1. A

    Head light switch

    ***1998 jeep wrangler sport, 4.0L. U.S. manufactured so no DRL module, headlight switch is the pull left of the steering column. Not the twist like in the 2000 and up*** So trying to diagnose a problem with my headlights. I’ve tracked the issue back to where I think the problem is. When I hot...
  2. K

    Lights issue

    Hello everyone, I just got my first tj (1998) on Friday last week when I got it the headlights were finicky they would sometimes go on first try and sometimes it would take quite a few try’s but once they were on all the other lights would work (dash lights, reverse lights/ taillights) so I...
  3. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Low profile light bar, light mounts?

    I’m gonna be honest I’ve got no idea what to call them because they aren’t really light bars but they are bars to mount overhead lights too, like KCs Xcross light bar with individual lights. The issue I’m having is the KC is way too expensive but the alternatives sit really high up and I’m...
  4. SolarYellowshortbuss

    New to me overhead lights

    Just got some over head lights for free and I’m curious what you guys think I’m kinda mixed I think they’re older KCs (I’m sorry for the wicked glare in the window I didn’t notice it until I decided to upload the picture and again I’m sorry if this is the wrong thread I’m still trying to get a...
  5. V

    Taking the windshield down with KC Xcross light bar

    I’ve been eyeing a KC lightbar for a good bit now but I’m not sure if there’s anyway I can still take my windshield down with them on. Does anyone have any experience with them on there TJs that could help me out?
  6. mateocubillos

    Switchback LED problem

    I have an 05 sport, I ordered these switchback lights because guy in the phone said they’d work (obviously didn’t) Switchback LED turn signal When I called back a different guy said it’s because the rubicons come stock with a different circuit that allows a separate DRL for the LED in a dual...
  7. freedom_in_4low

    Oklahoma Hella halogen driving lights

    Hella halogen driving lights. I think they're the "500" series? They mount where the fog lights go and have 05-06 fog light connectors on them but they're not a fog pattern which is why they're not on my LJ anymore.
  8. Tinker TJ

    TJ back up light mod

    Here it is folks, have you ever found yourself wishing for better back up lights? Well here is my answer for that problem. Check it out and see what you think about it.
  9. ndaddy

    Bulb size for HVAC controls 06 TJ

    howdy all, i noticed the light was out on the left side of my HVAC controls so im trying to change it. Not really sure how this works. Pic attached is a tiny bulb (PC74); the replacements look like they're supposed to replace the tiny bulb and not the whole apparatus. How do I remove the tiny...
  10. KingCarGuyZ

    SOLD Headlights and LED anti-flicker harness.

    Stock “Wagner” sealed beam halogens and Sunpie LED anti-flicker harness. Free to a good home, Willing to ship on your dime, they would probably fit in a Med. flat-rate box. I think I also have a set of stock chrome trim rings if someone needs those to. upgraded to LED’s and no-longer need...
  11. grantcolton

    Interior lights won't turn off after replacing headlights

    03 Wrangler Rubi - this morning I replaced my headlights with replacement halogens and now my interior lights won’t turn off. I’ve checked the turn signal switch stalk and no matter what position, the lights stay on. Both doors are closed and I know the door switches are good because the...
  12. Mr Valmonty

    Wiring diagram for Japanese 1999 TJ Wrangler

    Hey guys. Relatively new here. I got a tidy 1999 Japanese import TJ a few months ago. I really enjoy it - except the electronics are very dated. I have a radio, speakers, amp and sub ready to install. I also have a set of LED front headlights ready to go. Rear lights will be here soon...
  13. Jrc4055

    Corner light not working

    So I'm starting my first repair on the Jeep, and of course it would be an electrical issue ...wonderful... Anywho, I've learned how to read wiring diagrams, so that's cool. Let's see if Im doing it right: My left fender corner bulb does not turn on for anything. I know that the bulb...
  14. Mora

    How do I change / fix the lights on fender?

    Noticed last night that one of the lights on my fender is out/just super dim. Anyone know the steps to replacing it at all? (First photo is the working one, second photo is the dim one)
  15. E

    New York IPF 6” A pillar Lights

    For sale these 6”(actual measurement is 6.5”) IPF halogen light assemblies that were one my Jeep when I got it. These things are bright, but they’re a driver style beam. Lens is clear and not cracked. The rear is faded a bit, but intact. will make a perfect set of bumper lights. Upgrading to...
  16. J

    Wrangler TJ Turn Signal/Hazard

    Have a 02 4.0 Wrangler Sahara TJ. Up until recently turn signals hazards were working fine. Now the right turn signal isn't working, nor does it work with the hazard lights on. All other lights work and they haven't been upgraded. The front rectangular light will light up when the headlights are...
  17. Nickgsjeep

    SOLD Jeep Factory Fog Lights

    Mopar factory jeep TJ fog lights. Lights are working. Including wire harness and switch. Shipping negotiable.
  18. Zedd

    SOLD Light bar with lights

    It was on the jeep when I bought it and I like a stock TJ look so I took it off. I’m moving and I just want it gone so make me an offer :) I’m open shipping it
  19. rmoseley

    Texas Soft Top's

    I Just purchased a 2000 Wrangler Sahara TJ and was wondering about installing a soft top. Looking for Ideas/experience. Is one brand better and why? I need to get busy upgrading this jeep. Here are some upcoming up-grades in no special order: Lights Radio Soft top Speakers Thanks in...
  20. GoGeo

    99 TJ brake lights always on bright when lights on

    Did a search and could not find anything.... Lights off, brake lights work fine. Lights on, third brake light goes on. Step on brake pedal and brake lights do not become brighter. It seems to me that brake lights are always on the bright position/third light also stays on...