1. Hunterd5400

    Very loud whining noise

    Hi... New member hear I just replaced my transmission for the second time because the first ome 2nd gear syncro went bad (luckily under warranty). I decided to replace clutch too and used the luk kit. After getting everything back together there is a VERY loud whining /gear noise when in 1st...
  2. G

    What transmission can be fitted in my 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ?

    I have found out that I need a new transmission in my '97 TJ and was wonder if I can go from the 5 speed NV3550 to the 6 speed NSG370? Is it possible, and what are the cost differences?
  3. Jacob112:


    Hello everyone new to forums here, just recently picked up a 2003 rubicon from A close friend, synchros were going out in the trans so bought a built Refurbished trans from a company called sp performance, installed trans last night and everything works but 5th gear, if you step on gas in 5th it...
  4. M

    Sarah the Sahara—More expensive than a divorce—LR4—NV3550 Conversion

    Oh, look, another LS conversion in a TJ. :rolleyes: Yes, this thread is about another conversion, but I hope to alleviate and answer alot of confusion and offer some answers or advice. The goal with "Sarah" is to have a capable DD that can be very capable on the weekend. This project has...
  5. P

    NV3550 Transmission 2nd Gear Shifting Issues

    I recently started to experience some issues putting my car into second gear (grinding). I am deliberate with my shifting and haven't pushed the vehicle to any extremes. At times I have no problems shifting into second, and other times I experience some grinding or it disengages the gear...
  6. TreverStevens

    Minimum driveshaft lengths

    I know this isn't exactly a straight-forward answer, there's a lot that goes into it. So, I'll start with the basics and you guys can give me feedback and I can fill in the gaps on anything I didn't specify initially. My Magnum V8 swap is nearing an end. The past 2 days have been spent...
  7. Maxbrownr8

    Swapping from 42RLE to NV3550 5-Speed Manual

    Hey everyone. I've got an 06' X with the 42rle automatic that experiences the occasional hard-shift and some slipping. Inching up to 140k miles on the jeep and I would realllllyyyy like to swap to a manual trans (preference). That being said, I have an opportunity to get EVERYTHING I need...
  8. Longhorn84

    4.0 and NV3550 from 04 TJ 125k mi Houston

    I am doing an LS swap and therefore selling my 4.0 and NV3550 out of my 2004 TJ. Both are in good shape, I’m in Houston, engine I think has a rear main leak but it’s not major. I need to keep the electrical harness. It has a cold air intake and an aftermarket performance chip. I can also include...
  9. TreverStevens

    Are the NV3550 and AX-15 bell housings the same?

    Can anyone tell me if the transmission side of the bell housing is the same between the NV3550 and the AX15? Are the bell housings able to be swapped between the two?
  10. Jf888

    NV3550 transmission grinding / rattling when accelerating in 3rd gear

    So my TJ has a NV3550. When I accelerate in 3rd gear it sometimes makes a grinding/rattling sound. Anyone else ever experience this?
  11. TreverStevens

    Questions regarding NV3550 and 241OR swap into 97 SE

    So I'm in the process of doing a transmission swap on my 97 SE. I'm going to the NV3550 with the NV341OR but for now I'm keeping my stock axels. Can I use the driveshafts from the Rubi that pair with the NV341OR or will I need to order something special from Adams or elsewhere? If I remember...

    NV3550 Leak

    hey all new TJ owner and I just noticed manual transmission fluid all over the top of the transfer case and down the sides of the transmission. I pulled the plate inside of the cab and noticed there was a lot of fluid on the shifter tower. I pulled the inner boot off and there was about a half...
  13. Shwane

    Changing the clutch

    2002 Tj NV3550 5 speed I've noticed my clutch is starting to show signs of retiring itself. When I first take off from an overnight sit I'm noticing when I ease out on the clutch to take of it dumps itself about halfway through as though I side stepped it, 2nd gear is becoming harder to...
  14. Tj04

    Shift bezels

    Hello all, Can a 2005-2006 tj shift bezel be used on a 2004 tj? I've got the 5 speed, put a body lift in and can't use 2nd 4th and reverse. I don't want to cut up the dash or run with no boot. I got a leather shift boot but i just found out they don't fit the plastic 04 and earlier bezels...
  15. Japhet

    04 4.0 auto to manual swap

    Hello everyone, new to this fourm. I drive an 04 with the 4.0 currently have the 42rle transmission going to swap it to the nv3550. Just want to get some info if any of you know if the nv3550 bell housing bolt pattern the same as the 42rle if is a direct bolt on to the engine or if i need an...