1. thunderdriver007

    NV3550 fluid change (is it full?)

    I couldn't find anyone specifically talking about this, although I've read many threads on the forum and they've been hugely useful - so thanks to everyone here. I changed the transmission fluid in my TJ today ('03 with manual NV3550). I used the Redline MTL 75W80 as suggested here. Using a...
  2. Firecaige

    Would a NV3550 from a Liberty fit on a 99 TJ 4.0?

    So I have thought long and hard about the swap but I was wondering if I could just use the nv3550 from the liberty sport or if it would have to be from a wrangler. I really want to know because the price difference is insane.
  3. K

    2000 Wrangler NV3550 Needle Bearing Kit

    Does anyone know where to get a Needle Bearing Kit for a 2000 Wrangler NV3550? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find one. Thanks!
  4. N

    Does any have the part number for the flywheel on a 2001 TJ 4.0?

    Does any have the part number for the flywheel on a 2001 TJ 4.0. My NV3550 is starting to act up along with the clutch. I took it to a shop and they want to install the Rockland Terminator transmission and new OEM clutch and flywheel. They want $1600 for clutch and flywheel alone and told me...
  5. cehernandez

    Having a hard time finding NV3550 transmission rebuild parts

    I have been having a hard time finding the proper parts for my transmission. I believe I have the nv3550. I Know I at least need a gear cluster. do you guys know of any trustworthy place i can buy my parts?
  6. Hammer_c

    SOLD Complete 2000 TJ Sport 4.0 drivetrain and other parts (117,000 miles)

    Hello everybody, I'll be parting out my drivetrain on my 2000 TJ since i'm doing a Hemi Swap. I am the 2nd owner from 2007 and 62,000 miles. I'll be selling everything associated with the 4.0. Everything works greats (AC compressor, Alternator, cruise, etc) and it's a strong running motor. I'd...
  7. robo512

    NV3550 Grinding Noise at high speeds without load

    Hello all, I recently tore apart my NV3550 and replaced all of the synchros. I checked all of the bearings and determined that they were all good, so I did not replace them. I am confident that the transmission was assembled correctly, and everything felt smooth and solid after going back...
  8. G

    NV3550 inner shift boot retrofit with older boot

    Hi all, I have a 04' TJ with the 5 speed. Like others my inner shift boot was destroyed, and the OEM ones were $150+. This was too hard to swallow for me so I decided to 3D print an adapter ring from the 52109771AA boot used on 2003&04 TJs to the older boot used on the AX15/5 jeeps (OMIX...
  9. XCRN

    SOLD Jeep NV3550 to LS Swap Setup

    I have for sale a Jeep NV3550 manual 5-speed transmission adapted to a LS. This is currently in my running and driving LS swapped Jeep TJ Wrangler and have driven it all summer with no issues. Only selling since I am going a different route. This will include the following: Transmission...
  10. headed2theriver

    NV3550 shifting issue after Detroit TrueTrac and re-gear

    Hi All, Long time searcher, lurker, fan of Jerry... First time poster. After reading just about every Nv3550 post on this forum (there's a LOT... and all very helpful) I'm facing a weird issue. I have a 2001 TJ and have rigorously maintained the NV3550 with Redline MTL over it's lifetime...
  11. Reece Dowling

    What is the best synchro for NV3550 gearbox

    Hey guys I’ve got some problems with my synchros for first second and third gears and I’m looking to replace them. I’m from Australia and will most likely be getting them shipped from US, I know a lot of people have had problems with their synchros and I’m just wondering if any would be able to...
  12. inkedrose

    Squealing Transmission

    Have a really bad metal on metal noise coming from my transmission. NV3550, 5 speed manual in a 2000, 4.0, 95k miles on motor. Motor was swapped at some point so who knows how many miles on tranny. Did a fluid change about 4k miles ago with MTL. Pulled drain plug and refilled, didn't pull...
  13. KieranHurley

    NV3550 issues

    Hey everyone. I purchased a 98 4.0L TJ with a NV3550 transmission around 2 weeks ago. It was good for a few days but recently I’ve been having problems getting into gear. Changed the transmission fluid with redline MTL a couple days ago and replaced the master and slave cylinder a few days ago...
  14. crice

    Jeep TJ SRT4 build

    Alright I’m ready to lose my mind reading threads that never get answered lol. I’m going to be turboing my 04 SE 2.4 after I found it it’s the same motor in the Neon SRT4. This will be somewhat of a build thread and somewhat of a question thread. I’ve already bought a exhaust and intake...
  15. J.L

    Ax15 or nv3550

    je got both transmission wich one is the best for doing a diesel swap
  16. D

    Florida Looking for TJ NV3550 Trans.

    Searching for a NV3550 transmission to be shipped to Central Florida, or picked up if Local. Name your price,location, trans condition, miles , etc. We’ll figure it out from there.
  17. S

    Torque Spec Bellhousing to NV3550 transmission

    I have looked at so many charts of what the righr specs might be, but have no defined answer. Does anyone know the right torque spec for the bell housing to transmission and to the block. My bolts are 1/2 heads.
  18. S

    What part is this boot?

    This boot on the shifter is torn and I need a replacement. Its not listed as part of the shifter and i have no clue what its called to look it up. Can anyone tell me what it is and its part number.
  19. S

    WTB: AX15/NV3550 Bellhousing

    My BellHousing Cracked. I Live in the Lehigh Valley Area of PA. I have a nv3550 transmission.
  20. TJScott

    NV3550 transmission tough to shift when cold

    So, I have a 2003 4.0 manual transmission 5 speed. To my knowledge that is the NV3550. Now that it’s colder (like 30’s and 40’s) at home, it’s really quite stiff getting into gear and of course hitting second is quite the task. I switched to Red Line 50205 MTL 75W80 GL-4 recently to see if that...