lift concerns

  1. Wyatt coto

    Jeep is sluggish need help diagnoseing problem

    Not sure what’s going on possible transfer case or transmission Jeep has 132,xxx miles and I recently installed a 3” lift and 31.5” mud terrains and it ran fun for a couple of months with mild off roading here and there. I was driving for about 30 min at around 70 and then traffic became to a...
  2. T

    Jeep TJ engine options

    After test driving a 97 tj se with the 2.5 4 cyl, im not sure if i should opt for the 4.0. The 4 cyl did not seem too bad on power, but i cant exactly compare to the 4.0 as i have never driven one, and dont know if the 2.4 would be worth it over the 2.5. Are the other upgrades to the sport (what...
  3. cclarke802

    03 TJ tire advice

    I have an 03 Sahara with the stock 15" aluminum wheels, I have installed a 2" suspension lift (I'm in Florida lets be honest we don't have any big rocks) what size tires can I get on my stock rims anyone have any experience with something similar?
  4. B

    Lift concerns

    Hey guys, first time post.. I've recently noticed my rear shocks are toast. Looked at getting 4 new nitro shocks, which are expensive so I started looking at lift kits. Kill two birds with one stone, right? Now my question is: whether or not I go with a 2" or 3.25" lift, will this require me to...