1. J

    Shocks / suspension lift

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and new to Jeeps. I just finished an Overlander build on a 1999 Ford Expedition and thought it would be fun to make a rock crawler so I picked up a 1998 Jeep Wrangler that's pretty much stock. One thing I never messed with on my truck was a lift kit just...
  2. A

    Old man emu help

    Hi there Went to arb today and showed my jeep l, told the guy I will ad the arb swing away rear bumper and don’t want to lose clearance so I’ll buy a complete new system from ome (coil spring heavy loads etc ). The reason is I bought the jeep with the lift already on and need replacement, he...
  3. I

    What is needed to get to this safely and reliably?

    From bone stock to this, what does it take besides lift kit, wheels/tires, & aftermarket fenders? Any cost estimation for everything? Not worried about the interior or anything. Just want her to be tall and pretty (and reliable). NEW TO THE JEEP WORLD. Don’t have one yet but really want one...
  4. JeepGirl1013

    Alignment question

    Ok so I am doing the ZJ steering upgrade this week. I managed to get ball joints replaced and the rest of my parts should be in tomorrow. I'm going to do the alignment this weekend - I have 2" lift - do I still to the alignment to 2001 TJ specs? Or what gets changes with the lift? Or do I use ZJ...
  5. JeepGirl1013

    Purchased my first TJ

    I just purchased my first TJ and it’s frame Is in GREAT shape. No rust anywhere. It’s a great project car. I drove to AR to pick her up. She has a rebuilt motor and seems to have been kept up for the most part. I bought her from an elderly gentleman who says he’s basically just started her...
  6. Lorado

    Best affordable shocks for 2.5-3" lift?

    Hi, first time TJ owner and learning as I go so I apologize if this has already been covered but what are the best riding affordable shocks for a 2.5-3" lift? I've been told ranchos, Bilstein (upper end of my budget) and even just hydro shocks. Going to be used 90% on highway with BFG At's. Has...
  7. GVMotoring

    2.5 inch lift with all proper supporting mods, still get vibrations on acceleration

    Hey friends! Hope all are well out there! My 2000 Wrangler sport got fitted with a 2.5 inch lift kit with Fox shocks. I bought adjustable rear upper and lower control arms, in addition to adjustable front and rear track bars hoping that I wouldn't get vibrations. The vibrations persisted and...
  8. J

    Help determining my what lift my Jeep has

    Evening everyone, I have a 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ. I have to replace the front sway bar links but I don’t know what lift the previous owner installed. Attached are some pictures with measurements if anyone can help determine what lift I have from them. Appreciate the help thank you
  9. jmljmljml

    SOLD 2004 TJ Rubicon

    Only 74,688 miles on it, no rust, and is in all around good shape. More detailed photos upon request. Specs and Aftermarket Parts: -5 Speed Manual transmission -Hurst short shifter -Front and rear locking differential dana 44 -Delta headlights -2.5" Old Man Emu Lift OME -Gobi Roof Rack with 2...
  10. Liro

    Lowering Transfer Case

    I'm looking for temporary solutions to reducing vibrations of the 4" lift of my 1997 TJ. I believe it is a 4" rough country lift kit with probably 1" body lift and 3" suspension lift. Would I be able to drop the transfer case more than an inch? I was imagining that the vibrations would reduce...
  11. T

    Suspension upgrade advice

    So I'm looking to replace my suspension. I bought the jeep 2 years ago its a 97 (later year release) and pretty much stock. I don't think the suspension has ever been changed and it's in need of a refresh. I've done some digging around and I'm thinking about going with the Rancho shocks and...
  12. HaydukeLives!

    Colorado Front 1.5" Leveling Spacers - Steel - Brand New - TJ/LJ - Just pay Shipping

    Bezos refunded this purchase and told me to keep the spacers so if anyone needs/wants them, just pay for shipping (please make sure to overpay slightly so it's all covered.....I've been dinged with shipping charges sooooooo many times) and I'll get them out to you ASAP with instructions...
  13. R

    3 1/4 lift with 32s and stock rims

    Would my tires rub with the stock rims(rims are painted) on 32’s if I add a 3 1/4 life (springs and shocks), body lifts are kinda out of the picture it’s got an automatic transmission and is my daily driver with the six cylinder, Dana 44 rear and 3.73 gearing.
  14. GoldiRocks

    Pulling to right on deceleration

    Hi all! Bought a TJ a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping someone might be able to give me a pointer on where to start with this odd steering behavior. I'm finding that when taking my foot off the gas, that the jeep wants to make a sudden dive to the right. The higher in the rpm range, the...
  15. D

    2.5 or 3 inch springs for LJ?

    I have a stock LJ that I want to do a mild lift on to put 33x12.5 tires 15x10 Mickey Thompson classic II wheels. I will mainly be using this Jeep to ride dirt roads, the beach, and around town so I need it to ride good. I’m looking to get JKS front and rear track bars, JKS sway bar disconnects...
  16. thrasherbb

    Need help installing Zone 4 inch lift

    My friend and I began putting a Zone 4 inch lift on my Jeep TJ today. We spent the day cutting bolts and trying to get stubborn nuts off. Using the instructions that zone provided for me I removed my control arms and began trying to remove the old springs and install the new ones. Well I guess...
  17. mateocubillos

    What else should I replace after 2 in suspension lift?

    I finally got around to lifting my jeep, bought 2 inch BDS coils front and back, rancho 5000sx shocks and OME trackbar relocation bracket. Is there anything else I should change? I don’t offroad much at all, I plan to put 265’s on 16 eventually, on 30’s rn After installation i feel a little...
  18. LearningAsIGo

    Forced into lifting my TJ

  19. 6zbeast

    Alignment issues and vibration after 4 inch lift

    Hey Everyone, I’m new to this forum but have had my 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport since it was 1 year old. I finally had enough extra cash to put a 4” lift on it with my dream wheels and tires (20” Fuel Assault w/33” Patagonia Milestar M/T. I got it back yesterday but the alignment is so bad the...
  20. Y

    Lower suspension options and advice for 06 TJ

    Hey all — PO put a 4" skyjacker lift on with 33" tires. Planning to downsize in tire size to 31 and would like to remove the low quality lift. I have a few options... 1. My local jeep guy has an OEM 06' LJ Rubicon full suspension package out of another vehicle. I currently have a full Currie...