1. Slipstreak

    Overheating At Idle Issue

    Hey everyone, Here’s another TJ forum post about overheating at idle bear with me here. I’ve done research on what could be causing an overheating issue at idle and can’t quite narrow down what the issue is. Some Context: My Jeep when driving in stop-go traffic will slowly creep up in...
  2. W

    04 TJ 4.0 manual transmission Radiator

    My 04 TJ’s radiator has a leak at the bottom. I hear MOPAR is the best but I haven’t been able to find one. What aftermarket brands are people using and recommended?
  3. JMT

    SOLD Mopar Radiator from 2005 Manual

    Price - $50 + shipping Details: OEM radiator for a manual from a 2005. Worked fine when removed at 113,xxx miles due to a manual to auto transmission swap. Make sure and check your specs to see if it will work with your rig. No radiator cap. Radiator is dry.
  4. JeepGirl1013

    Coolant Leak

    I did it!!! I found my coolant leak!! Very exciting as a novice mechanic 😄 This radiator hose was very pregnant. So I’ll replace it tomorrow. But I still have questions. The leak was pretty slow. Lost 1psi about every 1-2 min and it slowed to a stop around 15 psi. She’s not leaking while...
  5. bayportlj

    Aftermarket radiator suggestions

    The stock (maybe stock?) radiator on my LJ has gone kaput, and it's time for a new one. Before any of you suggest a Mopar radiator, it is far more than I am willing to pay right now. Please note that it is $400 on RockAuto! My LJ is my daily, so please keep usability in mind. Thanks in advance!
  6. B

    SOLD Mopar Radiator 55037653AC - New

    Asking $350 shipped OBO. This is a new radiator, never been installed. Bought for my 2006 TJ but didn't realize that my transmission lines don't have the quick connects anymore.
  7. svhanc

    2003 4.0 TJ Starts Running Hot

    Got the TJ in late summer ‘21 and flushed and changed out entire cooling system except fan clutch. Pretty much all Mopar parts and G05 coolant mix. It was running hot when I got it. Since then, it has pretty much run 195-200 anytime I am on the road and might get to 205-210 when doing traffic or...
  8. NewGaTJJeeper20

    WTB: Radiator for 2001 2.5 TJ

    Looking for a cheap radiator….doesn’t have to be new, but I don’t need rusty junk..that’s what I’m replacing!!! 😀
  9. K

    Antifreeze leaking from 2002 Jeep Wrangler Sport

    Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a hose here? Or if it is a drain of some sort? We have some freezing wether currently in Louisiana and I noted some antifreeze dripping from this opening. I don't remember if there was a hose here or not but it looks like one may have been. Or if it is...
  10. HaydukeLives!

    Another Cooling System Dilemma

    I've commented in a thread or two about my 1999 4.0 M/T needing a cooling system overhaul. This isn't one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situations. My sh*t is really broke. I believe I've read just about every post in every thread about cooling systems and haven't run across this...
  11. B

    No coolant reservoir?

    Hi all! Firstly sorry if im breaking any forum rules and any technical incompetence. I recently bought a year 2000 Wrangler, 4.0L straight 6. I’ve recently had a new radiator fitted but interestingly the mechanic never added a coolant reservoir. I only noticed because once when I stopped there...
  12. iamloganjames

    Need advice from 110 degree plus climate TJ owners

    My TJ has had every single component replaced in the cooling system within the last two years. Highest vein count Mopar radiator, Mopar water pump, stant superstar 195° thermostat (per Jerry's advice), new copper heater core, new hoses, new fan clutch (twice because the first one was lazy). I...
  13. buhlahkay

    Replacing only the radiator?

    Hi everyone. As a follow-up to my previous post, I finally found the source of my coolant leak when it suddenly opened up like a faucet today. It appears the bottom plastic seam is separating, so obviously the radiator has to be replaced. My question is: do I replace only the radiator, or...
  14. RizwanTj

    Denso Radiator for TJ

    Hi guys, I own a 04 Tj auto trans with a leaking radiator. I’m planning on putting an aftermarket one because mopar is very expensive. I saw a denso radiator for $86 on rock auto. Denso is a well reputed brand but the price makes me wonder would it be any good? Any advice would be highly...
  15. szeryngiscaring

    Radiator Blues: the Plot Thickens

    Hello everyone, I am working on replacing the original radiator in my TJ. I am very new to doing any sort of work on my car (cars in general not just mine). I have drained the radiator and removed the fan shroud and removed all but one hose from the radiator I intend to replace. I have no idea...
  16. szeryngiscaring

    Radiator Blues

    Hello everyone, my radiator recently went kaput. i've decided to replace it myself as it looks relatively simple. My father was the original owner and he put an extra cooler thing for the transmission in front of the radiator. Pictured here: My concern is with how it is held in place. Which is...
  17. Renbustin

    Radiator replacement issue

    My OE radiator cracked on the way home last night. Picked a new one this morning to replace it. pulled the old one out, unboxed the new one and noticed that the new one had additional lines and included fittings that my old one does not(pics). Cant seem to find any clarification online, as...
  18. notGreenLJ

    SOLD Mopar 5503 7653AC, Radiator (Brand New), Automatic 2005-2006

    I am selling this radiator that I bought when I thought I needed to do a complete cooling overhaul! Trying to make space in the closet so I am listing it here for $350. Never took it out of the box, let me know if you would like pictures and I can open it up.
  19. M

    SOLD TJ Header, Dash, Radiator, SGLI-5

    The following parts are from a 2000 TJ 4.0, Manual, 110,000 miles when removed. All parts were in great working order when removed, and stored in garage. If you have any questions, let me know. These parts are located in Eastern Washington and OBO. If you need an item shipped we can discuss...
  20. Jeep G

    2.4 overheats when A/C is on

    Just got my jeep about 6 months ago, and ever since I got it it would overheat in idle when the A/C is on, when the A/C is off it will still overheat but only after strenuous drives on hot days. I just replaced my water pump and thermostat and the problem still happens, I've flushed. my radiator...