1. RogerTheWrangler

    Replacement Hinge Liners / Bushings

    Is there any significant difference between getting TMR $60 delrin hinge liners or a $16 set on Amazon? I’m looking to replace mine before putting my doors back on.
  2. RogerTheWrangler

    Door issues

    Hey everyone! It’s that time of year for doors off. I’ve never taken my doors off and I think the previous owner of the Jeep didn’t either for the whole ownership. I have a 2013 jk. I have 2 issues: first I can unplug the driver/passenger electrical because it is different from the rear...
  3. S

    Battery issues?

    HELP: a couple days ago i was having issues with my starter. I replaced the starter and the alternator all together. Drove perfectly for one day, by the end of the night i try to start it up and the battery was dead. I check on it the next morning and all the gauges/dashboard lights are on. I...
  4. Byhumba

    SOLD 2013 JK Wheels in Great Shape

    4 wheels off a 2013 JK Jeep Wrangler. 17 x 7.5 inches. In great condition. One wheel has a small scratch. Please look at pictures. I work in the Riverside/Fontana area and can meet before or after work M-F.
  5. The Real Lxxtsy

    SOLD Jeep Jk rims

    5 jeep rims off 2017 JKU in good condition. 17x7.5 with offset of 44.45 Figured I post it here since some guys like to upgrade to JK rims Prefer local pickup Thanks
  6. Plumber1

    Need help with a JK

    Ok so I posted this question earlier today and got only one reply, now I know why some JK guys are here there is no action there 🤣 anyway this was my post Today at 11:07 AM my buddy just bought a 2015 Rubicon Hard Rock edition. It is currently on 33’s but he would like to up size to 35’s or...
  7. connor grimes

    California JK bestop bow assembly brand new

    hey guys, sorry if this isn't kosher to sell JK parts on the TJ forum i just dont have a JK and dont want to make a new membership. selling for my neighbor, brand new in box bestop JK bow assembly completely replaces all factory soft to hardware. sells for $700 new plus tax. He's looking to get...
  8. mynamesrickgrimes

    SOLD 2012 Wrangler JK Sport 29K Miles One Owner

    I've got my '99 Desert Sand Pearl TJ, but advertising here for sale my father in law's 2012 Wrangler JK as I'm not a member of the JK boards. It is a 6-speed manual with only 29K miles. Completely stock and garage kept, it is in pristine condition, both inside and out. Has never seen dirt...
  9. S

    TJ front coil springs on rear end

    Hey all. I have a full set of JK coil springs, and have been contemplating putting them on my TJ. I don’t know a lot about suspension, but I had a friend suggest to me the other day to put my current front coil springs on the rear end of my TJ, and replace the front coils with the JK front coil...
  10. S

    Jeep JK coil springs on TJ

    Hey everyone, This is my first post on this forum. I have seen some posts about JK coil springs on Tj's but I'm still a little bit confused. I don't have too much of a mechanical background with suspension systems, so please bear with my questions. I received a full set of JK coil springs...
  11. Ashton Keiffer

    South Carolina Custom 2010 2-Door Jeep Truck

    Professionally built 2 door Jeep Wrangler "Truck" for sale Built by GR8TOPS out of Lexington, SC as a 1 off prototype for the 2019 show year to display their new 1 piece JK half cab. It is based off a 2010 Jeep Wrangler JK with the following modifications & features. - GR8TOPS Single Piece...
  12. Fouledplugs

    This JK is the epitome of JK’s

    Whatcha think? Pretty nice mods huh? This sucker is off road ready! Lifted, aggressive tires, off road lights, and of course some Poison Spyder Parts.
  13. cclarke802

    I can't even...

    Warning content can cause spontaneous gastrointestinal issues. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm26u_EnWAT/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1d82wjycuwdr7
  14. Mason Canner

    Jk coils on a Tj?

    What's up everyone, I have jk coils for a 2.5 lift, do they fit on a Tj. If they do I would also end uop getting new shocks. - Thanks
  15. natsuki harvey

    JKUR suspension on a 2.4 L TJ

    hi i have a '04 TJ with a 2.4 liter and i need new springs and new shocks. initially i was going to get the new fox adventure or the new falcon but then came the cost of both of them and thats just for shocks... i few months ago i came across a facebook post that was about JKUR suspension...
  16. Fouledplugs

    Credit to Reddit. New JL Spy Shot

    Reddit had it first. Hood definitely looks taller, more engine options possibly? Doors and windshield looks different. Rake in the windshield is also looking more raked back. Mirror looks atrocious as well as the rubber seal around the driver's door window.