1. dom.robles

    Lightbar suggestions

    I recently bought a 99 tj with my brother and the past few days we've been working to get into good shape for our purpose. The end goal is extended overland trips as well as leisurely offroading and plenty of night trips. I've been looking for the best option for us. We'd like to get a lightbar...
  2. TJh00ker

    Non-blinding headlight options?

    I’m wondering if anyone has had luck finding headlights that aren’t too bright. To each their own, but I live in Chicago and do not need super bright headlights. IMO, that’s why you get flood lights. I remember in the military they would put a strip of black tape/black paint horizontally in the...
  3. jazngab

    SOLD Trucklite knock off headlights $50

    Selling my Trucklite knock off LED headlights. These are the headlights that are ran on their TJs by many members on this forum. Here is the link to the thread: https://wranglertjforum.com/threads/replaced-headlights-with-truck-lite-knockoffs.6239/ Had them on my Jeep for less than a year. I...
  4. Paulo123

    Project Jeepito

    Hey guys! Picked this up a while back and it's been nothing but fun ever since. Of course it's a Jeep so I had to get my hands dirty fixing a couple things here and there but I think she cleaned up nicely! Here's what she's got: -6" longarm lift kit -Extended brake lines -Currie Enterprises 1...
  5. techster82

    FS: Vision X 4.7 CG2 LED Light Cannon Lights & Lens Covers (New in Box)

    For sale is a pair of Vision X 4.7" CG2 Multi-LED Light Cannons with clear flood lens covers. Both lights and covers are brand new in the package and unused. Details on these lights can be found here: CG2 Multi-LED Light Cannons $480 shipped to your door in the lower 48 for both lights and lens...
  6. T

    LED Headlights work one at a time

    I'm new to the world of Jeep Wranglers despite always wanting one, I've had an 02 Grand Cherokee Overland and my wife currently drives a 2015 Grand Cherokee Summit. I found a great looking 1997 Sport that I bought and love and with any vehicle I own the first thing I opted to do was upgrade the...
  7. Jorge Bolivar

    (SOLD) TJ/LJ LED OEM style Tail lights

    I have set of TJ/LJ LED OEM Style Tail Lights for sale. I do acquire the same from Quadratec and still on great shape and fully working. I does not have the relay that comes with them, if found before it get sold I will included. Looking to sale for $100.00 plus buyer covers the shipping.
  8. J

    2000 TJ Turn Signal Issues After LED Replacement

    Hello, first time here and I'm in need of some help. I recently got new LED headlights and taillights and it started hyper flashing right after. I was told by the shop that put them in that nothing could be done about it (obviously BS). After some googling and stalking facebook groups, I bought...
  9. PaveGuts

    Halo too bright on LED Xprite headlights

    I have recently installed xprite LED headlights - which are awesome - - but... the daytime driving light halo is a tad brite. I have both halo's running from the same power source - which is only powered when the engine is running. As to the brightness, I believe I have one of two choices...
  10. Sunder

    I fixed my aftermarket remote starter with old brake light bulbs!

    I fixed my aftermarket remote starter! How? I did it by changing my rear stop light bulbs from LED to incandescent. I’m an engineering genius. Ugh. I never used the remote starter all summer, but with winter coming, I thought I’d check it. (it’s a necessity here on certain days - thanks to my...
  11. ahumblesensei

    Headlight adjustment question

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to adjust the aim on my new LED headlights for my 03 Wrangler Sport and have been having some issues with the horizontal aiming screws. Every thread I've read talks about 2 screws. Mine has 3 screws. I've managed to figure out that the top one adjusts up and...
  12. Marc L

    Building and installing my own flush mounted LED tail lights

    Led Tail Light build and install A while back I researched LED tail lights. After seeing all the different options and prices I decided being a machine shop owner I would build my own. I wanted them to be as flush as possible so I found some LED lights (Red and White) that were low profile and...
  13. penk

    Replacing / repairing tail lights - Go LED?

    One of my turn indicator bulbs has blown, and while digging around for a replacement bulb, I'm seeing gobs and gobs of replacement lights, all LED. I'm considering replacing my rear lights with LED fixtures for red and backup (whole light blinks for turn, if I remember correctly). What do...
  14. cr0sh

    LED turn signals, brake lights, etc

    Ok, all - this weekend I decided to install a few things on my 2004 TJ - all LED based. I recently got new tires, and a Smittybilt SRC classic tire carrier rear bumper (plus a rim to hold one of my old tires so I now have a full-sized spare and not the dorky factory spare - I only say that...
  15. Marc L

    Will LED tail lights work with Towing rig?

    I am switching to LED tail lights and adding the heavy duty flasher relay the dash to prevent the hyper flash. My question is I tow my jeep behind my motor home. Will I need to change the flasher relays in the Motor home as well? Thanks in advance
  16. Marc L

    Tail light questions

    I have a machine shop and I want to make my own tail lights that are flush mounted. My question is what are your favorite style tail lights? Please post photos so I can get some ideas.I was thinking of maybe doing a combination of lights/backup lights. Thanks in advance!!
  17. M

    LED Light Bar Recommendation in 2017

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying a 30-inch light bar to mount on my JK's hood (I know, I know... this is a TJ forum), and wanted to get everyone's opinion on some options: 1. Rigid Adapt: Looks pretty cool and I like that they can change the beam pattern instantly. Looks kind of expensive...
  18. DjSoundScan

    Instrument cluster and HVAC Control unit LED swap

    Hey everyone, im looking to changed the cluster and HVAC control unit regular bulbs to blue led bulbs. does anyone know where i can find them? T5 pc74 for the cluster (is it a 194?) and #24 for the HVAC control unit. 2003 TJ no A/C
  19. C

    LED light bar windshield bracket installation help

    I have a 2000 Jeep Wrangler. I have been trying to install windshield brackets on it for the past month and can't get it to work. Have any ideas?
  20. Jorge Bolivar

    HVAC Slider LED Conversion

    I originally purchased the recommended NEO4-RHP. They are 1 mm small for the slider application. Let it go like that for some time until someone ask on the forum. Quickly get distracted from my main task to get this knock out and help a fella on need. 1) Removed the Slider assemble from Dash...