lift kit

  1. J

    Shocks / suspension lift

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and new to Jeeps. I just finished an Overlander build on a 1999 Ford Expedition and thought it would be fun to make a rock crawler so I picked up a 1998 Jeep Wrangler that's pretty much stock. One thing I never messed with on my truck was a lift kit just...
  2. C

    What lift for 33s?

    I am new to The Jeep community and just picked up a 2006 Rubicon Dana 44 front and rear. It is stock besides a new front bumper with a winch. I'm not sure what lift to choose I think 3in. will be fine. But I want to stay far away from rough county or any suspension that has rough in the name. I...
  3. C

    2005 Wrangler TJ 4.0 Suspension Replacement

    Good afternoon All! I need to replace the shocks on my Jeep. It is old; it was not maintained; and the roads on St Thomas are rough. I need new shocks, and could probably replace other suspension components. But really, I plan on putting a 2.5" lift on it too. Shipping is hard here, so I...
  4. Andrés Uribe

    Rubicon TJ 3 inches lift kit vibrations at 50 milles / hour

    Hi Sirs, I have recently installed in my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon TJ 2006 (automatic transmission) 3 inches Lift kit: Teraflex lift Kit 3 inches with quick disconnects, falcon shocks, Teraflex Front Adjustable Track bar, Teraflex Steering Stabilizer. I am currently facing two issues 1. When Jeep...
  5. jarhead8086

    Kentucky 3.5 Rubicon Express Lift

    Includes: Coils Springs Twin Tube Shocks Sway Bar End Links Rear shock bolts have tears in bottom of boot but both are in great working order.
  6. Mike_in_Riga

    Where to buy Savvy / Currie 4 inch lift?

    Hello Forum Members, I am shopping around for a Savvy / Currie 4 inch lift kit for my TJ, and am not quite sure what's the best place to get it. I know there is a thread about Savvy going out of business or changing owners, but could not quite get whether they are not shipping any products at...
  7. O

    31" tires on a TJ: do I need a lift?

    Hi all, I bought a 2004 Wrangler Sahara about 2 years ago and the tire tread has really worn down. I'm looking to replace these with Falken Wildpeak A/T3W. The Jeep currently has mud tires on them, measuring 31X10.50R15LT. I've been reading a few forum posts and most people recommend getting...
  8. J

    Can't tell if TJ is lifted or not (bought used)

    So this is the rear number wasn’t sure if that “spacer” was a body lift or not. This is on the driver side. Also wasn’t sure if this was part of a body lift kit. The radiator doesn’t have the drop bracket though. I appreciate any help I can get.
  9. GrandpaJeepTJ

    Diagnosing TJ after 2.5 inch Rancho lift kit install

    A couple years back, my dad and I decided we wanted bigger tires for that meaner, rugged look, as I think most novice jeep TJ owners eventually decide to do. We haven’t done any off roading yet but would like to find trails in Wisconsin and the Midwest this summer. So, we decided to have a...
  10. 6zbeast

    Alignment issues and vibration after 4 inch lift

    Hey Everyone, I’m new to this forum but have had my 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport since it was 1 year old. I finally had enough extra cash to put a 4” lift on it with my dream wheels and tires (20” Fuel Assault w/33” Patagonia Milestar M/T. I got it back yesterday but the alignment is so bad the...
  11. BeatArmy18

    Wanting new suspension on top of 2.5 inch body lift

    Hello all, Have a ‘97 TJ, 135k miles that’s been in the family since new. Older brother put a 2.5” body lift on it in the early 2000’s. Now it’s mine, and I want to put new suspension, coils and shocks. What’s my best move here? Would like a Fox, Metalcloak- type kit. If I do a 2.5” suspension...
  12. RyanMkTJ

    Opinions and experience with suspension spacer lifts

    Hey all, I’m thinking about doing a 1.5inch suspension spacer lift on my 98 TJ. I’m currently running 31’s on stock suspension. What have been your experiences with spacer lifts? Pros and cons? I’m wanting to go that route and not a full suspension lift for cost reason.
  13. Photocycler

    Oregon OME and Rancho Lift Kit

    Brand new old man emu 1.5 lift kit with Rancho 5000x shocks. Includes OME springs, Rancho 5000x bump stops, 10mm front and rear shock spacers, rear track bar relocation kit.
  14. thrasherbb

    Where can I find a 2.5 OME lift kit?

    Thanks to the advice and information of some of the members of this forum, I've been looking into an Old Man Emu 2.5 inch lift kit. And I can't seem to find the kit I'm looking for anywhere
  15. S

    Newb needs lift kit, wheel, and tire recommendations

    Loaded question I know but I have a 2006 TJ X (two door, maybe that's a given, I'm a newb). Mostly on-road driving, maybe 0-2 times a year light off roading opportunities. Nothing super aggressive - maybe 2.5 inch lift or less, and 31 inch tires? Looking for some straight forward...
  16. JTR

    Best lift kit brand and height (poll)

    I've spent a lot of time online reading many different post. I've heard rough country sucks but they have great reviews online. I heard that OME is fantastic but find a lot of people Consider them fanboyish. So the point of this is to find the over all best suspension brand for when I buy...
  17. jmess

    Simple 2" Lift for Mall Crawler

    Hi Forum. I recently picked up a 2206 jeep wrangler tj x off of a grandpa with only 70k miles ):). I want to keep it pretty close to stock and use it for around-town driving. It's similar to my other one with the I6, 3speed auto, and 3.73 gears. The Person who has it before put on a body lift...
  18. Collierh2017

    Seeking Opinions On Cheap Spring Lift Spacers

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and would like your opinions on lifting my stock Wrangler TJ Sport 4.0 5spd. I bought it from my Grandfather(1st owner)last summer and love it so far, but it has low ground clearance so it scrapes all the time. I'm low on money because I'm going to school full...
  19. 97_TJ

    SOLD 1997-2006 Jeep TJ Metalcloak 4.5" Lift Springs #7267

    Installed 3/13/2020 and Removed 9/11/2020. 1,630 miles of use - mostly highway and about 40 miles of mild trail use. I am trying to get rid of these because I did not need the amount of lift that they provided. They rode fantastically, but were too tall for my liking. I do not need these...
  20. Tailgunner

    Returning a lifted TJ to stock height

    I have a 2006 TJ with a 3" lift kit and I want to return it back to standard height (I use a wheelchair). Anyone have the parts to return it back to standard height? I can either switch lift kits or buy your parts to bring it back to standard part.