1. Jaydenhudd

    What color is my Jeep?

    Hey all - new here, returning to the Jeep world after selling my JL last year, now with a shiny-ish new to me, TJ. It’s yellow. So why if I know that am I asking for help with its colour? I can’t find the paint code anywhere on the Jeep (have searched all the options suggested in this group). I...
  2. Tiger98

    Painting and Sanding Essentials

    Ever since I got my jeep I've wanted to paint it desert tan down the line and now I'm getting some really bad chipping and peeling on my hood, so at the very least I'll have to sand that down and paint it. So that got me thinking about just doing the whole thing along with the hood. I'm really...
  3. AWayne

    Bronze or Graphite Ravine's?

    Scored some decent Ravine’s for $80. Looking into Bronze HWP105 Duplicolor, or Graphite HWP102 Duplicolor. Anybody done this before? I’ve seen a few black painted Ravine, and not a huge fan. Jeep for reference, 2000 Sahara Desert Sand Pearl.
  4. SolarYellowshortbuss

    Full repaint ideas

    I’m planning on repainting my TJ I’ve got a few ideas but I’m curious what ideas you guys may have before I fully commit to one color.
  5. CA-TJ-Dreamin

    TJ Needs Paint

    Been working on this '03 TJ for about a year - replaced fenders, bumpers, headlights, tires - troubleshoot electrical - time to do something about this look. I think the oxidization on the hood is beyond repair, and the fenders clearly needed some love. Is this a DIY job or do I need to take it...
  6. TealTJ

    Looking for suggestions for black interior trim paint

    Hello guys, first post on here. So I have two mismatched doors on my Jeep, one being khaki and the other more of a tan color (you can kind of twll in the pic below). I've decided that I should scrap the khaki color way of my Jeep all together and paint it all black. Is there any paint you guys...
  7. dwill.0597

    Painting Diamond Plated Aluminum Armor

    Happy Monday Everyone! So I recently bought a TJ and absolutely love it so far. One thing that I'm not too thrilled about is the diamond plated aluminum armor that is on both of the rear quarter panels and the gate. Unfortunately, the armor is drilled into the panels and is held on with washer...
  8. C

    Painting Tub Chili Pepper Red Pearl

    Right now I'm planning on replacing the tub on my 98 TJ. The current tub is completely gone, with the torque boxes being basically non-existent. I've been able to find a couple rust free tubs around me, the only issue is that I can't find any in the PEA/Chili Pepper Red Pearl color(the current...
  9. C

    Is this paint self-repairable or does it require a professional?

    2002 TJ, the PO said this chipping happens from the hood getting hot. I'd like to get it back in decent shape but wondering if this is a DIY project or if I need to bring it in. If it is something a novice can take care, how might I go about that? Its just on the the hood. Some crackles in the...
  10. Joeinnewjersey

    Experiences with prices for paint jobs

    Looking to get my TJ painted and wondering what people on here have paid when getting a new paint job.
  11. mynamesrickgrimes

    Hard Top: Leave As Is Or Paint Black?

    Picked up this sweet hard top for my '99 Desert Sand Pearl. What do you think: leave the color, or paint black? The black might complement the rest of the trim... but everyone has black!
  12. Matthias13

    Painting new steering knuckles

    Got some new OEM steering knuckles to start working on replacing my steering set up. I want to get some paint on them before install, are there any parts of the knuckle that can't/shouldn't be painted? Any insight would be appreciated.
  13. adam24r

    Stickers UNDER clear coat?

    So decided to try to take off some decals from this Jeep I bought but found myself removing the actual clear coat of the Jeep as I was doing so. I believe he had put the clear coat OVER the stickers but only on the one side because the other side and back stickers came off no problem. Any...
  14. mrfourpointo

    Prepping axle for swap

    I have a Dana 44 that I'll be swapping into the rear of my 2004. I am going to degrease, sand (3M bristle discs on an angle grinder), self etching primer, then rattle can for easy touch ups. But, what are my steps in prepping for everything else? Here are the other items that will be addressed...
  15. Will’s TJ

    What grit to use for sanding fender flares?

    I need to repaint my flares, the P/O plastidipped them and they’re bubbling and stained with mud. What grit should I use to sand them down? I’ve read anywhere from 250 to 1000 so I’m really not sure. Thanks.
  16. Will’s TJ

    What color looks the best with a tan top?

    Thinking about repainting my TJ, and I love how tan tops look. My favorites so far are Patriot Blue and tan, and Flame Red and tan. What’s you guys’s favorites?
  17. Sbaird

    Replacing fender panels on 2003 TJ

    So I have a 2003 TJ, the fenders have some rust and the front on both sides are caved in from previous owner. I’m going to replace them with stock fenders, the panel comes already primed, I want to color match my jeeps paint color and Mopar sells rattle can color matched paint. My question is...
  18. Fouledplugs

    Transporting a TJ/LJ for Paint Question

    Has anyone removed a tub from their Jeep and transported it? I’m laying the groundwork for having a Jeep tub painted. I can handle getting the tub to the bodyshop. But once painted, what is the best way to transport it to keep it from being scratched, damaged, etc? Thoughts?
  19. CryptoYeets

    Best Paint Care & Scratch Removers?

    Hey all, back in November I bought my '05 SE 2.4 6 SPD, and it's been the best car I've ever driven. The only problem is that it's been plastidipped an ugly black/grayish color so today I began peeling it off and the paint looks pretty good for a 15 year old Jeep. I also found a certain body...
  20. Jones

    Paint Correction on Jeep TJ

    Hey everyone so here's my situation. So i had a friend that's well into vehicles wanting to do ceramic coating on my Jeep. Long story short, he didn't buff in the ceramic coating after applying, and it dried and made my paint hazy and cloudy. I attempted to buff it out with a little cutting...