1. M

    99 TJ Instrument Panel Broken

    Instrument panel in my 1999 Jeep Wrangler is not working properly, it randomly quits working, sometimes it turns back on. Usually you have to restart the car first. Everything else works well.
  2. 67StingrayJ

    Thought it was the drain plug, bolt won't go back in now

    Hey guys. Sort of in trouble here I thought this bolt was the drain plug when I pulled it and now it won’t go back in. Anyone ever have this issue? It’s like it was threaded into something then when I removed the bolt, something inside turned and now it won’t go back in. Like the threads aren’t...
  3. Jackson S

    Engine light

    my engine light came on today. the engine doesnt seem like theres anything wrong it sounds all normal. but when shifting into or out of second gear it almost always grinds, this has been happening for a couple months. does anyone know what the engine light is or how to diagnose it? any help is...
  4. J.p1999

    Steering wheel and upper steering shaft moving in and out about 1.5 inches

    Hi i just bought my Wrangler TJ 4.0 from 2006 and now i recognized that my Steeringwheel and the attached Upper steering shaft moves in and out. It is Not really loose - it doesn‘t wiggle around. It just slides in and out. the Upper steering shaft slides Here (See picture). I attach a Video so...
  5. P

    RPMs get so low that my TJ almost stalls

    Hey guys I’m not sure how to word my question other than after I drive my 98 TJ for about 20 minutes on the highway if I stop somewhere or at a light or drive thru my RPM’s go way down to the point of stalling and when I push on the gas it doesn’t rev. It only happens when I drive it a lot that...
  6. Tojeepornottojeep

    P0339 & P0300 codes

    I have 2005 tj 4.0 auto keep getting codes p0339 & p0300 I have changed the camshaft and crankshaft sensor, full service change of plugs & oils etc, injector clean and currently have a ignition capacitor on order hoping that would be the weak link. it runs smooth when start up and idling...
  7. W


    Hi all, I had the car towed roughly six months ago and once i received the keys the demobilized symbol came on and I couldn't start the car. After doing some troubleshooting, I disconnected the battery completely, left it for 10 minutes, reconnected it and it was gone. Though, most recently the...
  8. S

    TJ repetitive hum?

    Just bought an amazing 06 with 89k miles only thing is ... Occasionally when i hold the gas at about ~50 mph i can feel from the seats and console a hmmm...hmmmm...hmm. It’s a repeating “vm” / “hm” sound sounds like from the engine. Any insight?
  9. G

    TJ Hard Start

    I bought my jeep with a hard start and previos owner said he's replaced the fuel pump 3 times. And ideas on what else could be wrong with it? Thanks!
  10. D

    Dash light not turning off

    Just recently I got back home after being away for 5 months, to my 2003 TJ's battery dead. I swapped out the battery and thats when the problem started. At first it was just a slight clicking that could be heard in the main cab of the jeep. Then after I fully turned it on it sounded like my Lane...
  11. C

    Really weird issue with 2.5L

    So every time I start my Jeep no matter if it’s just run for 2 hours or 10 minutes, fully warm or cold no matter what exactly 2 min after starting it will just stop putting power to the engine. It’s kinda hard to describe but immediately at around 2 min of running it will just have no power...
  12. F

    2006 4.0 TJ Fuel Problem

    Hey everyone I’m new to forums, so forgive me if this is post is in the wrong place. Need help ASAP! I have a 2006 4.0 tj. Yesterday I drove probably 6 hours in it and it ran fine the entire way and restarted fine when I got to my destination. Then this morning I went to start It and it cranks...
  13. D

    99' Wrangler Sport Bucking and Shaking

    I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0L 6Cyl. Whenever I am accelerating from a stop it will start bucking and shaking like if it was going to stall out. This only happens when accelerating from a full stop. When I first turn the car on in the morning, it accelerates fine for the first few stop...
  14. S

    97 2.5 ignition problems

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum,This is my fourth Jeep. I have been working on a body of frame project for Almost two years now. I have the body back on engine and drivetrain hooked up and harnesses and grounds connected. The problem I am having is starting. I will list all the information...
  15. K

    ’97 4 cylinder problems with starting and power

    i bought a ‘97 4 cylinder automatic(not the best i know) with only 23,000 miles and after a little bit of tinkering with electronics and a lot of engine flushes, since the previous owner changed the oil once and had the same gas in it for many years, it runs with only one problem. It takes at...
  16. R

    Jeep Dies Randomly

    Alright Gentlemen Im stumped on this one. This is my first post, sorry if I messed up any of the forum procedures. They will be corrected upon request. Here we go... I have a 06 Jeep Rubicon stick shift, the straight 6. Ive had a few mechanics look at it, and even left it with the dealer for...