loss of acceleration

  1. Zach O'Neill

    Stalling when at running temp

    Hi all, firstly apologies as I've posted about this issue a couple times and in different places but im still having issues and in need of some advice, and am hoping that by posting again it might gain a few new eyes and some new interest. I recently picked up an 04 TJ 4L with the 42rle auto...
  2. TeflonTrout

    Need help diagnosing a loss of power problem

    So I recently had a major loss of power in my 04 TJ 4.0L Manual transmission. Pulling out is difficult and accelerating is super slow. I recently cleaned my throttle body, changed spark plugs, changed my MAP sensor (had a Mass Air Flow OBDII code) and I also fixed an exhaust leak a few months...
  3. lrb6805

    CEL Throwing Codes and Start Issue

    Hey Guys, My jeep is having starting issues, hopefully someone here has had a similar issue or can offer some solutions. I last drove my jeep ('06 LJ, 81K miles) on Friday when I parked it at a buddy's place to go out of town for the weekend. Came back a few hours ago, hopped in my jeep and...