1. JohnLeMieux

    Wiring from Factory Amp

    Working on my 2006 Jeep TJ. Currently installing new speakers and a 5channel amp. Clearing out the sub box and found wiring that is connected to the factory amp. Does anybody know what this is and what it connects to? Can I remove this? Thanks.
  2. JohnLeMieux

    Anybody have any idea what this is?

    I bought my TJ 6 months ago and I am planning on putting in aftermarket sound system. I found this in the location where I was gonna put my amp. Does anyone have any idea what this box could be? My dad thinks it’s for the antenna. Also, could anyone tell me what the other wiring is there for? Thanks
  3. J

    Questions on 8.8 swap and other related information

    Hey guys. So ill try to make a long story short. My dad bought this jeep about a year ago maybe more. Since hes owned it ive been working on it and i made a post here on his behalf. It was all over the road. Had heim joint steering linkage. Sloppy control arms. Junk steering box. Since...
  4. ThomasFletch

    How do you tighten / remove the radiator supports on the Savvy body lift?

    Does anyone know how to tighten/remove the radiator supports on the Savvy 1.25 BL? I know that you have to take the headlight out to access the top bolt, but how do you grip it? I've tried pliers, wrenches, a vice grip, using a pry bar to try to hold it in place, all in vain. Or should I just...
  5. Retro

    Trying to figure out if I need a new timing chain/which one I need

    Okay so to start this off, I've been trying to get my 99 TJ ready for a 500 mile trip both ways, and as is such I've changed all fluids and done most of the maintenance that was required, but I'm having a hard time with the timing chain. It has a 4.0 in it, and from moving the crank back and...
  6. B

    Problems with EVS alarm

    Hello everyone, my family and I recently purchased a 1998 Jeep Wrangler SE, 5spd manual transmission with the 2.5L engine. Being the numb nut that I am, I was messing around with the glove box and looking to see what the wiring and fuse box looked like underneath. I saw a switch and of course...
  7. R

    Is an axle upgrade worth it for me?

    I have a mostly stock 99 TJ Sahara (29 inch tires vs 28 stock and a Winch and steel bumpers... those are my only non stock items) with a Dana 30 in the Front and a Dana 35 in the rear. I am trying to decide if I should swap those out for Dana 44 or a Ford 8.8 or if I should just beef up my...
  8. Theblkprl1999

    5.9 magnum swap help

    Alright guys. Getting ready to start a new project. A rhd 5.9 swap. I have a few things I can’t wrap my head around as of yet.. Backstory. I have a full running working (daily driver) donor vehicle 1999 Durango slt. With a 5.9 Planning on putting the entire drivetrain minus tcase into my...
  9. B

    Bought an '02 TJ, how to determine current lift?

    Hi there everyone, first post so be gentle. I just bought a red '02 TJ after a few years of poking around looking for the right one and trying to figure out whether I wanted an XJ or a TJ more. Needless to say I'm smitten and already looking to start building. The previous owner (number 3 and...
  10. R

    97 TJ alternator swap question

    Hey there, I'm new here and this is my first thread post. I turned 19 recently and my parents got me a 97 TJ for my first vehicle. Its a standard Sahara, green with a tan hard top. I love it dearly, but lately its been having some minor issues that I have been able to fix for myself. Now though...
  11. TJ_owns_a_TJ

    Should I be concerned that my Mopar water pump came with chips on mating surface?

    Replacing coolant system and I just noticed the MOPAR water pump I ordered has some small imperfections on the mating surface (pics below) - I understand the mating surface has to be clean and flat for a perfect seal so will these little imperfections be a deal breaker or is no big deal? they...
  12. JakobT

    What is the best way to go about buying a hardtop?

    Hi, I am new to this and looking into buying a used hardtop in the near future. What is the best way to go about it? Where are the best places to look for one without completely breaking the bank? Thank you in advance for your response.
  13. L

    97 Tj V.S Later models

    Hello! I am looking to buy a jeep tj project and i’ve heard that 97’s are the model that you should NOT buy because the parts are more specific and harder to find. The only problem is that all i find in my price range is 97’s. So i’m asking what you think i should do? Should i rule out 97’s...
  14. NateDog99

    Just measured my lift and my front springs are longer than the rears

    Im measuring my suspension lift height to determine if i can remove my tc drop by adding a 1"mml and remove the current 2" body lift replacing it with a 1" body lift. After measuring the front and rear coil springs the lengths came out to 15" in the front and 11.25" in the rear. Does that sound...
  15. Justanotherjeepguy

    Has anyone experienced overheating when running AC?

    I recently got a 2000 Jeep, 2.5L with 150k miles and it runs great... Except when I turn on the AC. When I turn it on cool, it works ok-ish, but it overheats the engine. Also, I turned on the heater at full strength for the first time a couple weeks ago, and my headlights started turning on and...
  16. P

    Good Deal?

    Hey guys, I'm looking on craigslist for a 6 cylinder manual TJ with a lift, ~32" tires, and 100-130k miles. What would be a good price for a TJ like this in good condition? There aren't many near me, however I did find one that looks clean...
  17. R

    How Much Rust Is Too Much?

    I have a completely stock 2000 Sahara and I would really like to put a small lift on it (even if it is just coil spring spacers) but I'm concerned about the rust. Looks like mostly surface rust but with the different moving components in the suspension I'm worried it'll cause problems. So how...