led headlights

  1. VanRubicon

    New led headlights, High beams won't turn off

    Hi! I’m new to the jeep world. Bought a 2004 Rubicon and am trying some relatively inexpensive upgrades, starting with new LED headlights. Amazon recommended the “Nuvision NVL-HL-001H” 7 inch Halo lights. Prior to doing any wiring for the DRL or blinker, it’s a simple plug in. Upon plugging in...
  2. W

    Dim LED turn signal when headlights are off

    2000 TJ with LED lights all around. When headlights are off, the side mar signals blink but the drivers side halo signal in the headlight is dim. When headlights are on, the halo signal is bright again, but the side markers turn off. The wiring is a mess from previous owner, so hoping someone...
  3. DjSoundScan

    Looking for similar headlights

    hey everyone, im looking for similar headlights that i had previously bought 5 years ago. if anyone knows where i can find a pair please let me know. these are the specs of these headlights: LED Headlight Features: Plug &Play, LED Ballast, LED Canbus Ready (Built-In) & H4/H13 Adapter Included...
  4. SavageLJ

    Nilight 20012H LED headlight install and test on my TJ

    Hello fellow jeep owners i just wanted to post a video about nilight 7 inch headlight might help some one decide to buy them. So far they have been a fantastic upgrade over the stock halogens Here is the link for the video Disclaimer: I paid full retail value for these headlight this not a...
  5. EventHorizon

    5 year TJ owner, new to the forum

  6. T

    FIXED FM Radio Interference from Halo LED Headlights

    I don't like to think of the amount of hours I spent trying to fix this. So maybe I can save someone else the trouble. I bought a pair of halo LED headlights off ebay fairly cheap. They were only like $50 , but far as I can tell these same headlights are sold everywhere for a range of prices. I...
  7. E

    SOLD JW Speaker 8700 EVO J-Series Dual Burn 7 headlights

    Decided to go a different route. These headlights are amazing. Haven't had a chance to do a comparison post as I have been super busy with work, but there are tons of reviews and videos out there for these. These are the EVO J-Series with the built in Flicker control as needed for the JK...
  8. 4x4Dan

    Need some help with LED turn signal wiring

    So on my TJ I have added LED tailights, side signal (changed to 3 wire), front signal and headlights. I had everything working until I added the 2 wire marker light in, ended up shorting something out accidentally and now my hazard lights, marker and signals are all dead. No constant 12v or...
  9. AOR

    Pro Comp LED Headlights

  10. Forty


    Has anyone purchased/installed headlights from lightwerkz out of Wixom, MI? My girlfriend purchased these LED's and the halos for Christmas and I know nothing of them other than they are Chines made.
  11. J


    I know the stock 7" round sealed beams are inadequate. What I didn't expect is that the very bad imported sealed beams available in the US these days are 100 times worse. The light is so scattered and unfocused that adjusting them is almost impossible, or at least pointless. I assume that one...
  12. Teddybear

    Replacing the factory off-road lights, what's the best out there?

    I want to replace the (2) factory offroad lights on the front of my TJ bumper. Ive seen all kinds of aftermarket out there. What is the best replacement? Fog? or Driving? LED or Bulb? and what brand? Please keep in mind im going to utilize my factory switch and they will be used as intended on...
  13. Frank

    driving lights or light bar???

    I have decided on new headlights and am now asking what you would recommend for either driving lights or a light bar. I am going LEDs but I see spot or flood in driving lights or should I get a 20 combo spot\flood led light bar? I have read the posts about them but I am wanting to know from...