lift concerns

  1. Natedog444

    What else will I need for a 2.5" lift?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 2.5" Quadratec lift with the fox shocks and am planning to install it soon. I am aware that I will probably need an SYE and a CV rear driveshaft, but I am unsure of anything else I may need such as extended brake lines or new control arms. I currently have a 2"...
  2. Fox_Mccloud

    '03 Wrangler Front End Re-Build Questions

    Hey Guys, I recently bought an '03 Wrangler SE. I've already tackled a handful of things that need attention (calipers, pads, rotors) but most important is Death Wobble (confirmed, definitely Death Wobble). I've dug around a bit here and already found a litany of information, much appreciated...
  3. mcarthey

    Are these shocks going to be too long?

    I’m looking at the Rough Country 2.5” suspension coils and wanted to confirm they will also level. So the rep I spoke with said, yes, it levels the vehicle with a 1” rear and 2.5” front lift. Great. I want to add different shocks, so am going with a set of 4 Rancho RS5000 hydros which state...
  4. ThoroughlyWet

    Do I really need a lift?

    Somewhat recently I acquired a set of metric equivalent 30×9's for my stock 03, and they rock but I want to go bigger, 32 or 33×10's. The kicker is, I very much dislike lifts as they make vehicles look like RC cars, and I'm not gonna daily an RC car, no offense... I've read in other threads one...
  5. Forty

    Need to change my lift

    Hey all! Happy holidays and wheeling this time of year. I currently have the Rough Country 4 inch X series suspension lift, savvy inch and a quarter body lift, JKS adjustable rear track bar, BFG KO2 35’s, chrome moly axles, 4:56 gears front and back, brown dog 1” motor mounts and tummy tuck...
  6. Carsten737

    Rancho9000xl Lift Problem

    Howdy Yall, I’m new to posting to the Jeep forums while not to reading them ahah. I have a 1999 TJ 2.5l Manual, I am running 31 KO2’s with Rancho9000xl Shocks, RS999128 front and RS999240 rear. My dad and I put those shocks on when we got the Jeep about a year ago. We got it stock with 83k on it...
  7. Forty

    4” down to 2” lift

    Hey all I want to drop my suspension lift down from 4” to 2”. I currently have a 2 inch body lift and a 4 inch Rough Country suspension lift with adjustable control arms. It’s just too much for a few reasons soooo I was thinking of just dropping down to 2” springs, struts, and sway bar links...
  8. T

    3.5 inch lift recommendations

    Okay y'all i'm tired of a stock jeep its time to lift her. I'm thinking a 3.5 inch suspension lift with a 1 inch body but i might just do the suspension. I want to be as tall as possible without needing a long arm or messing up my jeep i think 3.5 would be the best. got any advice on complete...
  9. A

    Lift questions (please help me make up my mind)

    So I’m looking to lift my 2000 Sahara only looking for 2.5-3 of lift for my 32s. The most wheeling this Jeep will see is some light mountain trails that’s it. Mostly looking for a descent ride without breaking the bank too much. I was going to go with the Quadratec lift but after some research...
  10. T

    Whats your favorite lift?

    Hey y'all im in the market for a 3.5 inch suspension lift and I want to hear your view's and thoughts of different brands of lifts!
  11. Will’s TJ

    Questions about lifting and getting SYE and driveshaft

    I'm looking at getting the Zone 4.25" Combo lift for more clearance for my 33s, and the kit comes with a motor mount lift to avoid a transfer case drop. My question is, will I have problems/vibrations with the stock driveshaft while I save for an SYE and new driveshaft? Or should get everything...
  12. Will’s TJ

    Educate me on shocks

    Currently I have a 2” OME lift, and if I wanted to get 3” springs, the shocks would over extend, right? I also have a 1.25” body lift so I don’t want to go any higher with that. If I can’t use the OME shocks with taller springs, what’s a good combo of springs and shocks for a 3 or 3.5” lift?
  13. c_bronson

    Dilemma with Suspension Lift

    I've had my mind set for months now that I was going to get the Currie 4" Short Arm lift for my 1999 Jeep TJ Sahara. I already got and installed a 1.25 Savvy Body Lift and 1" MML. However, the guy I had do a custom roof rack (not on in the pictures) for my Jeep is a vendor for Metalcloak and...
  14. R

    Necessary Suspension Component Upgrades for Lift Kits

    I have a 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport and installed a 2" Pro Comp suspension lift kit. The lift came with no additional control arms or suspensions components of that sort to accommodate the lift. I did not think that those parts would be necessary considering it is only a 2" lift, however, I have...
  15. Maxbrownr8

    Keeping the same shocks when lifting?

    This is probably a stupid question, but I am learning everyday with my jeep... I installed a set of Bilstein 5100s to replace my stock height ride a few months ago and I have no complaints so far. I have some spare quarantine time these days and I would really like to lift the jeep. The shocks I...
  16. T

    2.5” lift kit recommendations

    Hey ya'll I want to lift my 1998 tj 2.5 I found this for a reasonable price because i'm on a budget I was wondering if any of ya'll have any recommendations or any advice. Also will it work with 31" tires? Thank you!!
  17. P

    Old Man Emu “A” and “B” Springs

    I recently put OME springs on my 2005 TJ and completed the 2” lift and got it aligned. I stumbled on a discussion on A and B side for the OME springs - of course after all done. No instructions in the box so I just did the swap. I crawled under and found the stickers and sure enough very small...
  18. 850TJ

    Lift for 31s? Need some guidance

    Hello everyone. First off if this is the wrong area to post I apologize. Anyways ! So back in May of last year I convinced my parents neighbors to sell me their 04 TJ. They are an old couple and had this thing sitting in their garage and had driven it every now and then for the last 4 years...
  19. vito2772

    Requirements for running 33s on a 99 TJ?

    Hey guys, First time poster, long time lurker. Back in December I purchased my first vehicle, a 1999 Wrangler TJ Sport with 29K original miles completely bone stock with a couple of factory options. As many of you already know, I am already dreaming of some of the modifications I want to do...
  20. m1gu3l

    Zone 3” lift kit on ‘00 TJ SE questions

    Hi everyone! this is my first post here and I posted this question on Reddit, but looks like this is a friendlier and more knowledgeable crowd. I have a few questions before I start working on installing the zone 3” lift kit on my TJ this weekend. This kit seems pretty complete, has anyone...