1. owentcumming

    Dana 30 3.73 carrier to 4.88

    I have a 2004 sport that has the factory option for 3.73 rear axle gear ratio on the dana 35. Does this mean that the front dana 30 has a 3.73+ carrier? Im trying to regear to 4.88 on a tight budget and dont want to buy a new carrier if i dont have to.
  2. TJKeen

    What is a fair cost on a re-gear, axle upgrade, and e-lockers?

    So I'm new to the TJ/Jeep Wrangler world. Bought my first ever in April. 2002 Jeep Wrangler X 4.0L 5-Speed Manual 3.07 gears and 31x10.5r15 tires with Soft Top in Amber Spice Metallic and presumably an Apex edition since it has the Cognac Ultrahide seats. Anyway, I have upgraded the steering...
  3. MattD25

    Re-gearimg for 31s and AX15

    I apologize, since I’m sure this question has been asked thousands of times, but I get mixed answers and I’m gathering as many resources as I can. Just bought a 98 Sahara with the 4.0 and AX15 5spd manual. Dana 35 rear end just blew on it. Since it needs a rebuild anyways, I’m definitely...
  4. 98-Chilli-Pepper-TJ

    98 Chilli Pepper TJ - Stock to Rocks

    I have owned my 98 TJ 4.0 Sport manual transmission since the day it rolled off of the lot. Since then it has gone from a bone stock daily to a super capable crawler. Check it out and leave me a question or comment! How it started: How its going: Here is my build so far: Driveline: Yukon...
  5. connorwfrench

    Built Dana 30 with 5.13 gears vs Built Dana 44 with 5.38 gears

    2004 Jeep LJ Auto 42RLE Dana 30/Dana 44 Have 35s waiting to be put on. I’ve seen recommendations for my setup at 5.38 gears, but the front Dana 30 can only do 5.13. Should i try to find a front rubicon Dana 44 to get the larger size R&P to fit? Plan on building both axles up to support 35s with either choice...
  6. Ders816

    Nebraska Re-gear shop in Omaha or within a few hundred miles

    Looking for a reliable and reasonably priced shop to regear my axles on my TJ. Located in Omaha, but anywhere in midwest reasonably close (within a couple hundred miles) would do for me
  7. Waymon milstead

    What's the lowest gear you can put in a Dana 35 without changing the carrier?

    What's the lowest gear you can put in a 35 ? Without changing carrier
  8. Nuggsfan

    Re-gear and locker advice

    So I have come to a point now that it is definitely time to regear. I am running 35s on stock drivetrain currently. I have a Dana 30/44 mix on my 05 TJ. I am going to go to 4.88 as that is as tall as I can go on the Dana 30. I am also putting chromoly shafts up front. Starting off, I wheel, but...