1. A

    Old man emu help

    Hi there Went to arb today and showed my jeep l, told the guy I will ad the arb swing away rear bumper and don’t want to lose clearance so I’ll buy a complete new system from ome (coil spring heavy loads etc ). The reason is I bought the jeep with the lift already on and need replacement, he...
  2. E

    SOLD OME Front and rear springs 933 and 942

    For sale: Front and back set of OME 933 and 942 coils/springs. $100 plus shipping or picked up in NY 10603
  3. JP.Mongo

    Someone please check my planned 2" lift

    After about 3 years of ownership I am finally planning to start throwing some money at my 2005 Rocky Mtn Edition Silver TJ. Its currently nearly bone stock aside from a headunit and seat covers and I am planning to upgrade the suspension to a 2" lift. I'm currently running (and plan on keeping)...
  4. Photocycler

    Oregon OME and Rancho Lift Kit

    Brand new old man emu 1.5 lift kit with Rancho 5000x shocks. Includes OME springs, Rancho 5000x bump stops, 10mm front and rear shock spacers, rear track bar relocation kit.
  5. thrasherbb

    Where can I find a 2.5 OME lift kit?

    Thanks to the advice and information of some of the members of this forum, I've been looking into an Old Man Emu 2.5 inch lift kit. And I can't seem to find the kit I'm looking for anywhere
  6. antwon412

    California FS: OME Nitro Sport Shocks

    Located in northern California. About 45 minutes north of Sacramento. Had these on the jeep for one day, less than 50 miles. Ended up going a different direction with my build. Fronts are part # 60046 Extended 22.240” Compressed 13.160” Travel 9.09” Rears are part # 60048 Extended...
  7. Cross06TJR

    Another OME install story

    After many years of being Jeepless (first one was a 94 YJ) I recently purchased a new to me 06 TJ, it has 265/75/16 tires which seem to fit the Jeep and my mission well. Looks like my tire to fender clearance could use some help so my search begins for a lift. After spending a couple weeks...
  8. Will’s TJ

    Educate me on shocks

    Currently I have a 2” OME lift, and if I wanted to get 3” springs, the shocks would over extend, right? I also have a 1.25” body lift so I don’t want to go any higher with that. If I can’t use the OME shocks with taller springs, what’s a good combo of springs and shocks for a 3 or 3.5” lift?
  9. Creakydoor

    Leaking OME Nitrocharger shock?

    I noticed a spot on the floor in my garage indicating a small leak from somewhere. I did a little investigating and it seems that it's coming from the bottom of the front driver's side shock. The color and consistency of the liquid is light yellow, and feels a little oily. I searched a bit and...
  10. P

    Old Man Emu “A” and “B” Springs

    I recently put OME springs on my 2005 TJ and completed the 2” lift and got it aligned. I stumbled on a discussion on A and B side for the OME springs - of course after all done. No instructions in the box so I just did the swap. I crawled under and found the stickers and sure enough very small...
  11. Will’s TJ

    Can I use the shocks from my previous lift on a new lift?

    This is probably a stupid question but I figured I might as well ask. I have a 2” OME lift on my Jeep right now, as well as a 1.25” BL. I like how the shocks ride, but I wanted some more height so I’m planning to buy the Zone 4.25 combo lift. Could I keep the OME shocks?
  12. Nordic

    Currie vs OME Springs and a bumpstop question

    Hello all, So obviously, the two springs that are recommended most on this forum are the 2.5" OME springs and the 4" Currie Springs, but I can't seem to find much information on the 4" OME springs. In fact, even looking for a place to buy the springs is difficult - tho only place I see them...
  13. RGTJ24

    ARB OME HD Heavy Rear TJ springs

    ARB OME HD Heavy Rear TJ springs - $120 + shipping. The rear springs came as part of OME F/R Heavy kit (ARB OMETJHKS). I recently swapped my rear springs from heavy(2942) to light(2941). Springs were installed almost one year and only about 2,000 miles driven on them. They will ship in the...
  14. J

    Old Man Emu lift kit with long arm upgrade

    Hello all, I ordered the OME lift from DPG Off-road. Dirk was very helpful, but their return policy is not (30% restock fee and no shipping covered so about $700 total loss). I have the entire kit unopened and ready to go. I had a major home expense come up, and I'm now looking to sell the...
  15. Speedphreak

    2-2.5 Lift: Rancho, OME, or something else?

    Hello everyone, Since picking up my '06 Sport Manual TJ (w/ Dana 44) last August I've been keenly reading up on the forums here - it's been a huge help with all of the work I've done (up until now mostly maintenance, new track bar, sway bar links, trans mount, replacing old tailgate hinges and...
  16. Abdallah Hatough

    2.5 OME lift: Can I do away with TC drop if I add a 1 MML?

    Im buying the OME 2.5" lift, and a 1 inch transmission drop is required for it, if i add a 1" MML could i do without the transmission drop?
  17. B

    New member with 1998 TJ lift questions

    Hello all! I've been a forum lurker for years, but mostly on Jeep and Wrangler forum (+ WF member). However, I love the expertise presented here and figured I'd start participating now that I've added a 98 TJ to the mix! She's a 4.0 5 speed, hard top, mostly stock with the exception of bumpers...
  18. mgroeger

    Is this a stupid idea?

    I'm sure people will think I'm an idiot for what I am about to ask but here it goes... I have an OME lift which is a very nice ride. I also have JKS J-Flex adjustable control arms and track bars. These arms have a ball joint at the one end. This ball joint makes a clicking noise in certain...
  19. Creakydoor

    Do I need to install the rear bump stop extenders with OME 2" lift?

    I’ve been preparing to start installing my OME 2” lift kit (OMETJHKS) and was reading through the installation instructions and it talked about installing rear bump stop extenders (which are included in the kit. However, I am also installing a Savvy 1.25” body lift. I thought I remember reading...
  20. M

    1.25” body lift issue

    I have a 2006 Rubicon TJ. I just ordered the DPG ultimate TJ lift. 2.25 OME suspension and a 1.25 JKS body lift. I don't have the time to do the installation myself so I've contacted a few places about installing all components. I've talked to four different places and every single place said...