1. Krazyman61

    How to use the stock rubicon lock switch and independently control front and rear lockers while keeping switch illumination and indicator light.

    I know this thread is old, but figured this may help you and other people out in the future. I managed to find a way to retain the factory locker switch to independently control front and rear lockers, while maintaining illumination and the indicator light. I managed to do this by using a...
  2. sunnysideup_lj

    SOLD Detroit Locker

    Low miles. Works as it should. Detroit Locker. 3.73 and down. 30 spline. Part# 187SL16D Bearings included. Willing to split shipping with buyer. *Gears not included.
  3. jkosten

    2002 commuter re-gear / build question

    Hello all, I have been looking through the forums to help guide my regearing decision and I want confirm some thoughts. I drive 4 miles to work and 1 mile to my son's school all in town under 35mph, and this is my 4th vehicle, not exactly my daily driver but better for short in town trips vs...
  4. KingCarGuyZ

    RD31 ARB locker install help (backlash)

    Alright, I'm not going to lie. I'm probably in over my head at this point and I should probably hire a professional - but where's the fun in that? So despite my better judgment I'm determined to install this myself. That being said I could use some help from anyone that is familiar with gears/...
  5. LakeBeard

    SOLD Rubicon rear axle

    I have a Rubicon rear axle with 5.13 gears and (5) 35"x12.5 on 15" steelies. asking 2500 or best offer/trade. I'm in North Orange County. I can drop of it somewhat local. I'll get better pics.
  6. Jackson S

    35s on a dana 30

    so i want to put 35s on my jeep. and i dont think they sell dana 44 axels in australia and if they do they are unbelievably rare or just in bad condition. so whats the minimum things i need on the 30 to be able to run 35s (lift, diffs, shafts etc...) moral of the story, getting a dana 44 isnt an...
  7. MikeE024

    SOLD TJ Rubicon OEM Air Lockers (Front/Rear)

    Front and Rear OEM TJ Rubicon Air Lockers in good working condition. Pulled from my 2005 Rubicon during the re-gear. $400 $340 (each) includes free shipping to the 48 US continental states. Front Rear Thanks for looking. - Michael
  8. Bufante

    Iowa ARB Locker for Sale for Dana 44

    See this thread for info: 500 obo. Would prefer in person (Iowa), but willing to ship on your dime.
  9. freedom_in_4low

    LockRight doesn't line up with manufacturer specifications

    When assembled, it won't unlock. The install manual says there needs to be .005-020" clearance between the spacers and the cross pin. I have 0.010" - so it's safely within the range and even on the lower third. Once assembled, it says there needs to be 0.154-170" between the drivers...
  10. ShaneMK

    What brand of lunchbox locker is this?

    My TJ isn’t original to me. I’m rebuilding the diff and it had a lunchbox locker and I was just trying to identify what brand it was so I could contact them to order new springs. The ratcheting gears all appear in great condition, little to no wear but a few of the springs look like they...
  11. Jeep 541X

    SOLD NIB Eaton Dana 30 ELocker

    For sale, NIB, Eaton ELocker 19818-010 Performance ELocker for 27-Spline Dana 30 with 3.73 and Numerically Higher Gear Ratio.
  12. chaz.t0

    Axle Upgrade And Locker Advice

    Hi all, am new here. Have owned my TJ for about 8 months now and have just started to build it up. I am looking at regear/lockers next. I have read a million different things and found so many different opinions online, so figured I'd state my specific case here for some specific help... I run...
  13. mrfourpointo

    Prepping axle for swap

    I have a Dana 44 that I'll be swapping into the rear of my 2004. I am going to degrease, sand (3M bristle discs on an angle grinder), self etching primer, then rattle can for easy touch ups. But, what are my steps in prepping for everything else? Here are the other items that will be addressed...
  14. davemayn13

    SOLD Eaton E-locker for Dana 60 4.56 & up gears 35 Spline

    For anyone running a dana 60, I've got a new open box Eaton Elocker. Got a loaded 60 axle for mine that already had a locker. Eaton Part number 14023-010 $925 shipped in the CONUS
  15. Cayenne Crawler

    Need help with bent Dana 35

    Hello, I am new to the Jeep world having bought my first jeep in August last year. I love driving it and use it any chance i get being its not my daily driver. But like most i get the urge to mod and upgrade it. So, with that being said I have have wanted to change the gear ratio since i have...
  16. THESpottedSeaBass

    What are the pros and cons of running a locker in your daily driver?

    What are the pros and cons of running a locker in your daily? I was looking into a USA Standard Spartan Locker for Dana 30 Differential. I've never run anything like this so any info would be great.
  17. RangerRick

    SOLD TJ/LJ builder parts for sale So CA axles, armor & more

    I will have the following parts for sale: Shipping is not included in the prices unfortunately most Jeep parts are very bulky & heavy. Pickup price is what I have listed. All prices are O.B.O. with a reasonable offer starting price. Please don't insult me with a low-ball because low-ball offers...
  18. RiJeeper

    Re-gearing axles: What ratio should I go with

    Hi everyone, I’ve had 35” tires with stock 3.73 gears for like 2 years now and I’m putting in a front locker and a rear 8.8, and I figure that now would be the time to re gear, 3.73s currently suck on 35s i hardly ever even get into 5th gear. What gear ratio should I run on 35” mud tires, 4.0...
  19. Speny999

    New Eaton E-Locker Design

    I'm looking for a locker for my open diff TJ so I was looking at the eaton website for their elocker and noticed that there seems to be a new design that works more like an ARB or OX. I don't like the design that uses the rotation of the carrier, I wheel a lot in the snow and with a manual so I...
  20. T

    Dana 44 No Slip by Powertrax locker $200

    Powertrax No-Slip Traction Systems Lunchbox locker for Dana 44 w/ traclok carrier I just pulled this from the rear axle to install a selectable. It is a low mileage unit in great shape. Edges are clean with no noticeable wear. See pictures for condition. Carrier available but no longer...