, no...
  11. Carson.bub

    Speakers with good bass for front and rear of 2006 TJ

    @skrelnik what are some good speakers that have good bass that are an easy install that I can purchase from crutchfield that is low price and can hold me over till I get a sub ? I need them for the front and rear I prefer like stock sizes so I don’t have to do any cutting .
  12. J

    Scraping when pressing on gas/coasting

    Hey guys need some help. I have been hearing a “scraping” sound when pressing on the gas/accelerating. But this only happens when i’m going speeds 30+. And only scrapes when I push the gas pedal at a certain point (about 1/4th the way down). When it’s before or after there is no scraping. I...
  13. Winks42

    WTB: TJ ECCO wheels

    Well I bought my Tj without a spare and I’m getting some new tires so may as well get a wheel so I have a spare. Im looking for just one wheel if anyone has them laying around.
  14. LennartfromAustria

    How to diagnose no fuel in the injector rail on a 97 TJ 4.0

    Hello, my Jeep sat for about 16 years with no attendance what so ever. Last week I bought a new battery, checked the spark plugs and the cabels. Spark plugs are recieving power so the problem is not the ignitionn system. I wanted to empty the tank but it was empty, I remember filling it up last...
  15. oscaralexander

    Gas gauge not working soon after starting; A/C blower not working

    Hey, I replaced my PCM in order to resolve limp mode issues with my TCM and was hoping it would fix my gas gauge issue but it has not. My gas gauge will read normally on start but after a couple minutes driving it will read empty with the gas light. I have already tried replacing the...
  16. oscaralexander

    Arizona Any reliable Jeep mechanics in Phoenix area?

    Hey all, About 2 1/2 years ago I wrecked my 2006 4.0 automatic in a collision which left it with a broken motor mount, transfer case, front axle, fenders, and shocks. My parents, found this 2005 4.0 automatic near Yosemite which had a rollover in 2005 and was originally going to be...
  17. SunnietheJeep

    How to remove fenders that are stripped and rusted on my 98 Wrangler?

    I bought fenders to upgrade and ran into trouble removing the old ones. How do I get the Screwserts out now that they are mended together from rust? I cut the fenders off to have better access but ended up stripping them, any suggestions?
  18. JDRAM11

    Oregon Jeep TJ Flat Flares Barricade

    I have a set of used Barricade Flat flares from extreme terrain, I used them for 2 years, I cracked the front driver once, on a tree that jumped at me! Anyways, im in Hillsoboro OR. prob not worth shipping though, as they are so bulky.
  19. Zedd

    Your girl with your TJ

    Showing off both of your babes haha
  20. Zedd

    Do You Jeep Wave to JK's?

    I don’t unless they do it to me first. It’s a sign of respect😂 Was wondering if you guys did... It’s like being an elder mafia boss everyone else has to show respect before I give respect😂