1. D

    Recommendations for Upgrading Stereo & Speakers

    I just bought a 2000 Wrangler. I love it but unfortunately only the drivers front dash speaker works. The passenger side does not neither does the sound bar up top. I simply want to be able to play music / podcasts from my phone, and have the speakers work. I’m a teacher on a budget, so I’d like...
  2. psingh

    2006 Jeep TJ radio resets intermittently with ignition

    Hello Everyone, I purchased my 06 Jeep TJ last year and have been upgrading and fixing it since then. It was in a fair condition with good maintenance done on it. However, I've encountered an intermittent issue with the head unit. Despite replacing it with an aftermarket one, the problem...
  3. NJW

    Blower and Radio not working

    I just replaced my heater core following the guide on the forum. All went well, except my radio, blower, and 12v outlets aren’t working now. I checked the fuses, relay, and various connections. It seems like there’s a common ground that isn’t connected somewhere. I also found this random wire...
  4. T

    Radio & wipers died - not ignition switch. Any ideas?

    Last week my radio and wipers both stopped working out of the blue. I've checked the fuses and replaced the ignition switch and still nada. Weirdly, when I installed the new ignition switch the indictors also stopped working but I got them going again by turning the key right back past...
  5. B

    Please help me try to fix this radio wiring the last guy did

    Hello please help me try to make sense of what the last owner was doing when putting together this stereo system. Believe it or not it was working before I tried to upgrade it but only the front left dash speaker and right front tweeter were working. I have tested all the connections to from the...
  6. Joeinnewjersey

    Radio antenna screw

    Hi, all. I’m looking for the screw that attaches the radio antenna to the base that is mounted on the body. Is it a common item for sale someplace or maybe part or an assorted pack of antenna screws? Any help appreciated as always.
  7. J

    2004 TJ randomly dies

    I have a 04 jeep wrangler having issues with the vehicle randomly dying. No lights on dash or error codes. I usually have to replace the radio fuse to avoid dying…. keeps blowing out. Took it to a mechanic and was told everything is fine and obviously it isn’t. Starter, battery,and alternator...
  8. Furedi

    Adding an aux cable into factory head unit

    I’ve been looking into adding an aux port into the factory radio on my 2005 TJ and after looking around the board, I couldn’t find a soldering point for left and right for the CD player. So I thought about it and wondered if I could just splice into the speaker cables, that led me into wondering...
  9. Stinkbug

    WTB: 1997 Stock Radio

    I am looking to buy a stock radio for a 1997 TJ to replace my dying unit. All functions on the radio must work.
  10. J

    SOLD $1400 New in the box Insane Audio TJ 1002 stereo, Blue tooth, GPS and TV too! $850

    Complete Insane Audio system, new in the box! And, it comes with a lifetime warranty, even though you didn't buy it from the factory or a dealer. This Insane Audio system fits right in the TJ Jeep Wrangler dash and plugs into the existing factory radio wiring harness. Super easy install. It is...
  11. MrMark52

    Texas Metra center bezel for -03-06 double din upgrade

    Used but in ”like new” shape (except where I had to slightly shave the rectangle that the radio fit thru). I just removed from my ‘03 after running a 2 din radio for about 2 years (I reinstalled the old round corner bezel along with a new PSD50WRJL). Pictured is all I have for the bezel. No...
  12. S

    Replacing the factory sound system

    Looking to replace the stock stereo on 2006 X. Full disclosure - I've never had a stereo swapped out in any vehicle before so I'm a noob. Not looking to upgrade speakers, just the stereo deck area with the AM/FM and single CD. Possibly something with Sirius XM? I really have no clue what...
  13. J

    California Lots of Parts for Sale

    Hello! Located in Los Angeles. I can ship but i'll need your zipcode. Pickup is also okay. Wagner Headlights: (2 items) Free! Take em and only pay shipping or local pickup and possibly a bag of chips in exchange. Hella 6" Fog lights. (2 items) Free! You pay shipping or you can pickup. 1 beer...
  14. wicked_ol_wolf

    Power issue with new radio

    Hello, I've had some issue's, hoping someone here may have a solution. So I recently upgraded my speakers, head unit with an amp and subwoofer on my 2001 Jeep Wrangler sport. I connected all the wires where they are to suppose to go, but the head unit wasn't getting power, well it was...
  15. Vasq

    OFLO - UHF/LTE, hybrid walkie/phone thing I'm not well versed in either radio technology or cellphone tech, but I just saw this today and thought it sounded kinda neat. Is it needed for the regular person? Probably not in the...
  16. Bradleytrep

    12v socket and FM transmitter

    Recently got a fm transmitter for my ‘05 6spd tj, works fine and sounds great. However, I was wondering if anyone knows if the transmitter will continue to draw power even when the jeep is off? Our jeep is mainly used as a weekender so it spends some days sitting. The LED turns off on it when...
  17. DasBitz

    SOLD 06 LJ CD Receiver/Head Unit

    Functional radio, was going to toss it but noticed another radio on the board the other day. Holding for @tikithunder, would have PM'd but I'm a noob so I can't yet. Same deal, pay for shipping or pickup.
  18. Stuguy16

    Rear defrost makes radio static

    I have a 2000 tj with a hard top on it, when I turn on the rear defroster the radio goes fuzzy. Anyone else have the same problem? If so how do I fix it?
  19. Sparty

    Radio issue

    I have an after market radio. It has always worked. Yesterday it didn’t work at all. Today it didn’t work when I started the car but it came on by itself after about 10 minutes. Worked as normal for about 10 minutes then “froze”. Couldn’t change volume or change the channel. When I turned the...
  20. M

    Help with stereo head unit wires

    Hi all. Got my first Jeep a few weeks ago! 2003 TJ. Trying to put in a radio (as there isn't one). I have more wires than I am expecting though. Does anyone have any idea what they might be? Any help appreciated - details below I think I have identified all the speaker wires, which from...