1. DeLoe5

    What gear ratio should I run and what all should I upgrade?

    Hey everyone! I have a 2002 TJ with the 2.5 in it. My dad bought this Jeep when I was 5 and I am looking to fix it up as I have started my career and can start having some real fun with this! I do use my jeep as a daily driver (maybe 10 miles a day since I work close to home). I am waiting on a...
  2. catbones2010

    Jeep Re-gear Vibrations

    Hi all! There's so many posts on this but all from like 4+ years ago regarding this issue. I see some solved it and some did not, or at least that's where the conversation ended. I've got a 2006 Jeep LJ with 33" tires, 2" lift, non-rubicon, regeared to 5.13 for future 35s. I've developed...
  3. Mike_in_Riga

    HP Dana 30 re-gear - pinion preload changed

    Hello Fellow Members, First, I want to thank @hosejockey61 for his amazing instructions on axle rebuilds & locker installs. I am doing this exact setup from his video - with ARB locker, Revolut gears, and HP dana 30 from XJ. The problem I encountered is the following: after setting up...
  4. W

    Gear pattern question 4.56 Yukons Eaton Truetrac

    Currently working on regearing my 97’ TJ with Yukon 4.56 R&P and Eaton TruTrac front and rear on the Dana 35/30 with 33” tires 5speed. Timken bearings and races with the Yukon master install kits for both. I am running into some issues with the Dana 35. To start off, reused the factory shim...
  5. 99RedGriff

    Dana 44 Re-gear / Carrier w No Shims

    Heyo. So I have a 99 TJ sport with Dana 44 in rear. I opened up the rear diff to change fluid and found the ring and pinion had chipped teeth. Apparently I bought it that way. Anyways I’m re-gearing now and I just got the carrier out. It was very difficult to get out. Just realized there were no...
  6. Don Bulee

    Re-gearing with Rubicon lockers

    Hello, I have a technicall question.. I've been planning on regearing for my 06 rubicon with the auto tranny 42rLe, I'm currently on 285's (33ish) but planning on getting some 315's (35ish) on the next set of tires so, better regear for the 35s, I know that revolution gears would be the route...
  7. Tytanium94

    Looking for opinions on Dana 35 gear contact pattern

    I’ve been adjusting this axle back and forth for a couple days now. And after getting the drive and coast to match each other at the toe, I’ve been able to get the drive pattern perfect but the coast pattern hasn’t moved. Even after moving the ring gear 20 thousandths to the left and the pinion...
  8. mitchellr99

    Has my Jeep been regeared?

    Hey all! This is my first ever forum post. I'm wondering if there is a way to tell if the previous owner(s) regeared my jeep. (preferably without tearing the diff apart to check because that is currently above my pay grade as I am newish to the jeep/car scene) I have 33" tires and seem to be...

    ABS goes off after re-gearing

    I recently had my ‘99 4.0 5-speed TJ regeared from 3.07 to 4.56 and I also upgraded rear axles shafts. Immediately after the upgrade I noticed that ABS goes off basically all the time. It happens when the car has almost arrived to stop, I would say 4-5 km/h, or even less, on any type of surface...
  10. TamaDrummerJeepGuy

    Confused about re-gearing my 99 TJ 4.0 5-speed

    Hello and thanks in advance for any help!! Before anyone mentions it, I do want to stick with my Dana 30 and Dana 35. I'm not running big tires or power. *I tend to blabber, so you can skip to the TL;DR now if you want lol* I currently have my first TJ (third Jeep-XJ convert :P). PO took immaculate...
  11. LJTay

    Another Ring Gear Thread

    Alright. Looked for a good reference on contact patch but I don’t know where the line is for good vs bad. I’ve seen some that are close to mine, but I don’t feel qualified to make the call that it’s good. I’m skeptical because this is the first pattern I’ve run and I don’t believe I’m that lucky...
  12. mrfourpointo

    Prepping axle for swap

    I have a Dana 44 that I'll be swapping into the rear of my 2004. I am going to degrease, sand (3M bristle discs on an angle grinder), self etching primer, then rattle can for easy touch ups. But, what are my steps in prepping for everything else? Here are the other items that will be addressed...
  13. connorwfrench

    Help upgrading my LJ (Part 2)

    Hello! Thanks whoever responded to my first thread! But i need a bit more help! So I’m going the 35s Route, and had a few more questions. Recap: 04 LJ Dana 30/Dana 44 auto. Purchased a 3.5 MetalCloak Gamechanger lift kit with their rock sport shocks and double adjustable control arms. Reason was I’ve...
  14. Nordic

    Is this re-gearing cost too high?

    Hello all, Got a quote from Predator offroad to regear my rear axle (not changing ratio, had chipped pinion teeth) and the quote they give me was $1080 for parts and labor, with a military discount.. Again, this is for just one axle. Now, after reading a bit into this online the cost does seem...
  15. C

    Virginia Looking for someone to re-gear my TJ in Sterling, VA

    Hey, if you live 150 miles away or less from Sterling, VA, I'm interested in you re gearing my 1999 TJ with 4.88! Looking to get a quote so please let me know as I'll be purchasing the front/rear ring and pinion combo set for 4.88 Thanks!
  16. C

    Looking for someone to regear my TJ

    Hey, if you live 150 miles away or less from Sterling, VA, I'm interested in you re gearing my 1999 TJ with 4.88! Looking to get a quote so please let me know as I'll be purchasing the front/rear ring and pinion combo set for 4.88 Thanks!
  17. C

    Gear Ratio for 35's on 1999 TJ 4.0?

    Hey, so I'll be putting on 35's to my 1999 TJ with a 4" lift. Now I hear about re gearing so the car will run better, and so I'm confused with the chart about what I really need. So I was wondering what gear ratio I need for my build? I was told 4.0 by Extreme Terrain but I did the equation from...
  18. raphaelchicago

    I want to regear and add lockers

    I have a 6 speed 2005 Jeep tj running 35inch tires with a dana 30 in the front and dana 35 in rear 3.07 current axle ratio. I do mostly highway driving, but do hit the trail when i can. i also live in Canada so the winters often give me a 4x4 playground. What would i need to regear to 4.56 and...
  19. Joe Banko

    Re-gearing for 33s

    I am currently running 31s on my TJ 2.5L 3 speed automatic, and the previous owner didn't regear it correctly. I was going to regear it anyway, but I was wondering if it is possible to go up to 33s or even 35s with the smaller engine. Also, what would the gear ratios be like? I've done a bit of...
  20. T

    Newbie regear help

    Hello all! I’m new to the forum so this is my first post. I currently have a 2003 TJ Rubicon with NV3550 5speed manual transmission. Moving up to 35inch tires so it’s time to scrap the 4.10s. Looking for opinions on 4.56 vs 4.88 for this setup. Thanks