1. LJDC

    ARB twin compressor (or smaller)?

    I’m planning to add an ARB compressor, for (yet-to-be-installed) lockers and for airing up. (I don’t and won’t own air tools.) Is the twin just a matter of convenience, or is there a functional difference that I should care about? I can mount the single on the driver’s side of the engine...
  2. Feralkid

    SOLD UCF low pro mount

    UCF LOW PRO MOUNT New $85 shipped
  3. Claybrick5

    Has anyone every replaced the rear cross sill on a TJ?

    Has anyone every replaced the rear cross sill for TJ? My rear most body mounts (Position 6) have rusted through the underside of the tub and are no longer doing anything besides rattling like crazy. Looking for suggestions on fixes besides trying to figure out installation of this new rear...
  4. Kyle_W

    1" JKS Motor Mount Lift

    I no longer need my 1" motor mount lift. So, alas, on the classified's it goes! Those motor mounts in the pictures (my original motor mounts) were accidentally modified per the JKS MML instructions for a 4 cylinder TJ. I just didn't know that our 6 cylinder motor mounts didn't need to be...
  5. penk

    Mirrors - replace or repair?

    Hey folks. I have a set of OEM mirrors, since during the summer I use a set of rock doors. These mirrors look fine, but they no longer clamp in place, and will drift backwards at highway speeds. The secondary problem is in the winter, when I have my full doors on, the doors hit them and push...
  6. Shwane

    CB antenna I.D.

    So I have this antenna stub on the rear of my jeep from the previous owner. I'm wanting to install a CB radio in my jeep and I would like to use an existing antenna mount. Can anyone identify what type of antenna this mount is for? I brought it to an audio big box store but they were no help...
  7. Giavanna

    Flag mount for tj?

    Hi my name is Giavanna, and Ive had my 2000 Wrangler for almost 6 years now. I am new to the forum and I have a question for anyone who is willing to help! Has anyone figured out how to mount a large flag where the spare tire is? All i can see online is for JK. It is quite frustrating. Either...
  8. Chris

    Arizona Rocky Road CB Radio Mount

    I've been weighing my options for a while in regards to CB radio mounts for my Wrangler TJ. First and foremost I was looking for an option that didn't require any cutting or drilling. I know that to some people that seems stupid, but I never like to drill holes or cut things unless absolutely...